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Yuanwu Kingdom, Yaofeng County.

Inside a teahouse.

A storyteller was speaking, spit everywhere: “On the third day of March, in the battle between the masters of Baiyun Mountain, the White Tiger Star Lord showed great power and defeated the heads of the six major factions in a row, and was thus known as the number one master of the unaffiliated sect!”

“Just after that… Emperor Yuanwu was suddenly killed by a tiger demon in the midst of an army of 100,000 people.

Some people said that the tiger demon was transformed by the White Tiger Star Lord… At that time, it was said that the exhibited tiger demon’s body was more than ten feet high, has a huge mouth, like a city gate, and swallowed thousands of living people…”

“The audacity!”

A scholar who was listening to the book suddenly stood up: “The imperial court has announced to the world that the first emperor died of illness… How dare you spread such a random story Aren’t you afraid that I will report you to officials and have you arrested”

The storyteller’s face turned pale for a while, but he defended himself again and again.

The novelist’s words were known to not be completely true.

In addition, there were some people around him who persuaded the scholar with a few words, so the scholar left cursingly.

The storyteller wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, but did not dare to continue talking about that, and instead said: “Well… we talked about the White Tiger Star Lord earlier, who killed the Quartet in Baiyun Mountain and became famous all over the world.

He and our Shaofeng County actually also have a relationship…”

”Oh Tell us quickly!”

This aroused the interest of a group of listeners, and immediately rewarded a lot of coins.

In the corner, Fang Xian stood up silently, threw a piece of silver, and walked out.

”The original people have changed, but things remain the same…”

After walking around for a few laps, he couldn’t help sighing to himself.

In Yaofeng County, the Zhang family and Liu family have been destroyed.

After all, they died during the martial arts conference, their strength was greatly damaged, and they were also affected by the major change in the Yuanwu Kingdom.

On the contrary, the Five Door Sect is still the same.

’After all… the fault tolerance and endurance of a family clan are smaller than that of the sect, because the sect can choose the best disciples as much as possible and ensure continuous inheritance.

But for a family clan it is not the same case, if the son’s aptitude is not high, he still is a son after all, how can they not try to raise him up ‘

At this time, Fang Xian had already used the secret method of the Star Picking Tower, he had already used the Face Changing Technique and had become a completely different person.

Going against two of the biggest Daoist clans, he might die suddenly like Chu Kuangren in the future.

Before the war, he had to clean up the mess he made, so that he could live a carefree life.

A girl changes eighteen times between childhood and womanhood, and men are actually similar.

He left home when he was a teenager, and now after a few years, even his parents may not be able to recognize his true appearance.

Besides, even when he used the Face Transformation Technique he did not change too differently from his original appearance, he made some small changes while keeping his original face structure, some shadow of his original appearance can still be vaguely seen.

Fang Xian returned to the county capital, rented an ox cart, and bought a large number of things, and then drove the car slowly to Daqing Mountain.

Under the Daqing Mountain, a small mountain village.

A few years have passed, but there is still not much change here, everything is like yesterday.

Fang Xian, with his ‘raw face’, came back with an ox cart, which was the biggest talk and interesting thing of the day, and immediately attracted a lot of attention, and children followed from afar.

He came to the door of his former home and saw an old man chopping wood in the fenced garden.

He seemed a little older than before.

He couldn’t help but feel a little sad and pushed the door open.

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Wang Laogen wiped the sweat from his face and looked at the strong guy who came in, a little strange.

”It’s me, Wang Xiaoer!”

Fang Xian said.

”You are… Xiao Er”

Wang Laogen looked up and down and found a little shadow from Fang Xian’s transformed face, and the corners of his eyes suddenly turned red.

After pretending to look around a bit, he got a piece of firewood and made a gesture to fight: “You stinky boy, why have you been gone for a few years No news, your mother and I thought you died outside.”

”You dare to hit my son”

Inside the house, one person came out.

It was Wang Laogen’s wife ‘Yunhua’.

She looked at Fang Xian, and burst into tears: “My son…”

”Don’t cry, don’t cry, it’s good that I’m back…and I brought a lot of good things with me.

Fang Xian took the two of them outside and showed an ox cart full of things: “Where are big brother and little sister”

”Your eldest brother is in the field, and the younger sister is married, and she was married in this village… I will call them all today, and have a good meal in the evening.” Wang Laogen touched this, looked at that, and said with a smile.

”It turned out to be Wang Xiaoer… I just said this kid looks familiar.”

”Remember this kid He was a good hunter when he was young.”

”It is said that he went around from place to place.

He seems to be doing well.

Look at the fabric, tsk tsk…”

The surrounding villagers are envious.

In their opinion, this is a good young man in the village who went out to make a fortune.

He has come back, it is a good thing, and it represents hope.


Under the oil lamp, there was a table full of dishes.

Air-dried salted fish, oily big pig’s trotters, old hen soup…which made Wang Da’s sons and daughters drool.

On the contrary, the greedy little girl has grown into a married woman, and she is more reserved, asking Fang Xian about his experience outside.

Fang Xian took his time to sip wine and poured Wang Laogen and Wang Da’s cup full again: “After I left home, I went to the north, first learned a few skills in being a mercenary, and later became a wandering merchant… …”

”Then after coming back this time, will you still leave You haven’t married yet.”

The mother nagged because she cared about this a lot.

’I can’t imagine that after two lifetimes, I still can’t escape this…’

Fang Xian’s face darkened: “I haven’t found the one I like, I’ll be leaving in a few days… It’s hard to do business now.”

Without waiting for them to speak, he took out two silver coins from their pockets, a total of ten ingots of five taels, shining brightly under the oil lamp.

It’s not that he can’t take out more, but if he wasn’t there, giving more will in turn just cause trouble.

”Here is fifty taels… I went to the village chief before, and bought some land in this village and the neighboring villages, and made up fifty acres… I mean, the elder brother took ten taels of silver, ten acres of land, little sister take five taels, five acres of land, what do you think”

With fifty acres of land, he is considered a small landlord in the countryside and can live well.

Going to the city, instead, there are all kinds of intricate forces, and it is not as good as the countryside to avoid disaster.

After all, Fang Xian knows this very well, if he goes to rattle the village chief a bit, then there will be no problem.

”Isn’t this too much…”

Younger sister Wang Shanhua looked at her second brother with tears in her eyes.

A married daughter is like a released water, she never imagined that she would still receive so many fields and money.

”Take it.”

Fang Xian sighed.

If he can reveal his identity, these ten thousand acres of fertile land and fortune are just small matters.

It’s just that there are too many enemies now, and if he doesn’t want to have his family destroyed then he should definitely keep a low profile.

He even vowed to himself that even if he becomes the world’s #1 in the future, he still will not disclose this relationship.

Otherwise, before he died, of course everything would be fine.

If he died and he didn’t have a strong disciple to support him, what would happen, it’s really hard to say.

In this world, even a great master has only two hundred years of life, everyone’s days are numbered!


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