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TORGITA The Legendary Overlord Chapter 18: ACADEMIA ROYALE PT 2

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Tory: *breaths in* yeah I can do this, I can do this. I can do this. breathes out* I just have to believe

Announcer: jumpers ready? Set.

(The gun shot was fired with the 4 racers taking off from the starting lane with the contestant 23 taking the lead with Tory behind, Tory zooms past him with blazing speed moving at 32 km/h which was above an average athletes speed)

Announcer2: impossible, hes over 30 km/h!!!, hes running with inhuman speed. Folks, he could make the jump of the century.

(The crowd began cheering loudly as he began approaching the jump line; they all became silent as they knew he was about to make the jump. Tory was already in a leaping position, his body mechanisms began to change giving him an increase in his physical abilities, everything became slow as Tory is already in hyper speed with time paused, he turns to look at the bleachers to see a figure dressed in black cloak walking past the students then it disappeared.

Tory now focused on the jump applied his inhuman leaping power, pausing midair and making a swirl spin reaching over103ft. He broke the Olympic state record as he lands with his body returning to its normal state.

(The crowd began cheering with others running round making lots of noises as Tory had recovered their points for the next event. Mr Tsung looks at him from the spectators lounge up in the skyscraper.)

Announcer: he did it! He has done it. What a point recovery made by the Winter high student Tory-sama

Announcer 2: rumors have him to be called the Big 4 rival.

Announcer: Oh boy, if this keeps up Winter may have a chance in winning this season.

Announcer 2: well Ill be damned

(Winter High students all celebrating as their school recovers 15 points, making them 5 points away from Summer High. They need a total of 20 points to win, with Summer High having 16 points. A slight mistake from Winter High could cost them the next event and the season itself as all will be decided in the finals which would take place the next day followed by the annual cup celebration but for now they have to win one more event to advance to the finals, The Gender relay race.

The summer high students never showed any sign of exhaustion as Emilia the big 4 and her friends spotted them in their court.

Mr bash: (looks at Mr Tsung) they aren showing any sign of exhaustion and am afraid your students might be reaching their limits.

Mr Tsung: *smiles* that is no problem.

Mr bash: *confused* huh?

(The gender race is hours away from starting, Tory walks back to the schools lounge to freshen up, he sees The big 4 on his way out of the dressing room)

Tory: tthh!! What are you doing here *furious*

Okaman: that is my dressing room you goof*furious*

Tenaire: ohh Okama-kun don you think Tory-kun looks a bit ripped than you?

Kagaman: *chuckles*

Okaman: (looks at Tenaire with anger) quiet Ten-kun Ive been eating a lot thats why

Tory: well its bad for you. Now if youll excuse me Id like to get my cloth back.

Okaman: *startled* what cloth!

Tory: You are the one you dragged off my hands the moment we started arguing? (he points at his shirt on Okamans hands)

Okaman: (shocked as he did not know why he took the cloth) whatever (he throws the cloth on Torys face) how fast was that guy anyway

Tory: almost as fast as Kagaman

Tenaire: his reaction was crazy.

Taeskan: seems like the drugs had your Dna Kagama-chi.

Kagaman: his leaping power was like a center. Luckily Tory made it in time to prevent it.

Tory: theres something wrong with those runners from Gomen High; they look worn out

Okaman: Why won they be. weve been running a marathon since we even started this semi-final. They should be exhausted by now.

Tenaire: only elite athletes like us and Emilia won feel it but those without the potential will. Including those with the drugs as it will wear out soon.

Tory: hmph hopefully it does wear out before the hour is over. See you guys later I gotta see lia

(Tory makes his way down to the stadiums back entrance to see Emilia stretching at the runway)

Tory: Hey blabbermouth (he hugs her form behind)

Emilia: (punches him with her elbow) stop calling me that!. Where were you all this while? We could have lost the game (she frowns)

Tory: I was... exercising at a gym, yeah stuff like that (he speaks in his mind: I can tell her I just found out I am not human, and am not from this planet. She would freak out. (I can do that)

Emilia: Tory, Tory (she calls him repeatedly as he was lost in his thoughts) you don look okay, you sure your not tired?

Tory: I am, trust me its nothing…. Okay, I will tell you after the event. Right now I gotta rest(he sits on the floor)

Emilia: rest!? The race you twerp! (she kicks his legs, making him fall flat to the ground)

Tory: (holds his head) oww. Th! (he looks up at her) if you keep this up I might take you for a bully. And I beat bullies.

Emilia: ah so you want to fight huh. Comon (she clenches her fists)

Tory: *laughs* just kidding, I just want us to talk without interruptions. Then we could fight from there.

Emilia: (stretches her hand to help him up) we just have one event, and then we would be together, I mean talk. Thats what I

Tory: *laughing* (he stands up) yeah I know. You better don run slow

(They began walking back to the stadium)

Emilia: ha! I could outrun you within seconds.

Tory: funny I should be saying that since I taught you how to run

Emilia: ohhh nice insult. Imma get you back. Comon lets go win the race.

(The announcer began his speech for the race as everybody began walking back to their seats in the bleachers)

Announcer: OK enough of the celebrations now, its time for the semi-final event, the gender relay match!!

(The students all cheered loudly)

Announcer: the winner of this even will advance to the final stage of the season which would feature the elite basketball stars, for now lets focus on the game at hand.

Announcer 2: or should we call it the race of love. Ohhhh

(Mr Tsung signals Emilia to carry out what he had told her, she hands Tory a bracelet)

Emilia: for you

Tory: whoa (he looks at it) I thought it was only for members. and why is it dark?

Emilia: well you are part of us now. Mr Tsung wants you to have it (she speaks in her mind: I can let you have our bracelet Tory, I don want him to track you or make you depend on it like Okaman and Tenaire)

Tory: Mr tsung knows my name?

Emilia: yeah, he keeps a tab on the best students in this school. He must have caught you.

Tory: no way (he shifts from her with a smiley face)

Emilia: what now?

Tory: you did not just compliment me.

Emilia: no I didn

Tory: yeah you just did

Emilia: ugh come on now lets go (she drags him to the track keeping the red bracelet back in her pocket as she wanted to know if Tory was really gifted like them)

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