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Chapter 114: Only tortillas for dinner

After some explanations from Nie Changping, Xiao Xixi and Luo Qingshan finally figured out the origin of the little girl.

This girl’s name is Xing’er and she is from a small mountain village under the jurisdiction of Gangu County.

Since there has been a drought in Jingshou County, the crops in the land have gradually dried out, and the well water in the village has no water, and many people in the village have begun to run out.

Xing’er followed her grandfather to the county seat and defected to her cousin.

Who knew that the cousin turned out to be a wolf in human skin, and while his grandfather was sick, he knocked Xing’er out and sold her.

She was sold into the county government.

Nie Changping went to the vicinity of the county government to inquire about Magistrate Yang.

He happened to see this girl running out of the back door of the county government, followed by a group of vicious officials.

Seeing that the girl was very pitiful, he saved her on a whim.

Xing’er knelt on the ground, first kowtowed to Nie Changping, then to Luo Qingshan and Xiao Xixi, she was choked.

“Thank you a few benefactors.

Thank you for saving me.

I have nothing to repay you now.

After I give my grandfather a gift, I will come here with a cow and a horse for a few benefactors!”

Xiao Xixi squatted down, looked at her face, hesitated and said:

“If you want to see your grandfather, go quickly, you may not be able to see him if you are late.”

Xing’er opened her eyes wide and couldn’t believe it: “How could it be”

Xiao Xi sighed, his tone seemed to be compassionate: “I look at your face, there will be a close relative who will pass away today, and your close relative should be only Grandpa left.”

Xing’er trembled all over, tears rolled down.

Indeed, her parents passed away early and she has been living with her grandfather, who is her only remaining close relative in this world.

She didn’t dare to delay anymore, and almost ran out in a row.

She had to rush back to see Grandpa for the last time.

Xiao Xixi said, “Send someone to follow her, don’t let her be caught and sold again.”

Luo Qingshan: “Xiao Nan, follow her.”

The guard named Xiao Nan came out in response and quickly chased him out.

Nie Changping looked at Xiao Xi up and down, and asked suspiciously: “Will you still meet each other”

Xiao Xixi said calmly: “I know a little bit about fur.”

“Then show me, what will I eat tonight

“Naturally, it’s tortillas with bacon.”

Nie Changping smiled haha: “You are wrong.

I hate tortillas the most.

I will definitely not eat this tonight.”

Xiao Xi’s eyes rolled: “What if I’m right”

“Impossible, impossible!”

“It’s just an assumption, assuming I’m right, all your bacon will belong to me tonight, how about”

Nie Changping agreed without hesitation: “Okay, just bet on the bacon.

If you are right, my bacon belongs to you.

If you are wrong, your bacon belongs to me.

Xiao Xi smiled and bent her eyes: “It’s a deal.”

Nie Changping was full of confidence: “Four horses are hard to chase!”

At this moment, the buddy knocked on the door.

He stood at the door and asked, “Ladies and gentlemen, are you having dinner at the inn tonight If so, I will let the kitchen to start cooking.”

After getting a positive answer, the buddy asked everyone what they wanted for dinner.

Nie Changping said without hesitation: “Except for tortillas, everything else is fine.”

The guy said embarrassedly: “But the staple food in our store is only tortillas.”

Nie Changping was stunned.

He couldn’t believe it: “How could you only have tortillas in such a big shop Where’s the rice Where are the noodles It’s okay if there are really no buns and steamed buns!”

The buddy explained dryly: “Our entire Gangu County is in short supply of food.

Now, except for the county government granary, how can we find rice noodles As far as the cornmeal and bacon in our store are concerned, they are still in stock from last year.

If you eat a little less, I don’t know how many days it will last.”


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