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Ignoring Ao Xiong’s death, there was still a conspicuous great disturbance in the city of Yaofeng provincial city.

However, Fang Xian seems to stay out of it.

After putting on a green set of clothing, together with Bao Qian, he came to a roadside teahouse.

He could see that this man meant to entice him.

Come to think about it, being one of the ‘Eight Greatest Heroes and Sixteen Rising Stars’, how could Bao Qian really be just an ordinary guest of the world of martial artists

Small plates were displayed on the mahogany table.

On the plates, there were dried beans, broad beans, and other dishes that went well with the alcoholic drinks, being placed adjacently to a jar of old wine.

”Come on, please!”

Bao Qian smiled and poured the wine into the bowl for Fang Xian.

The wine was not a fine wine, it tasted sour and puckery, should be a kind of ripe wine brewed by the peasants, but when consumed together with dried beans, and broad beans ……, it gave a distinctive flavor.

Fang Xian seldom drank alcohol, just enjoyed the slight drunken feeling, and he would get drunk if having more.

He drank with confidence, after all, when encountering the circle of martial artists, he would still have some judgment power.

What’s more, through cultivating the true spirit, he’d had resistance to many toxins.

Strenuous learning makes a martial artist gain control of his own muscles and pores.

Once he found something was wrong, he could immediately induce vomiting.

The cultivator would also have some other abilities, such as inducing hypnosis using some odor, closing the pores in the body, holding his breath for a long while.

It could be said that once reached the Innate level, he could get whatever he wanted.

”With this bowl of liquor, I congratulate you, Brother Fang, on your promotion to the Innate!” Bao Qian drank it all in one go.

Fang Xian likewise after drinking and chatting a few words, would get into the topic of martial cultivation after the Innate.

This kind of high-level learning is a stage that the ordinary martial artist simply could not reach.

”Hahaha …… In fact, with such a strength like yours, brother Fang, you are already an expert among the Innates.”

Bao Qian finished laughing and sighed, “When someone wants to make still further progress after the Innate, he will find it very difficult indeed …… Such as that Ao Xiong, was just the weakest kind of Innate.”

”How do you explain this” Fang Xian held the wine bowl.

There was a brilliant flash in his eyes.

”After reaching the Innate level, a martial artist will cultivate the true spirit, then he will learn the Innate martial skill ……” Bao Qian held up two fingers: “The true spirit cultivation, even with the heart method, is difficult to improve, either with decades-practicing on the art of the daily water grinding hard work, or with constant practicing, or other devious ways …… this Ao Xiong who forcefully achieved the Innate at the age of 45, his true spirit was not cultivated to the full, and hence he does not master the Innate martial skill, so his skill is of the weakest standard.”

”True Spirit, with the Innate martial arts Could you tell me about this Innate martial learning, what exactly it is” Fang Xian turned out to be interested.

The degree of the true aura cultivation determined by hard work or constant practice, is not something that could be imagined in a short period of time.

So for Fang Xian, who entered the innate world with external power, had extremely strong quality in his body, the elemental true spirit he produced was not only pure, but his vitality degree also seemed to be better than Ao Xiong’s.

In a short period of time, the only thing that can quickly enhance combat power is to learn the martial arts of Innate method.

”Innate martial skill, the same as the Inner Strength Heart method, is involving the mind, profound and immeasurable …..it is the martial arts which only the innate experts can practice, if practiced by an ordinary Acquired martial artist, it will make him insane or bedeviled.

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Bao Qian looked solemn: “Each Innate martial skill, can greatly increase the strength, of course …… it is also cherished to the extreme, the most famous, is the “Crazy Demon Stick Method”, once performed, the cultivator will simply look like a crazy demon, beating down all the fellows of the same level … …”

Later, he went into detail, so that Fang Xian gain the imagination.

’It turns out that after the Innate, cultivation demands more attention to the mind, spirit and other areas of the like …… the so-called innate martial arts, somewhat similar to the divine struggling, it is to hypnotize oneself, with one’s vitality, revealing the secret concealed in the internal body, breaking the limit of one’s threshold method by doing one’s utmost with his potential power ..

…but it seems to be a little different.

I have not found a book on real martial arts, but I can’t tell the mystery behind it…… Huh Wait ……’

Fang Xian suddenly thought of the remnant picture of White Tiger hidden in the book of ‘The Green Jade Heart Technique’.

