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The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years Chapter 9 - Overnight Changes(5)

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Chapter 9 - Overnight Changes(5)

Translator: Seven

It was finally time for a vacation.

After the ceremony, Frey returned to his room and looked at a map.

Its a pity I cant teleport yet.

He had to be at least 7 stars to use it, if he was lucky then he would be able to use it come back. He even got the coordinates for the dormitory just in case.

“Lets think positively.

He had to broaden his horizons by exploring around the world.

His theoretical knowledge was solid, but seeing with his own eyes was better than reading books or seeing paintings.

Firstly he had to visit the capital of the Kastkau Empire, Kausymphony.

There were many other ways, but the fastest and safest way to get there was with awarp seat.

The existence of the warp seats interesting Frey greatly. This mode of transport didnt exist 4000 years ago.

Its expensive, but its efficient and safe.

He didnt know much else, but he knew that it was a good idea to commercialize warp seats.

Of course, as he said, its only flaw was the price.

At the moment, Freys wealth was only about 1 gold coin.

It was enough to stay in a relatively decent inn for about a month, but the capital was much more expensive.

As a noble, his reputation was as non-existent as his fortune.

Freys situation was deplorable, but he was fine with it.

Lets go to the capital first before thinking about this.

Since it was a crowded place, it would be easier to make money there. If that didnt work then he could just kill a few monsters.

Frey went to the south gate of the Westroad Academy.

After leaving there, he walked for a few minutes before arriving at a river.

Taking a boat from the dock was the fastest way to get to Kausymphony.

In addition, it should be noted that students could travel on the ships for free.

As Frey walked along the way to the river, he looked around.

There are many students

Kausymphony was home to one-fifth the population of the country and its proportion of nobles is much higher.

Before long, he arrived at a river.

There, he could see a ship in all its grandeur. If the river was any smaller, the bottom of the large ship wouldnt even be willing to fit.

But the number of students was too large. By the time it was Freys turn, the number of seats on the ship had already been filled.

A sailor approached him.

“Are you a student of Westroad Academy”

“Thats right.”

“Can I see your identification”

Frey showed the man his student certificate from the academy.

The man, who appeared to be a sailor, especially checked for the official seal of the Westroad Academy before smiling politely.

“Im sorry for the inconvenience. The Nitilus is already full. The next ship will only come after four days. If its okay with you, would you like to come on our boat”

“Your boat”


As the sailor said this, he pointed toward one side. Hidden by the large ship was another boat.

It wasnt very large. About half the size of the large ship that had been filled before. But it wasnt shabby.

Rather, it seemed very simple and elegant even.

“Its via the Geotanbul city-state, but if the weather is fine then well be able to arrive in Kausymphony in five days.”

Five days was not slow.

Frey asked the next important thing.

“What about the fare”

“Of course, its free for academy students.”

That was good too since he intended to save every penny he could.

“Is there a reason that people dont get on your boat”

As Frey said this, the sailors expression became a bit dark.

“We only have two escort ships. As you know, the ships pass by the Oscar Islands and there are rumors that the pirates there are terrible…”

After saying all of this, the sailor raised his head and shook it.

“Of course, you dont need to worry about it as much as Seagulls hole! There are two 4 star mages on the Cortes Frigate. Battlemages from the Magic tower! They are practically reapers in a sea battle! Those pirate bastards will run like hell at the sight of their mage robes!”

When he spoke in a hurry while being excited, bad words poured out of his mouth.

Frey nodded his head and didnt give it much thought.

The sailors face brightened.

“Welcome to the Cortes. We promise to take you to your destination quickly and safely.”

The sailors age seemed to be similar to or younger than Frey.

He was smiling, but the only flaw was that he was missing a front tooth.

“Then Ill show you to your cabin.”

Frey followed the sailor.


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