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Chapter 8: Beaten (2) Original translation is from tenderflower's blog.

Shu Lan grabbed the bowl and squatted in the backyard to rinse her mouth.

The whimpering sound of gargling was accompanied by aggrieved sobbing.

Xiao Lang put down the bowl in embarrassment, bowed his head, and apologized, “Aunt, it’s all my fault.

When I was cooking, I saw the pepper was too small, I was lazy and forgot to cut it.

I didn’t expect it to get stuck in the chicken thigh, which makes the younger sister get hot.”

Qin-shi didn’t take this matter to heart at all.

Who hadn’t eaten pepper Besides, Xiao Lang lost his mother early, and he was the cook in the family.

Qin-shi felt distressed enough.

How could she have thought that Xiao Lang deliberately hid the pepper in the chicken thigh Moreover, in order to ensure that the thing fell into Shu Lan’s mouth, he deliberately peeled the skin on the chicken thigh, so that when Qin-shi saw it, she would definitely keep the unpeeled chicken thigh to Shu Maoting because Shu Lan didn’t like chicken skin...

When Shu Lan came back, she saw her mother looking at Xiao Lang softly, while the evil wolf hung his head in self-blame!

“I’m not eating!” Shu Lan angrily threw the bowl on the table and walked to the west wing where she and her sister slept.

“Come back for me!” Qin-shi’s eyes flicked.

She reached out to lift Shu Lan back, pointed at her rice bowl, and reprimanded: “You eat the rice clean and then wash it yourself.

So indulge you so that you don’t look like a girl.”

Shu Lan had never done the dishes before.

Before it was her mother and older sister, she simply turned her head and refused: “I won’t do it!”

“Pa!” Qin-shi slapped her daughter’s buttocks without mercy: “Are you going to wash”

The muffled sound not only frightened Shu Lan, but also Xiao Lang.

He raised his head doubtfully and looked at Shu Lan.

The lazy girl was beaten only when she was in bed, this time...

Shu Lan looked at Qin-shi in disbelief, and tears fell suddenly.

The grievance in her heart made her more uncomfortable than the burning pain in her buttocks, “I won’t wash then I won’t wash!” Struggling hard to break free from the restraint of Qin-shi.

Qin-shi was determined to completely cure her daughter’s laziness today, and naturally she would not let her succeed, and then hit Shu Lan again: “You won’t wash then I will hit you until you are willing to wash!”

“Won’t wash!”


“Won’t wash!”



Seeing Shu Lan was almost out of breath, but still twisted her neck and refused to admit defeat, a strange feeling surged in Xiao Lang’s heart.

He didn’t think much about it.

He picked up Shu Lan’s bowl and was about to get up.

“Ah Lang, put it down!” Qin-shi shouted loudly.

When things came to this point, either she was soft-hearted and spared her daughter, and then she would never beat Shu Lan again, or Shu Lan was afraid of pain and finally conceded defeat and obediently worked.

What Qin-shi wanted was not to let her daughter work every day.

Even if Shu Lan could not do it, she must do it and must learn the skills that every woman should have.

Otherwise, she would not be able to marry her daughter in the future, and she, a mother, would bear most of the responsibilities.

“Aunt, my younger sister is still young, you...”

Qin-shi waved her hand to interrupt Xiao Lang’s persuasion: “Ah Lang, you don’t have to plead for her.

I’ve never seen such a lazy person.

Now we’re used to her, in the future, when she gets married, will her mother-in-law and her husband be used to her Alright, you go home first.” She continued to ask Shu Lan, “Are you going to wash”

Shu Lan felt extremely uncomfortable.

She felt like Qin-shi didn’t like her and didn’t feel sorry for her anymore, and all of this was caused by Xiao Lang!

“I won’t wash, you can kill me, anyway, someone wants me to die!” Shu Lan shouted loudly.

Her tear-washed clear eyes stared at Xiao Lang angrily!

Xiao Lang was still immersed in Qin-shi’s words.

Shu Lan would marry Who was she going to marry If she married, wouldn’t he be unable to deal with her every day

When he heard Shu Lan’s words, he was startled.

Looking up, he saw Shu Lan looking at him with hatred for the first time.

His heart seemed to be hit hard by something.

Xiao Lang instinctively took a step back.

Seeing Qin-shi was about to hit her again, he quickly rushed up and pulled Shu Lan out of Qin-shi’s hands.

He dragged Shu Lan and ran out, “Aunt, I’ll take my younger sister to play.

She will be obedient when she comes back!”


Original translation is from willkissonyou, tenderflower.

If you're not reading from tenderflower then it'd been stolen and posted without the consent of tenderflower.


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