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Along the way, Bao Gan seemed very silent.

When they arrived at the inn, he finally said: “You know you didn’t have to take action.

The moment you made a move, you have already offended the second prince.” 

“Let him be offended then, so what”

Fang Xian didn’t care, his path of martial arts had already started the moment he created the “I Form Fist”.

Even the heavens couldn’t make him surrender, what more a mere prince

“If he really comes and provokes me, I will then cut off his head in the middle of the night, flee to another country, and come back when I have completed my martial arts training.” 

 This sentence made Bao Gan’s eyelids jump, “Brother Fang, ancestor sigh… why do you have to go through such lengths, why do you have to go through such lengths”

Bao Gan knew that Fang Xian wasn’t just saying empty words, he really will do so if provoked. 

Some practitioners really are fearless.

Once provoked, they will leave blood wherever they go. 

This kind of person will either die early or will inevitably grow into a terrifying powerhouse. 

“Forget it… You’ve shown your great skill today, almost at the same level as a grandmaster.

Even if the two innate masters under the second prince broke through today, they would still be unable to be a proper match for you… He must be afraid too!”

Bao Gan shook his head and smiled bitterly, wisely not asking Fang Xian how his martial arts advanced.

No matter how close friends are, some privacy still needs to be respected.

“I suddenly discovered that it was the most correct decision to invite Brother Fang to come with me to the meeting.”

Bao Gan suddenly exhaled: “With Brother Fang siding with me, that ‘white ape’ Du Wan should not dare to be arrogant anymore unless he disregards the rules of martial arts and calls his elders for backup.

Otherwise, among the same generation, there is no one who can rival Brother Fang.”

“Masters from the Red Ape Sect I have been meaning to meet them for a while now.”

Fang Xian put his five fingers together and looked expectant: “Brother Bao, where do you want to meet them”

“Ten miles outside of Dongcheng, Fengbo Pavilion!” Bao Gan replied, “I’ll contact a few more friends.

After three days, let’s go there together.”

“Three days”

Fang Xian nodded.

This time was a bit short, but after he entered the explosive state, the Primordial Qi surged violently, filling the attribute bar much faster than before.

Perhaps he still has time to get another opportunity to get an epiphany to condense some white tiger spirit to his acupoints. 

Today, the second prince tried to win them over to his side, and then there is also the upcoming martial arts conference on August 15th, which made him think that a storm was brewing. 

In order to cope better when that time comes, we must improve our own strength!

Three days later.

July 25, Fengbo Pavilion.

Fang Xian, dressed in white, walked slowly and followed Bao Gan.

While walking, he slightly meditated inwards, and he could subtly feel the lighted acupoints in his translucent body.

These acupoints are the positions that were revealed after combining his meditations on the constellations in the white tiger map combined with his knowledge of his body.

Combined with hand gestures and meditations, every acupoint is now starting to get filled with condensed white tiger spirit!

These white tiger spirits have different postures, and they seem to be different demonstrations of the white tiger on the map.

“《The Seven Killing Fist of the White Tiger》the second level realm is about acupoint refinement!”

“Those assassins of the Star Picking guild didn’t have the white tiger map, so they could not have an idea to combine man and tiger into one.

Therefore, they can only figure everything out themselves, sacrificing many human lives in the process… Perhaps if they do sacrifice enough, then they would also be able to produce some results in the future.

After all, no matter how great a martial art technique is, it was once still man-made.”

Fang Xian stared at his internal body and found that three acupoints had been lit up.

This symbolizes that he has somehow started to get on the second level of the skill.

If he condenses the five acupoints, he will then be considered to have small success in the art, but if he can solidify all seven major acupoints then that is already at the peak stage of large success.

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Being able to cultivate the 《The Seven Killing Fist of the White Tiger》to such a state in such a short period of time, the martial arts comprehension provided by the attribute column has definitely made a great contribution.

