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Chapter 1001 The Sore Loser and His Challenge

For the next two minutes, the bidding war raged on silently between at least twenty participant.

The red dragons had long been eliminated from the race when the price had reached two thousand grade B natural treasures.

Now, only the richest royal dragons were still involved.

Felix was cunning enough to leave the identity of the bidders hidden and their numbers...In addition, blocking telepathic speech with each other when the bid was on in order.

This had caused the royal clans to not know if there was still a red dragon amidst the bidders, making them unable to risk leaving the royal gemstones fall in their hands.

Still, when the numbers started falling off akin to flies, leaving only three or four bidders, it was clear to them that it was impossible for a red dragon to have that many natural treasures kept around.

Three thousands going once, Three thousands going twice... Malak paused for a few seconds to see if anyone else was interested in adding another bid.

When she realized that neither the red dragons nor the royal dragons had good expressions, she swiftly struck the gravel down, Sold!

Clap Clap Clap...

Knowing that dragons didn\'t clap, Malak played an applause track in the auditorium to celebrate the bidder and also set up for the next auctioned item.

\'Three thousand worth of grade B natural treasures for a single bloodline treasure.\' Malak grinned mentally, \'Master is going to strike rich.\'

Meanwhile, the four clans were communicating with each other telepathically after the bid ended.

\'Who got it\' Clan head Kyrsun asked.

\'Grand Official Musak.\' Clan head Ygos answered.

\'That\'s good.

Why don\'t you leave the next one to us\' Clan head Bymid suggested.

\'Not a chance.\' Clan head Ygos shook his head, \'Even though an official of my clan bought it, that\'s his own property.\'

\'We ain\'t giving up on bidding as well.\'

\'You know that the dragonslayer is benefiting from this\'

\'Who cares\' Clan head Kyrsun shrugged his shoulders, \'He is merely asking for natural treasures, and we have abundance of them.\'

\'If your clan is too poor to bid, just don\'t.\' Clan head Azesdirth mocked.

\'Let\'s see who\'s poor then.\' Clan head Bymid sneered and focused on the next royal gemstone in the center of the stage.

This was the reason Felix was confident that the four clans wouldn\'t come into an agreement about splitting his royal gemstones to avoid losing too many resources.

There were merely sixteen royal gemstones...Each clan possessed at least ten officials and other more filthy rich retired elders.

There was no way they would be able to split them evenly when each of those rich dragons wanted to get a royal gemstone for themselves or their heirs.

After all, this was a private auction unrelated to clans matters...In other words, each dragon was for himself!

Since the betted resources were natural treasures, not many of them would feel the sting of losing them as they could always make their slaves and workers harvest more for them.

One thousand and a half going once...One thousand and a half going twice...Sold!

Malak yelled excitedly as she struck the gavel, causing most of the dragons to show expressions of despair and dejection.

The second royal gemstone was much smaller, making the red dragons believe that they had a chance to secure it.

Alas, even this small royal gemstone had fetched a price beyond what their treasury could hold.

\'Did you get it, father\' Anastasia asked.

\'Yes.\' Clan head Kysun smiled bitterly, \'It was expensive as hell, but we at least have a 10% discount on it.\'

Although the royal clans didn\'t care much about their natural treasures, it didn\'t imply that they would go wasting all of them on a single small royal gemstone.

So, they raised the price as much as possible for other contenders before backing off.

This would help them secure future better royal gemstones as their contenders had exhausted most of their pool.

Soon, the third royal gemstone was bid on and then the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and so on...By the time half an hour gone by, more than ten royal gemstones had been sold.

The prices ranged from one thousand to three thousand graded B natural treasures depending on the size and color of the royal gemstones.

Naturally, most of the bidders had used other unique treasures to boost up the price since it would be too much to put down such a large amount of natural treasures at once.

The last six bloodline treasures are the biggest and most unique in this auction. Malak extended her hand to the right, pinpointing the focus on six carts.

