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The Conquerors Path Chapter 27: The Crisis

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Chapter 27: The Crisis

i had actually known about both of my sisters having hidden bloodline but they were not supposed to awaken it together

unlike Clara whose bloodline though rare has methods to awaken its different for others as we have no idea what bloodline the person might awaken

being a house of long history there might be several bloodline that we could awaken, some might even require certain condition to

in the game Nora would awaken their families commander bloodline, where she would have special abilities that will cause fear on a battlefield, plus she would also awaken their special sword moves too

but it wasnt all that easy to awaken it as she had to get a special permission and an item from the historic world

what are historic worlds you ask

some extremely powerful people might not be able to pass on their legacy hence they make a certain sub space which can be entered

the person would have to pass the test designed and he would be able to earn that persons power, there might be countless historical worlds spread around the world

that is especially after the great war 1000s of year ago, if your lucky and stumble into it and gain the owners recognition you might go from a small chicken to a Phoenix

for the Ezraeil empire they themself own a historic world, where a person can enter once

in the game didnt Noras mother almost sacrifice herself to gain recognition

if my memory was right them in the game Noras mother had to sacrifice her power to to let Nora gain recognition as Nora was unable to move

entering inside the room i came towards the Nora laying on the bed, she had changed a lot within these 3 years, her face which looked cute was slowly changing into a beauty

i could see that she was in pain, her eyes were deeply closed and she kept wriggling on the bed, then i look towards Elda

she had grown up a bit over the years too, losing a bit of her cubby cheeks, becoming to look more cute, right now she laying on the bed, her silver hair spread on the bed, looking just like a sleeping fairy

according to my memories Elda had seemed to awaken a special bloodline relating to fairies itself, causing her to be extremely good at elemental control

in the game the “protagonist” had to help her survive the bloodline while fighting in the historic world, its how you earn both Noras and Eldas love but Elda only had awakened her bloodline at 15 year of age

did my actions cause a change

i couldnt help but think that this was my fault but its no problem, mom will just have to sacrifice herself more

but suddenly thinking of a pale faced and hurt Grace my heart contracts, my heart started to beat fast and pain seemed to cover me

whats going on

why do i feel sad

then i look towards both the girls laying on the bed who seemed to be in pain and then memories start to flow inside me

the memories of a blonde hair elder sister who was acting tough on the outside but was gentle on the inside, her smug face and her childish expression seemed to flow before me

suddenly a small silver haired girl enters my mind, the girl who always sticked to me, the one who had just desired warmth in her life, all of it just seemed flow through my mind


i laugh, i laugh out loudly in my head, of course how could i be so stupid, while i was earning thier affection they were earning mine too

unknowingly i had come to accept this family of mine, they had come to earn a position in my heart, i close my eyes and takes a deep breath

suddenly my hand was held, i open my eyes and looked towards my mother, she still had her gentle smile

“dont worry little Austy, your mother is here, nothing will happen to them”

but the trembling of her eyes and the look of fear were not easy to be hidden from me, going closer i gave her a hug, right now i could only reach up to her breast, but still i conveyed my feeling to her

she had reponded back by hugging me tighter, perhaps looking for a support, leaving the hug i looked towards my sleeping sisters and slowly determination starts to flow within me

Nora, Elda no matter what happens i will protect you, no matter the cost

after i took my oath i suddenly felt my blood boil as if something that was hidden was awakening


[ During the times of difficulty you still choose to accept your true self and choose to move according to your justice

The bloodline laying dormant within in you responds to your actions, they urge you to move forward and fulfill your desire



specail quest acitivated:

>Bloodline: The Hidden Hero

>Difficulty: SSS

>Description: Heros arent born but they are made, you choosing to step up to save your family has been felt by your bloodline, so follow your will to the end

Help and save your sisters in awakening thier bloodline

>Reward: The awakening of your hidden bloodline


reading through the information i was dumbfounded, i knew that helping my sister was difficult but difficulty SSS

do you guys think i am going to war or something

but the awakening of my bloodline is indeed something i require, over the three years i had tried countless ways to awaken it but with no luck, even the systems awakening serums price was over the top

even when Richard thought me cooking and left all he gave me was a badge which had the picture of a trident and the sea, the only thing i could understand from it was that it belong to the sea tribe

all things considered, the awakening of my bloodline is indeed a huge plus but it seemed that it wont be easy, i take a look into my systems shop function

looks like i need to start spending a lot of points

it was at this time time 3 girls who i had left at my room arrived, entering the room they quicky found about the situation

knowing what was happening they quickly moved to comfort me, they themselves had a good impression of my sisters as they dont put up any arrogant faces

“mom why dont we use the teleportation room to travel to the palace, the people there might know more about the bloodline awakening”

“i already contacted your uncle,they are preaping the transportation, we will leave in 5 minutes”

after that we had moved my sister to a stretcher like bed and was brought to the teleportation room, i let the girls stay back

standing in the teleportation circle after a few seconds it started to lit up, so i had to close my eyes, when i opened them again we were in a much larger room

there were several mages standing around us as we had landed, several of the people who were on stand by quicky started to move, they started to checking upon Nora and Elda


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