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The Conquerors Path Chapter 24: The Game

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Chapter 24: The Game

while Austin was trying his hardest to win over a capture target, within the depths of the Ezraeil palace there were a few girls grouped together sitting surrounding a table

if Austin was here then he would definitely identify all of them, among them on one side sat Olivia and behind her stood 3 girls and one of them was Nora

on the other side sat a girl of 10 year old wearing a dark black and blue gown, her dark black hair fell to her back,her black eyes seemed like the void with no end, her beauty comparable to the moon

if Olivia was a shining sun that attracted other to follow her than this girl was the moon shining up in the sky causing others to come under her light

“Looks like your party is going well i presume”

it was the girl who spoke first

“yeah, its going well but dealing with all those nobles is just soo boring”

unlike how she was acting in the banquet, the Olivia right now was relaxed and carefree, after all she didnt need to act so high in front of her friends


the person in front of her was the princess of the Twilight Empire, Carmel Twilight. Just like Nora she had also inherited her founding Emperors bloodline

whats happening right now was just the meeting between different friends, were each of the gathered girls status could shake the world

The Carmel in front of her was just a projection after all, this was an organization formed by all the girls of the Sylvia realm


being of the high standing they are the friends they could openly talk with are limited, so all of them came together to talk and spend time as friends

“i dont understand why you all have to go through all this for a bet, why dont all of you fight it out”

a girly voice was then heard it was heard from one of the screen like projection on the room,oh…right there were a few “screens” being projected on the room

these were just magical communication tools used to chat with each other, using magic it was possible but the cost was high but it was nothing to the girls gathered here

“well this is important, we must decide the next leader amongst us today”

for their organization the position of leader was always a 2 year period and it was always passed amongst each other

right now their here to decide the leader amongst both the princess of the Empire, so they came together to decide it through a game of…..chess

the rules were simple both the princess would bring their subordinate who would play a match and the best of three would win

“so Olivia i hope your ready to loose”

“hump, you have no idea what i can do”

Olivia snorted to Carmels words

thus both side brought out thier players from Olivias side came a 10 year old red haired and red eyed girl, she looked cute and gave of a feeling of an intellectual

from Carmels side came a 11 year old girl, she had a blob like orange hair, mesmerizing brown eyes which seemed to contain some spark in them

both of them moved forward and began their game, pieces started moving and falling finally after 10 minutes the orange haired girl declared


her voice breaking the solemn atmosphere within the room, the red haired girl had a disbelieving face, she couldnt understand how she lost, it was as if she played for her opponent to win

Nora had a frown on her face, she could see that the orange haired girl has some ability that let her win but she couldnt complain as it was just part of her power


the orange haired girl spoke her eyes shinning

“i am able to predict and move before my opponents makes one”

her words answering the doubts of the people gathered there

thats basically an ability to cheat in a chess game

Nora thought, she couldnt help in any way right now, suddenly she thought of a certain silver haired boy

maybe Austin can….

while Nora was thinking the 2nd person moved to play who also lost much earlier than the first one bringing a heavy atmosphere to the room

“looks like this is what you all have”

the orange haired girl smiled with a smug face her arrogance sliping out of her, the words she spoke brought a frown on both Olivia and Carmel, before they could speak some else made a move

“dont be so arrogant, you wont be able to win against the person i will bring”

Noras voice echoed in the room bringing all the attention to her

“oh, then i could like to see this person you speak of”

the orange haired girl spoke

“your highness give me a chance i will bring you a champion”

Olivia looked into Noras eyes for a few minutes before nodding

15 minutes later~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Austin was now currently looking at the surrounding in which he was brought

wait, what happened, why am i here, what kind of heaven is this

a few moments ago he was spending time with Clara racking in a lot of affection, playing and teasing her brought a lot of points

though not love he had at least got her to have a crush on him and was sure that it could later develop to love, so before leaving her he had given her a communication tool connecting to him

just as he was happily humming and going back he was caught by his sister Nora who had pulled him without any words and brought him to this room…no correction heaven

currently he was seated in front of a orange haired girl while surrounding him were different girls, all of them being capture targets

holy moly, did i win a lottery today”

at first i looked towards the black haired girl


Name: Carmel Twilight

Sex: Female

Age: 10

Species: Human

Talent: 10/10

Power: origin level 0- Tier 2

Title: princess Twilight, The foodie

Love: 0%

Description: currently hoping to win the seat of the leader

>she loves sweets

Difficulty: SS(try your best)


yup just as i thought another major capture target

another one which comes under the top 5 in the capture target list, conquering her to is difficult

after that i looked towards the girl in front of me


Name: Ella Croftmen

Sex: Female

Age: 10

Species: Human

Talent: 8/10

Power: origin level 0- Tier 1

Title: The intellectual, smartass

Love: 0%

Description: due to her high intelligence she looks down on others

>wants to win this match no matter what

Difficulty: AA


sigh….another one

who would have thought that there was such a place in the game, if the players knew they would have done everything to get in here


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