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Chapter 112: Is it not messy enough

The guard was taken aback.

Along the way, they passed through many county towns, and the entry fees everywhere were generally a few cents.

Why did they need ten teals of silver to get to Gangu County

These days, two teals of silver are enough for a family of three to eat and drink for more than half a year.

The magistrate asks for ten teals of silver when he opens his mouth.

He is simply deceiving people!

The guards didn’t know if the money should be given, so they could only look back at the prince.

Luo Qingshan said coldly: “Give him money.”

There were a total of eleven of them, and all of a sudden they gave one hundred and ten teals of silver.

After the magistrate took the silver ticket and confirmed that the number was correct, he opened the city gate a little bit and urged them to come in quickly.

When the refugees saw the city gate open, they moved closer one after another, wanting to follow the carriage into the city.

The officials had expected this to happen a long time ago.

They rushed out with knives, guns and sticks.

After beating a few refugees who took the lead, the others did not dare to approach anymore, and could only watch as the city gate closed again.

The city looks much cleaner than outside, and the shops on the street are neat.

They picked an inn that looked more pleasing to the eye to stay in.

Nie Changping couldn’t sit still.

He wanted to go out for a stroll and asked the prince if he wanted to go together

Luo Qingshan thought for a while, then nodded and agreed.

Since the prince is going, Xiao Xixi, as her leg, will naturally follow suit.

Nie Changping called the inn buddy and asked what was fun in the city

The buddy said bitterly: “What fun can there be in a small county like ours In the past, there used to be a market on the 15th of the first day of the New Year.

Now the city gate is blocked, people outside can’t get in, and people inside can’t get out.

Naturally, the market is gone.”

Nie Changping asked curiously: “Why are you blocking the city gate here”

There was no business in the inn, and the guys were bored when they were idle, so they said a few more words to them.

“It’s not the drought that caused the trouble.

Many victims poured into the city to beg, and there were several vandalism and looting incidents, which made the people in the city panic.

It just so happened that the prince was coming to our Gangu County.

County Magistrate Yang was afraid that too many victims would gather in the city and it would not look good, so he asked people to drive all the victims out of the city and locked the city gates.”

Hearing the words of the prince, Luo Qingshan’s gaze turned.

He asked, “Do you all know that the prince is coming”

The man curled his lips: “That’s right, Magistrate Yang has long received news that the prince is coming to stay with us for a few days.

In order to please the prince, he searched everywhere for delicacies and delicacies, and asked people to build palaces in the city.

Many men in the city were caught as coolies, causing the city to complain.”

Although the buddy didn’t say it clearly, it could be seen from his expression that he should be very dissatisfied with the upcoming prince.

Their days were already very sad, what else did the prince run out to get involved in Isn’t it messy enough

Luo Qingshan asked, “Where is the palace built”

The buddy said: “It’s on the east side of the city.

You can see it when you go out and turn left and go straight forward.”

They left the inn, walked in the direction the buddy said, and soon saw the palace.

The palace has not yet been built, but it has already taken shape, and its scale is unexpectedly large, occupying almost a quarter of the area of Gangu County.

Countless people are sweating and carrying stones, and there are many officials patrolling around the palace.

They must not only monitor the people’s work, but also prevent idlers from approaching the palace.

Luo Qingshan stood not far away, quietly looking at the large-scale palace in front of him, his eyes heavy.

If he hadn’t hidden his identity and quietly came to Gangu County, I’m afraid he would never know what the people underneath had done behind his back.


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