“This time… will a grandmaster from the Red Ape Sect come out“

Fang Xian thinks to himself excitedly. 

After the innate stage, practitioners can either cultivate their true qi through continuous fighting and even seek the help of evil organizations to help boost their true qi.

When the primordial qi is completed and the required experience for all the movements are fulfilled then they are called “grandmaster”.

Grandmasters can start their own sect! Therefore, the heads of the six major factions are all at this level, as are the Four Kings of Double Dragon.

Above the level of grandmaster, is the supreme grandmaster, which the current Fang Xian still could not comprehend.

One monk, one priest, one madman are truly the people that stand at the top of this world.

“My wish is to stand on a higher ground and see more beautiful scenery… One day, I will all these three supreme masters and personally ask for advice one by one!”

Fang Xian’s footsteps became more energetic.

“Brother Bao!”

“Brother Bao!”

Outside the Storm Pavilion, many martial artists have already gathered.

Several of them saw Bao Gan and immediately came to greet him.

“Come on, Brother Fang, let me introduce you.

These are ‘Heaven Comet’ Sun Beichen, ‘Earth Pole Star’ Shi Kuo, ‘Earth Moving Star’ Xiehuan… They are all my friends.”

Bao Gan gave everyone a solemn greeting, “Thank you brothers for coming to help me!”

”They are all sixteen new stars and innate masters.

Sure enough, dragons don’t make friends with snakes.

When one enters the circle of Bao Gan, all one can see are young innate masters…”

Fang Xian nodded secretly, clasped his fists and said, “Fang Xian greets  you all.”

The expressions of Sun Beichen, Shi Guo, and others changed.

Judging from the solemn introduction, this Fang Xian has a lot of background, but he doesn’t seem to have much fame, at least they have never heard of his name. 

“This Fang Xian is an innate level practitioner who was promoted through horizontal training and has amazing martial arts.

He once killed the innate of the Five Shapes Sect – Golden Lion Ao Xiong!” Bao Gan explained a few words and immediately Sun Beichen felt admiration towards Fang Xian.

As for the two punch victory against two of the Great Heroes, Fang Xian had no intention of publicizing it because it involved the prince, he would gain nothing from it.

Since Fang Xian himself had no intention to reveal it, of course Bao Gan would follow suit.

The same goes for the second prince.

Otherwise, just by defeating two of the Eight Heroes, it will be enough for anyone to make a name for themselves and catch up to seniors in terms of prestige. 

In other words, they were already beyond the constraints of age, and there was no more need for them to deliberately delineate each age group. 

Fang Xian glanced around and found that two groups of young practitioners gathered into two distinct circles.

The robes on the east side are of various colors, obviously most of them are unaffiliated cultivators, while the practitioners on the other side are more uniform in color, wearing red uniforms.

They should be the disciples from the Red Ape Sect. 

“He has come!”

At this time, they heard a brief clamor, and the disciples of the Red Ape Sect lined up properly on both sides, and a young man in a white robe came out.

One of the Eight Heroes, the “White Ape” Du Wan!

This person’s arms are long and narrow, hanging down over his knees.

He is naturally different from ordinary people and is more suitable for practicing ‘Tongbei Fist’ and other similar techniques.

“Bao Gan!”

He held a Qi Mei Staff and said in a loud voice, “I’m still going to say the same thing, if you return the martial art notes to my sect, I will spare you this time.


The unaffiliated cultivators on Bao Gan’s side frowned secretly, feeling that even though Du Wan was a disciple of one of the six major sects, he was being a little too arrogant. 

“Although the 《Mad Demonic Staff Technique》was created by the seniors of the Red Ape Sect, it has already been circulating all around the world for quite some time.

Du Wan, if you are trying to find trouble for me, just say it!” Bao Gan answered heartily.

“Then it’s simple! If you win today, I’ll have nothing to say.

But if you lose, you will leave your martial art technique here.”

Du Wan laughed and came up to the stage, ”Come!”


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