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Charlotte Eunice, who had not crawled on the floor since she was three, was experiencing the fear of death for the first time.

‘I have heard that Lavrenti is this kind of family…’

She shut her eyes tightly again, recalling the brutal noises that could be heard all the time outside the carriage a moment ago.

However, even with her eyes closed, it could not hide the fishy smell of blood.

A streak of tears from fear flowed down Charlotte’s trembling face.

‘A little while ago, there were so many people.’

In this alley where only a single ray of light could shine through, there are now more people who were not alive than people who are alive.

And now, the only reliable person left in this situation, Veronica Lavrenti, has long been hit while running out to attack with a pistol.

Charlotte hid in her carriage, holding her breath as much as she could.

‘I am scared…! I do not want to die! I did not come here to die like this!

As she recalled the bloody noise outside the carriage a moment ago, Charlotte sobbed again and clung to the corner of the carriage as far as she could.

She was afraid because it was too quiet outside.

Obviously, Rodion Lavrenti, the culprit who created this chaos outside, must keep his eyes wide open.

She has not seen him since she had been stuck in a wagon all the time, but he must have looked horribly ugly since he was the creator of this chaos.

He might have a cut on his face, too…

‘Please pretend you do not know, pretend you do not know…’

Though at that moment…

The reality betrayed Charlotte’s expectations.

With a loud crack that sounded like a tree breaking, what used to be the carriage’s door fell to the floor.


At the sound of her footsteps approaching, stepping on blood on the floor, Charlotte could feel her tears cover her eyes.

She will surely die like this.

‘I hope he kills me quickly so I will not feel pain…’

“What, is there anyone”


The tears that had obscured Charlotte’s vision the whole time fell quickly as she blinked her eyes.

And, at that moment, she saw…

A beautiful young man who has not yet lost the feeling of being a child.

He reached out to Charlotte.

“Come on, get up.”

A ray of light leaking into the alley was illuminating him from behind.

He had long eyelashes and skinny cheeks that could be called a woman’s, carved into the light.

A neutral appearance and a languid voice like that of a full-fledged lion.

Along with his gentle gaze and black eyes shining like obsidian made him look rather friendly.


At a gentle urge, Charlotte reached out her hand, as if possessed and took his hand.

“Ar, aren’t you killing me”

“Why Are you going to fight, too”

“Oh, no! Not at all!”

“Then, why would I kill you”

As if he had heard a funny joke, the young man smiled innocently and pulled her out of the carriage, before continuing.

“Hey, I did not kill my aunt so take her with you.

This is Lichpen’s area, so it should not be difficult to find someone to help.”

Let’s not meet each other again.

He said so and slowly disappeared out of the alley.

Charlotte stared blankly at his back, and when he finally disappeared from her sight, she collapsed onto the floor.

Her pounding heart still has not yet subsided.

Charlotte stared blankly as she called out his name.

“Rodion… Lavrenti.”

The name seemed to have a sweet feeling somewhere.


* * *



The pendant stuck on Otis’ left chest resonated unstably.

Looking at it, he grinned and muttered as he covered the pendant with his palm.


“Anyway, Rodion, you really like to go wild…”

“What did you say, sweetheart”

At the same time, the door opposite Otis opened.

And, what appeared was a seductive middle-aged woman with ash-blonde hair, who looked exactly like Otis.

Even though she had a gentle smile on her face, she somewhat had a dangerous impression.

Otis stared cynically at her face that resembled him and smiled.

“I thought I already said I did not want to set foot in this dirty mansion again, mother.”

“I am sorry about that.

Anyway, you are back here again.”

“I think I am going to suffocate from the smell of rotten opium here.”

“Oh my, my beautifully raised son should not be suffocating.

Heimos, could you open the window”

“Of course, madam.”

A young man, called Heimos, lightly kissed her cheek as he placed a fur coat on the shoulders of the middle-aged woman, Henrietta.

