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Chapter 8: Beaten (1) Original translation is from tenderflower's blog.

Qin-shi had seriously thought about her youngest daughter’s temperament.

As a mother, no one knew Shu Lan better than Qin-shi.

This child was actually not stupid, but she was not as good as someone who was stupid.

People who were stupid were senseless and didn’t know how to treat others nicely.

Shu Lan hadn’t thought of this at all.

Xiao’s family Lianhua bullied her, snatched her daughter of the pearl flower on her head, and ran away.

Shu Lan didn’t cry or complain.

She went home without saying anything and went to bed.

Lianhua pushed her.

As long as there was no pain in the fall, Shu Lan would not cry.

Sometimes she would just lie on the ground and fall asleep.

If it wasn’t for being seen by Shu Zhan once, Qin-shi would never have imagined that her daughter was getting along with other girls like this.

Qin-shi once doubted whether her daughter was a fool.

But look closely, Shu Lan also knew how to act coquettishly to please her husband, and knew how to rub and blow for her older brother who was beaten.

She accidentally hurt her hand when she cut vegetables, Shu Lan’s tears made her happy and distressed.

Her older sister wore new clothes, and Shu Lan also knew it was beautiful and praised her sweetly.

What reassured Qin-shi the most was that Shu Lan would play tricks on Xiao Lang.

Several times, Shu Lan complained of “conclusive evidence” that Xiao Lang had bullied her and wanted her mother to decide for her, never again to let Xiao Lang enter the door.

The daughter was really not stupid.

She was just too lazy.

She stayed awake for no more than an hour from morning to night.

Hadn’t Qin-shi taken care of it before How was it possible She couldn’t wait to tie Shu Lan to her body, force her to walk, and force her to open her eyes to see how she did things!

However, every time she determined to discipline her, either her husband, Shu Wan or Shu Zhan would always be subdued by Shu Lan’s tears and counterattack against her, causing her to be defeated before she even started.

Humph, this time, while they were not at home, she had to dismantle her lazy bones!

Putting the bowls and chopsticks in place, Qin-shi roared at her daughter, who was sleeping on the swing, “Come in and eat!” and asked Xiao Lang, who was sitting under the eaves reading a book in a low voice, “Ah Lang, would you like to eat again I especially steamed your favorite egg custard.”

Xiao Lang put down the medical book in his hand, raised his head and smiled: “Okay.”

Shu Lan pouted.

As long as Xiao Lang was around, her mother wouldn’t care about her.

Because Xiao Lang brought the stewed chicken, Qin-shi did not prepare other dishes.

She sat by the rice bowl, and let Shu Lan and Xiao Lang sit side by side.

After filling Xiao Lang with half a bowl of rice, and adding a large spoonful of egg custard, Qin-shi smiled and said, “Eating dry eggs is boring, eat more.”

Xiao Lang knew Qin-shi liked to watch him eat more, just like Lan-shi back then, so even though he had eaten at home, he still took the bowl, looked around in the food bowl, and lowered his head silently.

Of the two chicken thighs, Qin-shi kept one for Shu Maoting and warmed it up for him when preparing dinner, and the other she clipped for Xiao Lang.

She didn’t expect Xiao Lang to take the bowl and avoid it, “Aunt, I really can’t eat it, you eat it.”

Shu Lan glanced sourly at the fragrant chicken thigh.

Her red lips were pouting high.

She was her mother’s child, how could her mother be so eccentric

However, when Qin-shi’s chopsticks turned in the air and put the chicken thigh in her bowl, Shu Lan immediately smiled happily and provocatively glanced at Xiao lang.

She opened her mouth and took a bite at the place where there was most meat on the chicken thigh.

Before chewing twice, she felt a hot taste rushing to the tip of her tongue and then rushing to her throat.

Shu Lan spat out the contents in her mouth.

Her eyes were full of tears: “Mother, it’s spicy!”

Qin-shi was stunned.

There was indeed pepper in the stewed chicken, but Shu Lan was eating chicken thigh.

She looked at it when she picked it up.

There wasn’t even a pepper seed on it.

How could her daughter be so hot Looking down to see what Shu Lan had spat out before she had time to chew it, she found a thin red pepper!

Looking at her daughter’s eyes blurred with tears and her mouth was inhaling, Qin-shi hurriedly filled a bowl of water and said, “Rinse your mouth!”


Original translation is from willkissonyou, tenderflower.

If you're not reading from tenderflower then it'd been stolen and posted without the consent of tenderflower.


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