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The Conquerors Path Chapter 16: I am not her opponent

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Chapter 16: I am not her opponent

Grace pov:

currently i am going through the documents about the dukedom, ever since the death of my husband its only been me holding the fort down.

thinking about my husband Austin comes to mind, that boy he has grown a lot these days, thinking about him i remember the report given about his trip outside

to think Austin wanted to be a bow user and to think that i didnt know it, to become a bow user to provide support and protection, hes just like his father unknowingly a smile formed on my face

sigh they are growing up so fast without me even knowing

i need to investigate that women who owns the shop, Mia had said that her strength might be above origin level 8

And that idiot son of mine want to learn cooking to provide for me, i chuckle a little at this, that boy is too much of a softie

while i was in my thought, i suddenly felt a presence in my room, i jump up from my seat and started creating a shield

a person capable of entering the room without my knowledge is not at all simple

then i saw in front of me a women in a one piece dress and a vile covering her face, giving out a graceful aura


i suddenly felt a dreadful feeling as if the world was pressing on to me, as a person who had been to the battlefield i can at once say that i am not at all her match

An imperial

coming to my conclusion i became more respectful, an imperial be it any are people capable of affecting the world

“what does an esteem imperial want from me”

i asked in a respectful tone

she indifferently waved her hand

“dont be still i am not here to kill you or anything”

“i came here to tell you one thing, i wish to take your son as my disciple”


I exclaim in surprise

An imperial wants to take my son as a disciple

no matter how much lax she said it, the very possibility of someone becoming the disciple of an imperial is a very huge thing

being the disciple of an imperial is basically a rise to the life of a king, it means that you have a chance of becoming an imperial yourself while receiving the protection of an imperial

i tried to control my emotions by taking deep breaths, after a few minutes i controlled my self but my heart was still beating in excitement

“why do you want to take my son as your disciple”

imperials dont just simply take disciples there had to be somthing special about them, just what is so special about her son

instead of answering me she looked me up and down with a questioning gaze

“you dont know”

“know what”

“That your son has finished his foundation, that hes reached tier 3 and that his plate is rank 10”


“haa, looks like i havent been sleeping well, i am starting to hear things nowadays too”

“i am not joking you know”

i freeze and look directly into her eyes as if asking her what i heard is true and i receive a nod back, this time i am totally floored

just when did her child become such a monster

i take a seat in my chair to get some support, i tried taking control of my emotions by taking deep breaths, after a few minutes i got my bearing back

to think my so was such a talent and i didnt know about it, am i such a bad mother

pushing such thoughts away i start to focus on the topic at hand, an imperial wants to take my son as her disciple, it will grant him protection and seeing who i am talking to her character is good to

“so does the bow empress think, my son has the talent to inherit her bow”

“dont worry, your sons talent in the bow is great to”

hearing that i give out a sigh

“i have no problem with you being Austins teacher but Austin has to agree to it”

“thats no problem”

with that she disappeared from in front of me, its only then that i could take a deep breath to calm myself and than i noticed that i was covered with sweat

dealing with an imperial no joke, i should take a bath

with that i head towards the shower


Austin pov:

“say ahhhh”

20 affection

right now i am feeding my little sister and filling in my daily dose of affection points while planning my next move, suddenly i felt a pull on my shirt and looks down and saw my sister looking at me

“what is it”

“u-um brother can i sleep with you today”

“sure why not”

after sleeping with me for the first time, Elda some times comes and sleeps with me, it doesnt hurt to have a cute little girl laying on your embrace so i always agree to it

it was during this time that i got a summons from my mother so i head towards her.Entering the room there was another person, yup its Eleanor

um, its time to begin the act

when i entered two pair of eyes moves towards me, smiling i ran into my mothers embrace, giving her a hug

“what is it mother”

“its nothing i just wanted you to meet someone”

saying so she pointed at Eleanor who was seated in a chair, “surprised” i responded

“what are you doing here bis sis”

i am pretty sure that i saw my mothers lips twitch when i called her big sis

“its nothing, i just came to ask if you would be interested in learning to use the bow from me”

“use the bow”

i turn to my mother “confused” as if couldnt understand what she was saying to me

“do you know who this big sister in front of you is”

my mother asked

i shook my head

“the person in front of you is the bow empress, an imperial”


i shouted in “suprise”

i turned towards Elenanor my eyes displaying “admiration” towards her, seeing this Grace felt a bit sour in her heart as if her sons love is being slowly sipped away

seeing my “admiration” Eleanor smiles,good, looks like my disciple knows respect

“are you really the bow empress, will you really teach me to be amazing as you”,

i asked in “excitment”

“if you be my disciple, of course i will teach you”

i nodded in exitment as if i couldnt wait to take her as my teacher, seeing me nodding so readily Eleanor smile widens

“Good then from tommorrow onwards i will be your teacher”


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