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Chapter 19 - Preparation and Training (5)

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Frey wanted to focus solely on his training.

I decided it would be a month.

In fact, that was also pretty tight. Except for fulfilling his bodys needs, all his time would have to be devoted to training.

Even an experienced sorcerer might not be able to handle such torment, but for Frey who had suffered for 4,000 years, it was not much.

The most important thing was to find a place to train.

And that place had to meet two requirements.

It should be relatively safe. The mana should also be concentrated enough.

Searching for the right place was time consuming in its own way.

Frey slowly began to look around.

It was not smooth.

There were many monsters around which suited the nameMonster Heaven.

Two days later, Frey finally found a place he considered suitable.

It was a spectacular waterfall.

It had the classic feel of a training place. Of course, he didnt intend to meditate while having the waterfall pound onto his head.

What Frey had noticed was a cave that was hidden behind the waterfall.

It was a place where few monsters, let alone humans, would touch.

It was dark behind the waterfall but that was fine since he could make light with magic.

This will be fine.

The best part was that it could handle two of his needs at the same time.

The cave was a good shelter since it was easy for him to get water and food. This meant that he would be fine even if the rations he brought ran out.


Frey deliberately spoke out loud as he settled his heart.

The battle training was going to be hard.

It was because of how dangerous it was that Frey did not tell Isabelle about it when she was curious, as it would be risky.

First, he had to collect mana.

A smile stretched across Freys face as he began to absorb the mana from the air.

The mana here is not as dense as I remember.

He had trained on Ispania Mountain in the past.

His memory of that time was blurry, but he was sure the mana had been denser back then.


The mana began to gather in Freys body.

After it entered his body, the mana gathered in the Mana Room1 below his belly button.

Frey had gathered mana until his capacity was almost filled and all that was left was a sliver.


The sun rose and set.

And as it rose again, Frey finally managed to collect the last bit of mana that he had needed to fill his core.

A sense of satisfaction, different from a sense of satiety, seemed to envelope his entire body in its embrace.

This was a unique feeling that an organism would have only when it had filled its capacity for mana.


Step 1 was complete.

Frey opened his eyes and immediately took some drinking water from his bag as he let out a long breath.

He couldnt help but be thirsty after not having replenished his bodys moisture after an entire day.

He didnt feel hungry, but that was only the feeling of the mana confusing his body.

He forced himself to eat some of the jerky he stored and immediately after, he found a comfortable position and went to sleep.

After five hours of sleep, Frey woke up again.

Hed slept much longer than expected.

From now on it will be much more difficult, so this can be considered my last break.

He sat up again before taking a deep break.

Gathering mana was only a preparatory step.

Frey then divided his mana room into two.

This process was easy to explain, but the actual process was incredibly difficult.

After it entered the body, mana tended to stick together. But Frey skillfully separated his mana room into two equal parts.

50/50. His mana had been divided into equal parts.

He was finally ready to start the battle training.


From now on, it would be nothing but pain.

Frey made the mana on the right take on the properties of fire. Conversely, he made the mana on the left take the properties of water.



The mana, which now had opposing properties, immediately began trying to suppress each other.

Frey could not stop himself from frowning as an intense pain rose from below his navel.

Its been a while, so its hard to control.

This was the battle training.

The mana room was now the battlefield instead of just a storehouse and each side had become factions whose soldiers began a war.

If you didnt pay close enough attention, the mana would go out of control and in the worst case scenario, you would die.

Frey observed the struggle, giving a little assistance to one side if he felt like they were too weak.

As the balance was regained, the mana was refined further. And while the mana was moving frantically.


Sweat began forming on Freys forehead.


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