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Chapter 29, The Red Red Envelopes are Missing

Ji Yuanyuan did not expect Shen Lingxue to suddenly make a move. She was caught off guard and fell straight to the ground.

“Whats wrong with you How can you hit someone” Coincidentally, Ji Yuanyuans eldest uncle, Ji Jianjun, passed by and saw this scene. He quickly pulled Ji Yuanyuan up from the ground.

Ji Yuanyuan was, after all, a member of their old Ji family. This burden actually dared to hit someone so brazenly.

“Moreover, this is your home Is your surname Ji” Ji Jianjun asked again.

To be honest, he really did not fancy this sister-in-law of his now. With one look, he knew that she was not someone who work hard. He did not know whats gotten into Jianguo to actually fancy this woman.

Shen Lingxue gritted her teeth and glared fiercely at Ji Jianjun.

Seeing Shen Lingxues expression, Ji Jianjun could not help but frown, “This child…”

Shen Lingxue suddenly burst into tears.

Ji Jianjuns frown deepened. Ji Yuanyuan ran forward and pretended to comfort Shen Lingxue, “Sister, dont cry. Ill give you candy…”

Shen Lingxue could not control her emotions at this moment and pushed her with all her might.

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However, Ji Yuanyuan was prepared this time. When Shen Lingxue reached out her hand, she fell down before her hand could touch her.

In an instant, she also squeezed out a bag of tears. However, she did not throw a tantrum. Instead, she looked at Ji Jianjun with teary eyes, “Uncle…”

Ji Jianjuns character was much better than his two younger brothers. In addition, he did not have a daughter, so he had been very good to Ji Yuanyuan before this.

It was the same in his previous life. He had always been good to Ji Yuanyuan.

Therefore, Ji Yuanyuan still had a good impression of this uncle.

Before Ji Jianjun could say anything, Shen Mei, who was in the courtyard, heard her daughter crying. Her expression changed and she quickly ran out.

When she came out, she saw Shen Lingxue standing there crying uncontrollably, while Ji Yuanyuan was standing not far away.

“What are you doing” Shen Mei went forward and hugged her daughter as she shouted at Ji Yuanyuan.

She had suffered at the hands of Li Xu and Li Yong just now. Naturally, she had a bellyful of anger that she was holding in. It was just right, so she could vent at Ji Yuanyuan.

“What did you do”

“Yuanyuan, dont cry.”

Li Yong and Li Miao spoke almost at the same time.

One stood in front of Ji Yuanyuan, while the other picked up Ji Yuanyuan.

This caused Li Xu, this biological mother, to have no room to show off.

“Jianguo, say something. Are you just going to let her bully Lingxue like this”

Shen Lingxue threw herself into Shen Meis arms and cried loudly.

Ji Jianguo felt a headache from the cry. He quickly looked at Ji Yuanyuan and said, “Yuanyuan, quickly apologize.”

He just wanted to end the wedding banquet as soon as possible. Today was really embarrassing.

Xu Xiuhua also came out. When she saw Shen Lingxue crying loudly, she gnashed her teeth in anger.

This burden had to be brought along on such an important day, and she was still here to stir up trouble.

“Jianguo, what are you saying I saw clearly from here just now that she was obviously the one who pushed Yuanyuan. Yuanyuan is good, she didnt provoke her. How can you side with outsiders and not your own daughter” Ji Jianjun spoke up, he spoke fairly.

Ji Yuanyuan timely squeezed out a few drops of tears and said magnanimously, “Its alright, Uncle. Little Sister is still young. I have to give in to her.”

This look really made the Li family distressed. The onlookers also felt that this little girl of the Ji family was really sensible. On the other hand, Shen Meis daughters gaze was too vicious.

At this moment, the granduncle suddenly said, “Eh Why are there two red packets missing They were still there just now. Where did they go Quickly look for them…”

When Xu Xiuhua heard this, she immediately pushed Shen Mei aside and went forward to look for them, “How could they be lost Who took them”

Shen Mei staggered and almost fell to the ground after being pulled by the old lady.

Fortunately, Ji Jianguo was behind her and held her waist in time.

She grabbed Ji Jianguos sleeve with some lingering fear and called out in a low voice, “Brother Jianguo…”

Her eyes were full of tears, as if tears were about to fall at any moment.

Ji Jianguo could not stand Shen Mei when she showed this expression the most. He felt that she was completely dependent on him, like he was her hero.

He hesitated for a moment and reached out to pat Shen Meis shoulder, “Alright, alright. Dont cry on this joyous day.”

Shen Mei pursed her lips and nodded her head pitifully.

Ji Jianguo and Shen Meis display of affection in front of everyone disgusted the Li family.

“This is the first time Ive seen such a scum. He has three children of his own and doesnt give a single cent. Instead, hes raising someone elses bastard.”

When she heard the word bastard, Shen Meis gaze immediately turned vicious.

She glared at Li Yong.

Li Yong was not afraid of her, “Whats wrong Youre also a leopard that cant change. You like to hook up with married men, really cheap.”

Of course, before he cursed, Li Yong still knew how to step forward and cover Ji Yuanyuans ears.

Ji Yuanyuan blinked her eyes and pretended that she did not understand anything.

Speaking of which, Shen Meis past sounded like something. In her previous life, she had hidden it well. After living with Ji Jianguo for more than twenty years, she had him completely under her control.

Presumably, after her death, with Shen Meis pillow talk, all of the Ji familys property went into Shen Lingxues pocket.

In the past life, Shen Lingxue was really a winner in life.

Both career and love were fruitful.

Ji Jianguos expression was a little awkward when he was told by Li Yong, so he could only say in a sorrowful voice, “Li Xu, do you have to make such a scene”


Li Xu did not say anything, but the corner of her lips twitched.

On the other side, Xu Xiuhua rummaged around for a while, but still could not find the two red envelopes.

Then, that pair of unkind eyes looked around everyone.

Why did the red packets suddenly disappear

It must have been hidden by someone.

Taking advantage of the chaos at the wedding banquet, they actually dared to steal from their house. They were really audacious.

These two red packets were at least ten yuan. They definitely could not be let off like this.

Suddenly, Xu Xiuhuas eyes stopped.

She glared fiercely at Shen Lingxue.

Shen Mei saw this and quickly pulled Shen Lingxue over, “Mother, this matter has nothing to do with Lingxue.”

Shen Lingxue met Xu Xiuhuas eyes and was frightened. She subconsciously hid behind Shen Mei.


However, when Shen Lingxue hid, something in her pocket moved, and the outline became even more obvious.

Xu Xiuhua narrowed her eyes, “Good, stealing at such a young age, what will you be when you grow up”

As she said that, she quickly walked forward and grabbed Shen Lingxues arm.

The scene instantly turned chaotic. Shen Lingxues scream, Shen Meis explanation, and Xu Xiuhuas angry scolding stopped abruptly after the two red packets landed on the ground.

Ji Jianguo was stunned. He did not expect that Shen Lingxue really stole the money.

After a moment of surprise, Xu Xiuhua immediately scolded, “As expected, its you, little slut. People with sticky fingers can not enter my house. Quickly send her somewhere else.”



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