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The Conquerors Path Chapter 21: Arrival

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Chapter 21: Arrival

after i left the room my mother had come to see me after 2 hours at first she seemed hesitant and depressed but then she had asked me what had happened

so i said her the “truth” that i had only massaged her once and she fainted after that, hearing it i could see that mom let out a sigh

i even discreetly heard her muttering

“yeah…thats right its a dream” and so on

i made it so that she had a dream of her son fingering her and pleasuring her, i am pretty sure that after this she wont let me massage her but its no problem

i had already got my objective done, currently making my mother think of me as a man is impossible so if i want her to fall i should take it slow, right now her body already knows that i can give it pleasure

in the future i could slowly make moves and finally get this mom of mine, after that there were no problems, it was awkward with my mom at first but it later went away

then the whole week was used by us to spend time as a family were we played talked and slept together, after a week we finally arrived at the capital city

i looked out from the window the citys size was huge, you could say the city itself was a small country, there were giant buildings, beautiful churches and huge amusement parks

there was a huge castle the size of a city its beauty breathtaking there was an artificial waterfall and the city itself was a great representation of strength and grandeur

our flying ship slowly made way towards the castles landing area, me and my family gets ready to leave the ship

once the ship landed we got out and the huge castle finally comes to veiw the flag containing a huge sun proudly floats above the castle when we got out there were some people waiting to receive us

an old man in butler suit comes forward

“greeting duchess, i hope your journey has been wonderful”

“yes, the trip this time was especially fun”

my mother replied in a stoic and graceful face and we all got ourselves into our roles to, my elder sister stood beside her as the eldest with a proud front

my sister stood behind me and me in the middle after greeting us the butler led us inside the castle, the castle itself was amazing, the insides was completely decorated with gold and silver

the castle itself is 1000s of years old and represents this empires great history, while looking around the catle we were led to a room, the butler stopped turned around and gave us indication to enter

after that all of us entered the room, once inside we saw a 30 year old man and a 30 year old women within it

the man looked handsome and had the bearing of a king his blonde hair and green eyes giving him the perfect look of an emperor the women next to him was beautiful beyond belief

she had a cold face, blue hair to her shoulder and blue eyes that seemed to contain the world her face was the perfect definition of beauty

she wore a red dress over her body but it was unable to hide her seductive body, her breast rose proudly and her ass stood tall, she had an s type body

any man who looked upon her would be in lust but none dared to as her status,strenght and power were not something anyone could deal with

arriving i directly used the read function


Name: claus Ezraeil

Sex: male

Age: 46

species: Human

Talent: 9/10

Power: origin level 9

Title: The Emperor, the lover, crown prince,, cruel monarch….etc

Love : 78%

Description: currently happy about his daughters matter

>feeling a bit dispirited because his wife refuses to have sex with him for some unknown reason


so this is the emperor huh…looks like his strenght is nothing to scoff at

after that i looked towards the Empress, her beauty is indeed something but thinking about the things in the game she is indeed crazy

right now she wont have any feelings towards me right”


Name: Lora Ezraeil

Sex: Female

Age: 40

species: Human

Talent: 9/10

Power: origin level 8

Title: The Empress, ice queen, beauty…etc

Love : 120%(feelings still unidentifed)

Description: her feelings for you keeps fluctuating, shes unsure of whats happening

>her body completely desires you, her rationality about you disappears with time

Difficulty: difficulty, bro open your eyes, you just need to give the sign and enjoy cucking your uncle


Austin: ()

The hell whats happening, whys her feeling like this

system i think your broken !!

[There is nothing wrong with the system]

nothing wrong, then whats with this score, love and hate dont just pop out of nowhere shes basically screaming for me


[if the host wants to know the information he can buy it from the system]

buy, i will buy fast give it to me

[the information cost 10,000 points are you sure you want to buy]

yes!, how can money compare to my life


[points extracted]

[The reason for her increasing feelings for you is due to your bloodline]

my bloodline, are you saying that my bloodline effects her how

[hosts bloodline and the targets have a certain connection, hence the feelings started to form]

[Due to your bloodline being unawakened the targets attaraction is going wrong]

[right now in the targets eyes you are the most perfect being, the only person fit for her is you and only her for you]

[once the host awakens his bloodline she will be submissive to you, making her existence only for you]

Austin: ()

**!!, my bloodline is that powerful !

just what type of bloodline do i carry, what connection do i have with the Empress bloodline, system can you tell me

[it is advised not to learn about your bloodline before awakening it as it may lead to you not at all awakening it]

i have countless questions to ask but no answer, it really feels suffocating, while i was going through several plans in my mind my family and the others already started interacting with each other

“little sis, you look better now”, the emperor said

“ya i have been recovering recently and i feel much better now”

“looks like my nephew and nieces are all doing fine”

with that the Emperor walks upto us and gives each of us pats on our heads, Nora smiles, Elda shyly nodded and when he reached me i looked upto him and smiled

it suprised him a bit as always when he came near me i would always lower my head and act all scared but right now he could see a difference in my eyes, as if the boy had become a different person

“looks like little Austin has changed a lot”

hearing the Emperors words Grace smiles

“yes, he has changed a lot”

somehow the Emperor was feeling a bit of danger from the boy as if, the boy would take something important from, his instincts has always been his lifeblood

what am i thinking sigh….looks like i need to get some sleep

with that the other started talking with each other, the Empress came and talked with all of us while displaying normal reactions and actions in front of me

we all talked for a while before each of us were led to our own room, it was only tomorrow that the ceremony will start and it seems Olivia and the others are busy with it

i entered my room and directly fell on to my bed, the things that happened till now had drained my energy and I need some rest


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