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Chapter 15 - Preparation and Training(1)

Translator: Seven

Unfortunately for Kunst, he was the one who was closest.

He quickly opened his mouth when he saw Frey turn to glance at him.

“Wa-, wait…!”

Pit. (Note: sfx)

Kunsts head soared into the air in an instant.

The pirates stared at the blood which was gushing up like a fountain, with dumbfounded eyes, as if they couldnt believe what was happening.


One of them couldnt help but let out a sound of confusion, unfortunately, that became the signal for the slaughter.




“Sa-, save…”

There was no resistance to the murder.

It was the same 4000 years ago and it was the same now.

He didnt mind getting his hands dirty with blood even when he was called the Great Mage.

Besides, the opponents this time were pirates.

Frey knew that all of the pirates were garbage that had become insensitive to rape and murder. So he showed them no mercy.

* * *

“Those were some great skills. Youre really amazing.”

Frey, who was looking out at the sea, turned to his right. Peran was standing there and had spoken in a cool tone.

Frey didnt respond and turned his head forward again.

“Thank you for your help. I will never forget this favor.”

As he said this, Peran bowed in gratitude.

His figure gave a fresh feeling. He was different from all the nobles that Frey had met before even though he was from one of the three largest influences in the empire.

Frey was pleased by Perans candid behavior and decided to change his attitude a little.

“Hows your condition It wouldve been a heavy burden to cancel the lichs magic.”

“You knew that too.”

Peran laughed bitterly at that.

“Im better. I spat out the dead blood several times, I now feel refreshed.”

“Your exaggeration is large.”


He moved naturally to sit beside Frey.

The sailors were busy cleaning the blood, guts and bodies that had been scattered all over the deck of the ship.

Most of the students had returned to their cabins, but some of them offered to help the sailors clean up.

Peran deliberately looked at the sea and said after a moment of silence.

“Who are you”


“That lich was a wizard at least at the 6 star level. Even if it was an imperial mage, it would be impossible for them to deal with such a terrifying foe so easily.”

It was an existence that caused him to feel an overwhelming helplessness as if he would die in the blink of an eye.

He wouldnt overestimate himself. What was truly unusual was Freys ability.

Peran recalled Kunsts words.

“Are you really onboard as a bodyguard”

“What do you think” Frey asked in return.

Peran shook his head after thinking for a while.

“…it should be impossible. It has been two years since you entered the academy.”

When the Blake Families scion entered the academy, it had raised a fuss. That was why Peran knew that Frey was a Grade 2 student.

“But its only recently that you stood out. Its like you became talented and powerful all of a sudden.”

“You are right.”

After saying this, Frey closed his mouth as though he had nothing else to say.

Peran realised that he had no intentions of continuing that conversation. There was no reason for him to continue to question his benefactor who saved his life.

He got up with an awkward smile.

“Would you like to stop by my family later I will give you a reward.”

He was giving away the opportunity to become a guest at the Jun Family, one of the three great noble families in the Empire!

To any other noble, such an invitation would be an unprecedented boon, but Frey was still indifferent.

“When the time comes…ah.”

Frey suddenly lifted his head and stared at Peran.

He had finally expressed a different reaction.

“Can you lend me some money About 20 gold.”

20 gold coins.

For common people, this was a large amount, but it was nothing to Peran.

Perans eyes widened slightly because he would never have expected such a strong person to suddenly request financial assistance.

“…20 gold It doesnt matter, but what do you need it for”

“To use the Warp Stone at Kausymphony. The price is quite high.”

“Indeed…so thats why youre going to the capital.”

Hed heard that the Blake Family was not located in the capital, but in Pilat on the eastern end.

Peran nodded before taking some coins out of his pocket and handing them over.

“This is all the money I have, you can take all of it.”

They were three coins. Frey glanced at them before looking back at Peran.

“Platinum…you dont need to give that much, just 20 gold will do.”

Platinum coins were worth 100 gold each. There were three of them, so that meant it was 300 gold altogether.

Peran shook his head.

“Its okay. Theyre nothing compared to what I would have lost. Plus.”


“Unfortunately, I have no change.”

Upon hearing that, Frey laughed heartily for the first time.


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