All of them had a red veil on top, hiding the content of the glass cubes...This had caused everyone to hold their breaths in anticipation.

Malak walked to the nearest one to her and removed the veil in one swift motion.

An azure bloodline treasure! The latest_epi_sodes are on_the ReadNovelFull.com.


Look at its size! It must be the biggest blue bloodline treasure found in the past ten cycles!

Yeah, I am not getting it as well.

Most of the dragons were astonished and dazzled by the reveal of the crystallized azure royal gemstone.

\'I can\'t believe you allowed him to keep such a piece.\' Clan head Ygos addressed Kyrsun.

\'He collected more than 90% of the royal gemstones for our clan.\' Clan head Kyrsun smiled, \'It was only fair to allow him to get some good ones to sell.\'

Unbeknownst to him, the royal gemstones handed by Felix were the smallest of his entire collection...The ones in Mistress Candace\'s possession were at least five to ten times the size of this blue royal gemstone!

If any of them was placed in this auction, chaos would have arisen!

While everyone was fighting tooth and nail to buy this royal gemstone, prince Domino had his eyes affixed on Felix, who was chilling in a dark corner.

Prince Domino had arrived a while ago but didn\'t make a move on Felix, knowing that if he ruined the auction or caused it to be canceled, he would earn the resentment of everyone\'s involved.

So, he joined the auction and remained as quiet as a mouse, waiting for his chance to make a move.

Luckily for him, the rest of the royal gemstones were sold in the blink of an eye, finally bringing a closure to the auction.

The last piece was secured by the green clan for about four thousand worth of B grade natural treasures, causing Felix to grin from ear to ear.

Thank you everyone for participating. Malak bowed her head respectfully before disclosing, Sir Felix will leave your purchased bloodline treasures in the hand of the white clan.

You can either go pick them up or ask for them to be delivered.

I hope you have a nice evening. Malak excused herself from the stage, leaving the dragons to discuss among themselves.

Soon, the red dragons were left disappointed to know that none of them had managed to secure a single bloodline treasure.

Just as they were planning to teleport out of the auditorium, prince Domino stood up and called out loud with a stern tone, Dragonslayer! I believe you still owe me something.

Hmm Is that Domino

He finally resurfaced

What is he on about

Everyone stopped whatever they were doing and focused on prince Domino...Ever since he ate Felix\'s explosion and was sent to get healed inside his clan, he had never shown his face.

For him to appear now and even address Felix like this had made everyone curious.

I am glad you are still alive, brother Domino. Felix smiled sincerely as he emerged from the shadows akin to the batman.

Don\'t patronize me. Prince Domino eyed Felix coldly, You promised that we will have a 1 vs 1 battle, and I am still waiting for you to keep your word.

\'Hmm When did that happen\'


The clan heads raised their eyebrows in surprise at the sudden revelation.

I guess you don\'t count our fights in the ceremony as proper battles Felix chuckled.

Everyone turned to eye prince Domino with displeased looks.

In their eyes, if prince Domino believed that his battles with Felix weren\'t proper, then he was acting like a sore loser.

The dragons felt that acting like a sore loser was more embarrassing than losing in the first place.

They were proper fights, but not what I have been promised. Prince Domino narrowed his eyes dangerously, I don\'t mind sharing the contest of our promise to clarify it much better.

There is no need for that. Felix smiled coldly, I don\'t mind beating you senseless again if you are unable to accept your defeat.

Accept the link.

Without delay, prince Domino sent Felix an invitation link to his UVR\'s room...Felix clicked on the link and got teleported there immediately.

Prince Domino followed him soon, leaving everyone behind with dazed expressions.

Tell your son to share the link with us. Clan head Kyrsun swiftly requested from prince Domino\'s father.

There is no need. Clan head Ygos replied, He has opened his UVR\'s room for everyone.

Looks like he is seeking redemption. Clan head Bymid commentated.

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