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Chapter 999 Making an Example of Them!

However, after he reached there, he saw neither Anastasia nor Selphie...Only Eizi napping on his stomach like a pig.

\'He really likes to sleep.\' Felix chuckled and went to knock on his head.

\'Hmmm\' Eizi opened his eye lazily and turned to look at Felix.

Immediately, his expression stiffened in shock, not daring to believe that his idol was before him.

Dragonslayer!!! YOU MADE IT OUT ALIVE!! I knew it! I knew it! Abruptly, Eizi started jumping around in excitement.

If I was that easy to kill, you won\'t be my fan. Felix smiled, Tell me, where is your sister and Selphie

Sister has gone out rushing a few minutes earlier. Eizi answered with stars in his eyes, As for big sis Selphie, she has returned to her home months ago.

Selphie left Felix was a bit taken back by the news.

He firmly believed that she would be waiting for him to get out.

After all, he had already informed her that he was fine inside.

We don\'t understand why she left either. Eizi shrugged his shoulders, She just packed up and left.

I see. Felix patted Eizi and said, You can return to your sleep now.

I will be resting in my room.

While Felix was flying towards his room, he checked his messages, knowing that Selphie wouldn\'t do such a thing unless something must have happened.

As her friend, he was worried about her.

Though, when he read her message, his worries were pacified.

She told him that she had been summoned by her mother and that she would be in closed training to focus more on her runes\' mastery.

She also promised him that when they meet again, he would see another version of her.

\'Looks like Yggdrasil has used your training to motivate her daughter.\' Lady Sphinx smiled faintly.

\'What do you mean\' Felix wondered.

Lady Sphinx disclosed about her secret interaction with Lady Yggdrasil that caused Selphie to finally start taking her training seriously instead of chasing after Felix\'s skirt.

\'Damn, I was already incable of defeating her while I had void domain.\' Felix gulped a mouthful.

Felix understood that even with his current strength, he was incable of defeating or even lying a finger on Selphie.

As a Time Elementalist, she was simply untouchable since time was capable of countering every other element besides void element.

Since Felix had lost all of his void abilities besides his immunity, he recognized that Selphie could play with him to death if he ever decided to fight her fair and square.

If dirty play were involved, the outcome would have been much different.

\'Good thing there is no race with time manipulation.\' Felix smiled wryly, \'We would have been dominated in the games left and right.\'

Felix knew that there was a time element primogenitor, and he was still alive.

Though, he was much more reclusive than even creation primogenitor.

In fact, he was told by Lady Sphinx that most primogenitors had never actually met him in real life!

Soon, Felix wrote back a letter to Selphie, wishing her all the best of luck in her training...In addition, he informed her that he would be paying the nine elvish realms a visit very soon.


After Felix entered his room, he checked the other important messages...The ones at the top were related to the Federation.

Looks like some worms started getting antsy while I am gone. Felix smiled coldly while reading Madam Zosia and Maganda Chief\'s messages.

Most of them were reports on problems and issues arising due to some backgrounds not doing their part to complete his agendas.

The others were related to the Bardot Empire fighting back against their poaching attempts.

\'Tsk, it only took a year of absence and some rumors for them to stop fearing you and bare their greedy teeth.\' Asna snickered, \'You need to make an example out of them, so no one would dare step out of line even if you disappeared for centuries.\'

\'That\'s precisely what I intend to do.\' Felix nodded.

Without further ado, Felix took a seat and started recording himself with a composed expression.

This is Felix speaking...Firstly, good job to everyone with big investments on the Federation\'s development.

Your passion and loyalty won\'t go rewardless.

However, just like there are faithfuls and loyal allies, there are also some bad sheep, who are holding us back and keep creating big messes for their own profit.

Felix switched instantly to an icy cold scary expression before threatening, For those backgrounds, you will be taught a great lesson today...A lesson that will remind you that the shenanigans you used to pull aren\'t acceptable in the Federation whatsoever.

Felix waved his hand, bringing two holographic lists in front of the camera.

One of them was displaying many benefits that would assist any background within the federation.

Such as reduced taxes for the upcoming decade on their commercial trades, promotion to higher position within the federation, expansion to their territories and such.

As for the other list It was filled with nothing but dreadful penalties that would make any leader\'s face turn green.

A couple of them were heavy increased taxes on all the deals, locking some universal trades paths for them, taking away some of their voting power, immediate replacement of their leaders, reduction of their armies, and more.

I already have a list of all the misbehaving backgrounds that deserve either some or most of the penalties in this. Felix threatened calmly, If anyone of you doesn\'t accept all penalties peacefully, I will pay you a special visit and help you sign on them personally.

Send to Zosia.

Felix sent the video recording and the two lists to madam Zosia with a message, telling her to set up a council meeting and play this recording for everyone.

If troubles arose because of the heavy penalties, then she could call him to settle it down.

What about the other empire Asna wondered, Shouldn\'t you take advantage of their aggression and unite the galaxy or something

Not now. Felix shook his head, Some competition and friction is better for development.

In Felix\'s eyes, uniting the human race without any enemy would merely cause them to turn against each other within the Federation.

This in turn would make them fall apart or at least turn corrupt to the bone.

He was too busy to bother babysitting the human race and making sure that no one cause problems.

So, he kept the galaxy divided even though he could easily unite the entire galaxy years ago with his army.

If things got out of hand between the two superpowers, he could then intervene and unite them.


How cruel...I love it. Madam Zosia grinned happily after receiving Felix\'s response.

She knew that he was going to make them pay hell for causing trouble, but she still underestimated Felix\'s brutality.

I can\'t wait to see their expression turn green in the council!

Without further ado, Zosia called in for an emergency meeting that enforced all leaders to participate regardless of what.

In five minutes, the circular council hall was packed with hundreds of leaders from different areas of the galaxy.

It was clear that the Federation had expanded heavily.

Madam Zosia, Maganda chief, and the other three original members of the anti-royality alliance were still the presidential power of federation due to their voting power being the biggest.

What\'s the emergency I had to log in amidst an important deal with natives sitting on elemental mines.

It better be something important.

Indeed, calling us like this is just unacceptable.

Before Zosia could even open her mouth, some leaders were already expressing their displeasure and low-key making threats.

It was crystal clear that Zosia didn\'t have respect of everyone here and with Felix\'s absence, they grew bolder and disrespectful in dealing with her.

Sir Felix has exited the dimensional pocket and have a message for us. Zosia eyed them coldly, Is that important enough for you

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