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Chapter 13 - Talent revealed to the world (4)

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Peran Jun.

Throughout the long history of the Westroad Academy, there were few who were as talented as him.

He was the head of one of the largest clubs in the academy, the Traumen Rings, as well as the heir of the Jun family, which was one of the three most powerful influences in the Empire.

Even his appearance attracted attention. Though it was not hard to understand why.

With a pale but gorgeous face, whenever he laughed, the female students in the academy screamed.

His aura of nobility was ever present and his magical talent was not something that could be overlooked.

Some students even called himThe Man Blessed by God.

The same Peran, who would usually be smiling regardless of the situation, was now standing there with a pale face.

It was because of the lich in front of the.

Dullard looked at Peran with interest. In his eyes, Peran had to be at least a 5 star mage.1

That was because it was impossible for someone to counter his spell if they werent that strong at least.

Meanwhile, Peran was filled with regret.

Why did they come to the Cortez

He disliked noise so he avoided the Nitilus and came onto the Cortez. He even hid his face to ensure none of the other students knew he was on board. He had only given a slight hint to Captain Mac.

If this situation didnt occur, no one wouldve known he was even there.

Peran had believed that with his magic power, he could handle any opponent that came during the trip. And he believed that it was not arrogance, but simple fact.

In fact, a 5 star mage could overcome most of the dangers that one would find around the continent.

But the opponent this time was just too strong.

This is a lich.

Peran couldnt handle this.

Honestly, he was doing his best to not appear afraid because the pressure that was coming from Dullard was very heavy.

Some of the other students had already fainted after being subjected to his presence.

The only way they could escape was to trick the pirates who only knew about looting and murder…or if there was a mage with strength that surpassed the lich.

But there is no such mage here.

It felt like even their most powerful teacher, Professor Dio Perseman, would not be able to defeat the lich before their eyes.

In truth, Peran never really showed his true strength in the academy.

With the exception of a few professors and the academy president, everyone believed that he had only reached the 4 star level.

However Peran had already reached the 5 star level.

You couldnt call a full 5 star mage because he had only just reached the threshold but he had achieved enlightenment and released the impurities and debris from with his body.


Perans face was pale.

His fingertips were cold and his body was shaking.

The ice spear that Dullard had cast had been blocked by Peran before it was fully casted.

However forcibly interrupting the casting of someone at a higher level than you was incredibly dangerous.

Although he had succeeded, the aftereffects were severe.

He had already vomited blood twice.

Nevertheless, Peran was forced to show himself.

If not, the students here would all be killed by that devil.

[Kuh. Nice. I never expected to meet a talent like you here.]

Dullard laughed happily.

When Mac heard his laughter, his heart stopped for a moment.

That was how horrid the lichs laugh was.

Peran straightened his back so as to not appear afraid.

He looked at Dullard and spoke with all his willpower.

“I have a proposal.”

[Tell me.]

Kunst watched their conversation with his arms folded. He had an unpleasant feeling, but he didnt dare to affect Dullards plans.

The lich was strong enough to kill every being on the ships.

“What is your objective”

[Do you want to divide us”


[The purpose of them and I are different. We are simply working together.]

As he said this, Dullard glanced at Kunst.

Kunst caught the meaning of the glance and could only smile.

“He is right. Our purpose is simple.”

“Please tell me.”

Kunst shrugged.

“You all know that the Oscar Islands is a very dangerous place. Its a place where you dont know when and where dirty pirate bastards will jump out and threaten you.”

This was a fact that everyone knew.

However when it came out of the mouth of the pirate captain who captured their ship, it just seemed ridiculous.

Kunst laughed.

“As proper sea men, we cant just stand and watch as academy students pass such a dangerous place. Um, so you see…We will politely and promptly bring you all to Kausymphony. Thats it.”


“What a broad minded attitude! He is a true seaman.”

The pirates clapped their hands and laughed loudly.

Kunst raised his hand, causing them to go silent.

“Of course, the students here all belong to prestigious aristocratic families, so Im sure you wouldnt hesitate to reward us for our time.”

The pirates once again made a fuss.

This time Kunst didnt stop them.

