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Ahibalt smiled loosely and opened his mouth.

“I have taken care of the carriage, so I will ask you about it later.”


“Yes, I will deliver my regards to my mother as well.”


“Oh, it has been a while since I hunted.”

“Be careful not to get hurt anymore, Rodion.”

“If I get hurt more, can I lie down with Rea”

“Do you really think you can, now Stop talking and go.

If you are too late, it will be difficult to meet the time.”

After Otis’s words, silence filled the room again, and one carriage left Lavrenti.


* * *


Inside the rattling carriage.

“Do you know how humiliated I was then”

“Of course, Miss Veronica.

They have been very rude.

I am sure you must have been there to handle them.”

“Yes! I even went to Lavrenti at the request of Henrietta.

And, they are making a fuss just because I touched one of the servants There is nothing below this!”

Veronica, who was giddy, took a drag of her cigarette.

Smoke and nervous voices filled the carriage.

However, no matter how much she smokes her cigarette, no matter how much she mixes it with calming herbs, no matter how much she yells and gets annoyed…

…She could not forget the humiliation of today.

It was such a disgrace that they gave her so much humiliation just because she only played with one servant!

Crush! Veronica, who lowered her voice, grated her teeth.

“Impudent b*stard.

What position do I have in this family, in Knox! How dare you treat me like that!”

Anger boiled inside Veronica.

It was the rebellion against her youthful days’ devotion to Knox as consigliére.

How hard was it to gather power under her while assisting her older brother, Lavrenti, and the predecessor…

‘If my brother had lived a little longer, I could have picked up more power and consumed Knox.’

It was good then.

That was when she was able to put the three brothers in Lichpen.

At that, Veronica, who recalled her heyday, grinded her teeth.

But, just a moment later, she quickly regained her composure.

It was partly thanks to the calming effect of the cigarette, and partly by the person sitting opposite her.

“Stop it, Miss Veronica.

They were all still young, so they must have done it unknowingly.”


A woman with lovely pink hair and golden eyes said with a sincerely worried look.

“I have no doubt that they will one day realize their mistakes.

Rather, I am more worried that Miss Veronica might be hurting your body and mind.”

“…I feel like I have calmed down now after all of this.

I cannot be more angry when you say that.

I am sorry for making you worry.”

“Oh, what are you talking about I am all right.”

As the woman answered with a small smile, Veronica’s eyes were filled with satisfaction.


The lady, who was speaking in a charming noble speech, was Henrietta’s niece, whom she had brought in to mate with Ahibalt.

Her name is Charlotte Eunice.

Veronica was very fond of this nimble and clever lady.

‘I thought that Henrietta was being coy because she had brought a noble lady who had nothing to do with Knox.’

Lotte was very smart and cute to get tangled up with her, saying she was so scared.


She must have known who the real ruler of Lichpen was.

It’s obvious that Charlotte’s words were sugar-coated, though the situation is not bad either.

‘I will teach her to listen to my words.’

Hopefully, if she does well, this girl may be able to help her influence Lavrenti again.

Especially since her position has been unstable these days, Veronica wanted to make Charlotte more on her side.

‘Things that were exactly as my words in the past were no longer the case anymore.’


It may be because of the aftermath that the disgrace in Lavrenti was even more infuriating because it was the day that she realized her position, which had been significantly lowered.

…It cannot be like this.

‘I will have to go back again after finding a reasonable opportunity.’

She cannot just stand still like this.

Just as Veronica was grinding her teeth and weighing the opportunity.


The carriage rattled loudly along with the piercing sound of horses.

It suddenly stopped with a feeling of tilting.

They still have a long way to go until the destination, Lichpen, although the carriage stopped so abruptly.

This feels ominous.’

Veronica opened the window and asked.

“What is going on”

“I apologized, Miss Veronica! One of the carriage’s wheels broke.”

“What Why is the wheel that used to be okay, suddenly—”



At that moment, with her blunt sound, the head of her coachman, who was bowing his head to Veronica, flew away.

The fishy scent of blood lingered around the remaining area.

“Oh, neat.

It is clean.”


…And, the voice of a young man who seemed happy.

A corpse, neatly decapitated, fell to the floor with a thud, and a human figure slid down on the spot.

A young man with a reddish-brown tail tied to his back looks just like a deer’s tail.

However, in its atmosphere, he resembled a jaguar that would bite anything that bothers him more than a deer.


The eerie shadows that fell diagonally on his face and the promiscuous bloodstains seemed to create such an image even more.

As Veronica recognized the man in front of her, the cigarette fell from her hand.

“Ro, Rodion!”



Haven’t you seen me before Why are you freaking out like that Fix yourself.”

Seriously, how long would it take to die

Muttering softly, Rodion lightly stole the blood-dribbling blade with his fingertips.

It seemed like he did not even care about the red marks on his face.

Then, he went further and smiled like an innocent boy in front of her.

“Really, the coachman.

I paid special attention to it, and I am very satisfied with it.

What do you think, aunt”

“Wh, where do you think you are right now How dare you…”

“Where In my big brother’s palm.”

Rodion, who instantly erased his smile—Bang! kicked the wagon

“I did not even know why my eldest brother saved you, an old raccoon who is still trying to whine as if an honorary position like consigliére was something great”

‘That is you.’

At his words, Veronica’s face, which had been quite a while ago, flushed red again.

It was because Rodion’s words pierced her sore spot.

Originally, consigliére was a staff member of the organization and did not fit the term honorary position.

Although Veronica has always been sarcastic for taking honorary positions.

The reason is simple.

Because she took advantage of her blood ties to sit in a position beyond her abilities.


“Even though you are an advisor, the strategy you are coming up with was not that great.

Your shooting is also your shortfall.

You cannot even sharpen a knife, nor even memorize.

The only thing you know how to do is social skills and those absurd tricks.”

There are plenty of people like her.

After all, it means that Veronica wields a power that is not within her means in a position that she would not have been able to climb, if only she were not born with it.

In the end, Veronica could not stand the cold Rodion’s rant and sprinted out of the carriage.

“Rodion! How dare the newborn dog ​​talk to me like that! It’s funny that you are confidently saying that when you are the one who would have been nothing without your brothers!”

“Of course, that is me.

It would be okay if it was not my older brothers.”

‘Because I am the son of a mistress.

I have never been properly educated or treated that way.’

“That is why I do not even know how to kill people like a human, aunt.”

“Ha, ha! Did you get the confidence just because you killed a coachman Do you know where you are”

Veronica smiled sharply and snapped her fingers.

Then, human shadows, who had been waiting for a signal around the carriage for a while, began to surround the carriage little by little.

“Unfortunately, this is District Seven, Rodion.

It is my territory! You cannot argue with me in a place like this!”

As the chilly footsteps filled the back alley, she smiled creepily.

“I am sorry that it has to be like this.

You must have come alone as well.

Wouldn’t it be a little difficult to handle this many people alone Yes, it does not look like you have such ‘weapon’ eith—”

“What nonsense is that Who said there is none”


The heavy sword that cut off the coachman’s head a while ago rotated in Rodion’s hand.

Then, the jewel embedded in the handle of the heavy sword lit up and changed its appearance in an instant.


A shape resembling a giant scythe.

‘Are you saying that the ‘scythe’ was sealed…’

So, didn’t Rodion only get a higher rank just in his name

‘…Did he trick everyone about his power’

If that is the case, it would be a loss to bet head-to-head here.

The moment Veronica, after quickly grasping the situation, tried to turn around to escape…

Rodion, holding the hilt of the scythe loosely, grinned flatly.

“Let’s find out how far your limbs can be amputated, aunt.”


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