Just a glance at that time had shaken his heart and soul, most likely it’s a book on the Innate martial art.

Unfortunately, ……it is crippled, some pages are missing.

”Then I should ask, how can I learn the Innate martial arts” Fang Xian suppressed the regret in his heart and asked with a half smile.

”Come to think of the parties who keep the most record of the books of this kind of martial arts, of course, it is the circle of those who are famously accepted sects, just the style is …… Oh, Fang brother, isn’t it what you have just displayed”

When Bao Qian spoke of the famously accepted sects, there was a trace of derision in his tone, allowing Fang Xian to accurately grasp the meaning.

”We are casual martial artists, have no fund resources, no famous teachers.

Only going through challenges to gain the skill.

Even though with the master and disciple heritage, most of the teachings are unorthodox deviants.

Once you cross the border, you will immediately be branded by the righteous faction as ‘the heretical deviant sect’.

You will be hotly hunted and fiercely attacked… … …” Bao Qian’s tone sounded furious, “For example, The Monk-The Daoist-The Madman, ‘The Two Dragon Four Kings and Six Sect’.

The supreme Daoist disciples are The Monk-The Daoist-The Madman, while the faction of The Double Dragon Four Kings is also the master of the orthodox secs.

The fact is, both the Two Dragon Four Kings and the Chu’s madman’s senior, are the heretical sect-born.

Through a miracle encounter, they simply entered the sect of the heretic!”

”This means that …… the famous orthodox sect is not suitable for me, I can only mingle in the unorthodox deviant sect in the future”

Fang Xian rolled his eyes.

Of course, a member of the heretical sect does not always fellow of the heretical deviant party.

There were casual cultivators in the majority.

They didn’t seem to have a favorable position in the martial world.

However, a casual cultivator was interested in the both supreme Daoist method and the six major sects, so he will inquire about the Daoist casually. 

“Qing Yuan temple represents the Daoism, Ru Shi temple represents the Buddhism.

To the great masters of the two sects who have their own sect heritage and a large number of innate martial skills, fame is easy to gain.

Only Chu dynasty’s Madman, a man who stayed in solitary to avoid becoming the palace officer, was such a great master who started his undertaking, from the level of a small casual martial artist.

He was the model of my generation! From his words, it was obvious that Bao Qian was Chu Madman’s fan: “As for the six sects, they are the True Will Sect, Golden Light Sect, Long White Sword Sect, True Martial Arts Sect, Bodhi Zen Academy, Red Monkey Sect …… these add up to the so-called ‘the six big famous sects’.”

“From the ranking of the patriarchal level, there are heretical martial artists who can surpass the masters of the six major sects, as though a bewitcher who takes a shortcut but eventually gain success, but there is some weakness at the peak level  …… This is the reason why the famous orthodox sects take the dominant position! Famous orthodox sects are bound to produce good masters, the road ahead is clear to them.

Meanwhile, the unorthodox deviant one cannot do that.

Of course, ……in today’s world of martial arts, it s not necessarily the meeting between the orthodox and deviant parties will determine life and death ……”

Fang Xian was filled with emotion in his heart.

He looked at Bao Qian and suddenly asked with a smile, “I wonder which power Brother Bao belongs to nowadays”


Bao Qian laughed bitterly: “Although from appearance, I was called a casual cultivator, but also have a master heritage …… but without the permission of the elderly master, I cannot mention his name, even now, under the group of Golden Wind and Drizzling Rain Tower, I earn a living…… “

”So it’s the group of Golden Wind and Drizzling Rain Tower.”

”This sect is wide open to visitors from all over the world, we and other idle martial artists do not need to join in, only need to complete the tasks it issued, in return, we will be able to get some money resource, have the freedom to come and go ……” Bao Qian talked again as he saw that Fang Xian didn’t show antipathy to him.

”So ……  I might as well go.”

Fang Xian’s expression moved slightly.

Since he can’t stay in Yaofeng provincial city any longer, and it’s a good idea to go to other counties with the help of the party of the Golden Wind and Fine Drizzling Tower.

Perhaps,  I can also see if I can shift to the practicing of Innate martial art.

Judging from Bao Qian’s narrative, this might be a more precious fund resource than the Inner Strength Heart Method! 


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