No matter how good he looked, he was a simple servant.

It was a formality that could not be seen as such.

It is obvious that he was Henrietta’s lover.

‘It is a new lover I do not know.’

Otis tried to scoff at how many months it was this time, though he stopped thinking.

Since no matter what the answer would be, he would not be able to shake off this dirty feeling.

A mother who had no interest in her son in the slightest, playing with her lovers.

In fact, he was able to understand it by making concessions a hundred times up to this point.

However, the reason Otis decisively disdained Henrietta was that she began to take advantage of him when he grew up.

…Because she had no intention of giving up this honey-like position as the hostess of Lavrenti easily.


A very greedy bloodline.

Otis opened his mouth with a smirk as if to scoff.

“I do not plan on staying for long, so I will start with the business.

My brother asked me to tell you that he had received the letter that was sent through aunt.”

“Oh, my.

Did you come this far because you received the letter This mother is happy.”

“No way, mother I am here to tell you not to do nonsense.”

Saying so, Otis’ fingertips touched the neatly finished wooden armrests of the sofa.

The hand slowly sweeping the dustless surface was as meticulous as a knife.

“During the day, aunt taunted Lavrenti and caused harm.

Did you know that this would happen”

“No way I did not know she would harm a servant.”

“I did not even say a word that it was a servant who was harmed”

“…Oh, my.

Then, would she have done it to you If she is of this nature, it must be a servant.”

“You are good at talking.

After all, you cannot live without that mouth and tongue, so of course, it is natural.”

The hand that was sweeping the sofa paused suddenly.

“Aunt will pay for it.

Rodion is out for that.

I am, though…”

‘As your child…’

I wanted to tell you.

To see you.

The gap between the mother and son, which took place every time the words were cut off, narrowed little by little.


Otis’ gloved hands grabbed Henrietta’s shoulders.

Now, there was no smile on his face.

His piercing black eyes flashed fiercely toward Henrietta.

“Do not do anything.”

“…You do not know what I did, do you”

“You have not done anything yet.”

‘So, I am asking you to stay like this.

Do not do anything…’


“Is it not enough for you to touch me Huh, mother”


So, would you like to kill Ahibalt as I said You are saying that I need to behave harshly.

But then this is all for you.”

“It is not for me, but you.

For your own comfort.”

A cold voice of contempt reached Henrietta.

At that moment, Otis smiled and straightened his bent back, before lifting his hand from her shoulders.

“So, if you want to find yourself in peace, mother.

Do not do anything.”

‘Then, at least, I will make sure you can die unharmed.’

Adding that, Otis smiled kindly as usual.


The face that smiled and laughed softly was rather alluring yet chilling.

If it had been someone else, they would have quickly lowered their tail to that bloody and stern smile, but unfortunately, Henrietta was not such an accommodating opponent.

Henrietta, who was looking at the face that resembled her exactly, smiled softly.

“Then, Otis, why don’t you get married instead of Ahibalt”


“You said you are the only one who can touch it.

I have set up many social positions to introduce my son, so you can just go there!”

‘All right! He can do that!’


Henrietta giggled and clapped her hands together.

“I will send you an invitation to Lavrenti soon, so consider it! Is that chambermaid still alive”

Otis, who was about to turn his body, stopped abruptly.

But, it was only for a fleeting moment.

“She chose your clothes so well! If you call her and let her do the work—”

“Do it yourself.”

“Right, but are you leaving already Otis.”

“I am leaving first.

I think I will get sick if I talk anymore with you.

Rodion did all the fun things, and I took on the boring role.”

‘Well, since I am done talking, do I still need to be in this f*cking room anymore’

He opened the door with a shrug, adding something he remembered before leaving.


“I forgot about this.

We are going to clear up an area you occupied.

I think it is District Seven.

Please tell only those who do not want to use their organs and eyeballs anymore to step in.”

“…What District Seven”

Henrietta’s countenance turned faint for the first time.


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