Most of the students were pondering his words.

It was hidden within the words, but in the end, what he said was that they would use them as prisoners to intimidate their familys and gain money from it all.

However none of them were able to say anything as they were afraid of the pirates in front of them who were swinging their swords and laughing.

The students had never seen such coarse and dirty people before.

Most of the pirates had scars on their faces, and their bodies were dirty and stank.

The lack of teeth was visible every time they smiled and the clothes they were were basically pieces of cloth.

A female student shuddered when she saw their enthusiasm.

As they saw the reactions, the pirates enjoyed it even more.

Then Peran spoke.

“I alone am enough.”


The expression on Kunsts face changed. He had not been expecting such a response.

Peran did not panic.

“I will give you all the money that you need. So please release the students.”


Interest flashed in Kunsts eyes.

That was because the face of Peran after he finished speaking looked so noble and pitiful.

The students standing behind looked at Perans back with emotional expressions.

Some students even sniffled.

[That wont work.]

That was Dullards answer.

Perans heart grew heavy.

Even if they were cruel and ignorant, it would be better to talk to the living.

There was knowledge and perspectives that a human would have that the undead would not understand.

Such beings were not meant to converse with.

Peran added in a hurry.

“Its not a bad thing for you either. Its much more work for you to take care of all these students when compared to just one…”

[You are mine.]


Peran had caught Dullards interest.

At that time, the skeleton looked particularly creepy.

Peran felt that the skeletal face without any skin was smiling at him.

[Mages like you are rare. Since youre hard to come by, there are many ways that you can be used. I can kill you then turn you into an undead to serve me…or I can eat you alive to absorb your mana.]

At those words Peran finally showed fear.

Then Kunst laughed loudly again.

“Kuhahaha! Do not waste any time. Get on our ship quickly.”

Kunst pointed towards one of the boards they used to get on the Cortez, but the students stayed still.

The vice captain couldnt take it and shouted.

“Our noble children cant walk on the plank without the help from their servants! What are you doing Hurry up and dont make us carry you there.”


“I will escort the ladies over there.”

“Shut up. Thats my job.”

The pirates laughed gruesomely as they stepped toward the students.

Peran was forced to watch this happen.

At that time a student that caught the one eyed pirates eye.

He was a student with grey hair and unlike the others who looked terrified, he was expressionless and even had his arms folded.

“Ho, well arent you a brave one.”

One Eye chuckled and approached him.

In the beginning he was bored because all the students from the academy had the same frightened expressions.

The only person who was different, Peran Jun, who had awakened his appetite, had been claimed by Dullard.

But now hed found another student with a similar temperament and of course he had no reason not to move.

“You, come here.”

The student with the grey hair turned to glance at him.

“Are you talking to me”

One Eye was shocked by his reaction.

This was because Freys words were very plain, as if he was talking to a friend.

Whats with this guy Is he acting like this because hes scared

One Eye laughed forcibly to calm down the odd feeling that came up within him.

“Yeah you. The one that looks like a stick.”

“If you have business with me then you should come over.”

At that time, not only One Eye, but even the students around him began to look at Frey.

One of them was Jack, a member of Davids group.

He looked at Frey with amazement.

I dont know if this guy became crazy because he won a few times.

Did he not see the previous student fail to cast a spell and die

As long as the pirates came close, the student level wizards could do nothing to stop them.

No, even if their skills were better, without experience it didnt make a difference.

It could be seen from what happened with Peran Jun.

Hes out of his mind. Definitely.

Jack was convinced that Frey had gone crazy.

One Eye shivered and lowered his head.

Soon after he pulled a knife from his waist and advanced violently.

“This mother**er…”

The students beside him shivered when they heard the knife being drawn but Frey still didnt have any reactions.

His facial expression was as blank as ever.

“Ah. I dont know what great family you are from, but Ill see how you keep flapping your tongue after I cut it off.”

One Eye approached like he had already made up his mind to kill Frey.

The students beside Frey shivered in fear and the weaker ones even closed their eyes.


But the students were surprised to see what happened next.

It wasnt Frey that was thrown from the ship.

It was the pirate.


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