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Knowing that Otis would run like crazy if you give him a gun, Veronica could not help but be nervous.

She eventually took the cigarette with a shaky breath, as if bluffing, but still, she did not inhale and just winked at her bodyguard.

Meanwhile, the bodyguard, who received her wink and glance, skillfully opened the cigarette case.

At that, the cigarette in Veronica’s hand fell into it and disappeared.

Thanks to this, Irene was finally able to escape from the thick cigarette smoke.

‘Second Master, nice…’

Only such a wicked person would blow the smoke out like that.

Tears welled up in Irene’s eyes, which were smothered directly by the smoke.

Still, without caring, she shrugged as Veronica was trying her best to show off her bluff.


Shooting me, huh.

I am your aunt, Knox’s Consigliére.

Can you afford to really do that”

Instead of answering—Bang! A loud gunshot rang out.

“Of course.”

A bullet pierced into the thigh of the bodyguard, who held out the ashtray to Veronica.

Normally, the order of the shooting and his words should have been reversed, though Otis didn’t seem to care.

“Do you still think I would not kill you, auntie”

“Otis! If your mother knew about this…!”

“Do you think the person who cannot even get out of her lover’s arms will suddenly resent his son’s rude behavior”

Otis chuckled, and he fired one more shot.

This time, the bullet hit the second bodyguard.

The smell of blood filled the living room.

Irene’s nose bridge reflexively wrinkled slightly at the smell of fishy blood.

Even though she smelled it on a daily basis, it does not really affect her much anymore.

However, today, it was exceptionally disgusting.


The smell of blood made her stomach churn.

No, did the ground tremble…

‘Why is there no mask here’

After a long time, modern things have been desperately needed.

As Irene struggled to hold her breath, a piece of her white handkerchief fell onto her skirt.



It was a handkerchief with Lavrenti’s double eagle crest adorned with gold leaf on the edge.

There was no way Irenea would not recognize this.

‘First Master…’

What is this for As Irene raised her head in puzzlement, her eyes met with Ahibalt, who had gazed down at her.

He bent his eyes slightly and tapped the tip of his nose with a smile.

‘Oh, he is telling me to cover it.’

Only then did Irene realize what he meant.

She mouthed ‘thank you,’ back to him.

In such a situation, if a maid dares to cover her nose without fear, she will surely be flown out of sight, but it is a different case when her Master gave it to her.

At that, she covered her nose and her mouth with a cold handkerchief.

The woody scent used by Ahibalt was mixed into her breath.

Instead of the bloody smell, the subtle scent that filled her lungs made Irene smile without realizing it.

There was no way Otis could not see that very rare smile.

“Ha, f*ck…”

Veronica flinched at the slurred profanity.

It was a sign that the situation was going badly for her.

She quickly rolled her eyes.

It would have been better if there was only Ahibalt.

Though the longer Otis dragged on, the more likely it would be worse for Veronica.

So, rather than trying to build her flag here, she quickly decided that it would be better for her to hurry back, defend her position, and plan a counterattack.

Things have become different from what she had hoped for.

‘At this rate, I might not get the result I want…’

With that thought, Veronica gave Irene a glance, before turning her eyes back to her nephews—her fickle nephews.

Despite being at a disadvantage, Veronica still had something in her hands.

“…I cannot help it because you hate me so much.

Ha, let’s say today is not the day.

Hey, give me that.”

As she snapped her fingers as though nothing had happened, she continued to speak gracefully.

Then, one of the bodyguards standing behind Veronica bowed politely and held out a brown briefcase.

The document passed through Veronica’s hands was passed on to Ahibalt.

Receiving the documents, Ahibalt frowned slightly and unsealed the envelope.

“What is this, aunt”

“It is not an explosion, so do not be so vigilant.


I am just here for delivery.”

Of course, that meant that they had given explosive envelopes in the past, but no one here could afford to care about such a thing.

The main reason was that there was a part that needed more attention than that.

Ahibalt, who was examining the envelope, parted his lips without loosening his expression.

“Delivery Who is the sender”

“Who would it be Henrietta.”

“Then, shouldn’t this be given to Otis”

“I was asked to deliver it to you, Ahibalt, and I am just doing what I have been told, so you guys can take care of it on your own.

This aunt, who came from your parents’ house and was treated poorly, should go.”

Still maintaining her signature snake-like smile, Veronica glanced at her nephew, who still had vigilant eyes.

She turned her body around, holding a cigarette in her mouth with her trembling hand.

The moment she was about to turn—


There was the sound of something falling behind Ahibalt.

At the same time, a momentary silence crossed everyone who was present.

In this case, Otis, Ahibalt and Veronica were not the only people on the first floor.

“Youngest Master, I- Miss Irene has collapsed! Whoops—!”

“Shut up! We are going to get caught!”

Upstairs on the second floor, Rodion and Louise were watching the situation in the living room side by side, leaning on the railing.


* * *


When there was a loud noise a while ago, Louise and Rodion stared at each other with round eyes, as though they had just synchronized.

While Rodion had heard Veronica’s voice, Louise was surprised that there was someone in the mansion, who could shout so loudly.

Louise blinked her round eyes a couple of times before opening her mouth carefully.

“Is it possible that the Prima Donna came to our mansion”

[ T/N: Prima Donna is the leading female singer of the opera.


“What nonsense is this again”

“Well… that yelling was unusual.”

‘…She must have had vocal training.’

Seeing Louise nodding her head, feeling certain that she must have done vocals without a single doubt, Rodion sighed and turned his head.

“Are you sure you are from Lichpen That is my aunt’s voice.

Veronica Lavrenti.”

“….! That is right!”

‘What does she mean, ‘that is right’ How can she do her job with such an empty brain…’

Thinking so, Rodion sighed and threw his body back on the bed.

Complex gazes painted the pattern on the ceiling.

‘There must be no reason for aunt to come here.

Delton was cleaned up, and second brother did not really make any fuss.

When an old fox dares to stick its head in a snake’s den, there must be a good reason…’

What the hell is this all about

His troubled gaze then reached Louise, whose eyes were shining brightly.

“…Who did you work for when you were in Lichpen”

“Me Madam Henrietta.”


It was because of her.’

Rodion chewed the swear words inwardly.

“Get out.”


“Are you deaf Get out!”


“But, Miss Veronica is out there!”

“So, get out of here! Didn’t she come here to see you!”

Yelling that, Rodion jumped up and kicked the blanket.

His heart, which had softened while talking about Irene a while ago, has hardened again.

It was because of Louise, who dragged in everything Rodion hates, including Lichpen, Veronica, and Henrietta.

Even so, his head hurts from worrying about Irene.

What is with this walking gunpowder It looked like it was going to explode everywhere she went.

He glared at Louise with a frown.

Of course, Louise was also troubled.

“I hate Miss Veronica!”


“I hate her, too!”


Louise’s eyes widened.

‘What is wrong with him He is making me nervous…’

Rodion was frowning slightly, with a feeling of unknown anxiety, though Louise’s eyes shone as she grabbed his hand.

“We have something in common, Youngest Master! People who have something in common like us should take refuge!”

“What nonsense is that If you go out, my aunt will leave!”

“Ah, I hate it, I do not want to! Miss Veronica is so scary!”


His expression was crumpled again.

A little while ago, he was frowning as he threatened Louise.

However, this time, he was filled with astonishment.

“I hate Miss Veronica! She is scary.

She shoots too often, and she hits people too often…”

Towards the end, her voice diminished.

Louise’s hand, which was holding his hand, was shaking.

Still, Rodion knew well what she meant.

It was because it was Veronica’s long-standing lousy habit to mistreat her employees.


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