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There was no rule against this so these acts were not stopped.

It was left to the participants to find a way to scale through these difficulties.

“These teams that arrived first… really co-ordinated,” The man in white voiced out as he stared at some areas on the screen.

“Fifty percent of them are MBO officers,” The lady stated as she tapped on a holographic tab in front of her.

Some parts of the screen enlarged and officers who had arrived at their designated strip could be seen standing there waiting.

“Just 50%” The man in white questioned.

“The other 50% that were amongst the first to arrive are from a mixture of participants from different organisations…” The lady responded.

“These ones in particular are to watch out for…” She said while glancing at two groups, one in white and the other in all black outfit, on the left side of the screen.

“Their teamwork is splendid,” She added.

“Better than our officers” The man in white questioned.

“In the aspect of proper coordination, only one group of MBO officers are on the same level with them based on what I have observed so far,” She responded while staring at another part of the screen.

“Them… hmm…” The man in white already knew the group she was referring to and also stared at the part of the screen that displayed them.

“Two minutes left *yawn*… it feels like weve been waiting for forever,” Ria voiced out as he yawned.

The others stared at him and shook their heads.

“Weve only been here for like twelve minutes Ria,” Matilda said with a light chuckle.

“I cant wait for the next round to start!” Ria suddenly voiced out with a fired up tone.

Everyone else stood in place as well as they checked out the timer.

At this point there were around sixty participants standing on this platform besides their group.

They were the first to arrive here but others had been arriving here around five minutes ago.

Some arrived all on their own while others arrived in groups.

The number of participants here were staggering low compared to the number that were supposed to locate the yellow strip.

While they were here, they had witnessed ambushes from several yellow ribboned participants.

They were already on the platform so they didnt have to participate in such since the participants with yellow ribbons couldnt get to the platform.

However they did witness some battles with some green ribboned participants who were unable to reach the platform due to the ambushes.

Just when only a minute was left another participant arrived on the brownish platform before the yellow stripped platform.

He looked worn out but excited the moment he spotted the yellow strip up ahead.

“Finally,” He yelled out with an enthusiastic look as he began to make his way forward.

All of a sudden seven MBO officers appeared in front of him, blocking his path.

“What Get out of my way,” He voiced as he checked the timer and realised only fifty seconds were left.

“Sure, just wait forty nine seconds more,” One of the officers voiced out with a smile.

“But by then I would be…” He paused as he noticed every single one of them had yellow ribbons.

He immediately understood what was going on.

“I need to get to that platform…” He said with a look of decisiveness and dashed forward.

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He leaped upwards before arriving in front of them but in that same instant one of the MBO officers appeared in mid air.

“Where do you think youre going” He voiced out while throwing a fist at his face.


The participant got struck and crashed back on the brownish platform.

The MBO officers surrounded him and began to kick him down whenever he tried to stand up.

There were seven of them and he was just a single Mixedblood so even with his strength which was similar to theirs, he was unable to fight back.

‘Shit… only twenty seconds left Ill fail… Even with his bloodied face, the participant kept trying to get up.

Aildris, E.E, Endric and watched from the platform with disgusted expressions.

“I didnt expect this,” Aildris voiced out as he thought the participants would only ambush each other when there was still time.

That still made sense as he felt it was in a bid to find their designated strip but now that they were just doing it to stop a participant who had given their all to get here, he and the others felt they couldnt just watch this without doing anything.

“Ill go, Im fas…” Angy was speaking when Endrics figure blitz forward with immense speed arriving right on the platform when only fifteen seconds were left.

“Telekinesis discharge,” He voiced out as he clasp his hands together.


His uniform bloated and flapped as a wave blasted forth from his figure, slamming heavily into the unsuspecting officers.

They were too focused on beating the other participant down that they didnt notice Endrics arrival fast enough.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Before they knew what was happening their bodies had gotten blasted off the platform by this intense surge of invisible wave.

The participant they were beating up was not Aby better as he had also been blasted away.

His body was drifting across the air, past the platforms ledge and close to falling into the sea of flames.

Endric stretched his hand out at this point.


The participant who was getting beat up earlier found his body elevating before he could fall into the sea of flames.

“Huh” He looked around with an expression of confusion before noticing Endric.

“Lets go,” Endric voiced out before turning around and leaping forward.


He landed on the yellow strip platform five seconds before the countdown ended.

The participant who was wrapped by his telekinesis also arrived just as he did.

He knelt on the platform with a bloodied face but an expression or gratitude.

“Thank you… so much… thank you…” He voiced out with an appreciative tone.

Endric nodded in response without saying a word.


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