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Super Gene Optimization Fluid Chapter 30: Back to the Capital

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Chapter 30: Back to the Capital

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Wu Long, Xia Fei, Andre, and Charlie boarded the assault boat left behind by the Black Snake Gang and sailed out of this bizarre spatial zone. Along the way, they didnt encounter any danger, while that terrifying giant octopus didnt appear either. It was apparent that everything was under Somas control.

There were mixed feelings for this trip to Atlantis. It was great that the Black Snake Gang, the most powerful terrorist organization in the federation, had been eliminated. Most importantly, the Black Snake Gangs leaders were all wiped out. Without them, the rest of the subordinates wouldnt be able to create any commotion within a short period. The fate waiting for the Black Snake Gang was them being annexed by other legal and terrorist organizations.

The bad thing was the hundreds of crew members on the Storm Goddess had perished in the ocean. The scholars and researchers were included among the others as it would probably take a lot of effort to settle this entire incident.

However, with the massive tree-like Rothschild Family, these matters didnt require Xia Fei to be troubled. With their familys influence, it wouldnt be challenging to handle this matter. They simply had to issue a consolidated report to the government that the Storm Goddess had sunk in the Atlantic ocean. Apart from the four lucky survivors, the rest of the people were engulfed by the ocean. After paying some compensation to the victims families, all major problems would become minor problems, while all minor problems would cease to exist.

Xia Fei had explained the incident at the Beast Spirit Temple to Andre and Wu Long, but he intentionally left out the details of the Heart of Spirit, spatial ring, and the Beast Spirit Codex.

If an ordinary man hides a jade, it is a great sin. Xia Fei didnt have enough strength to protect himself, and it was best to be careful about all things.

These three things werent going to be beneficial to Wu Long or Andre either way. Xia Fei was planning to find a chance to compensate them.

Xia Fei described Soma as a demon who committed all sorts of evil acts. Wu Long and others had also personally witnessed how that terrifying octopus sunk the submarine. Therefore, they were completely convinced by Xia Fei.

Everyone unanimously agreed that this spatial zone was an ominous place as such no information about this place could ever be revealed to the people on the outside.


Xia Fei and Wu Long had returned back to Beijing individually. Xia Fei might now be extremely wealthy, but he still didnt have his own house and was still temporarily staying in a hotel.

In fact, it was suitable for a bachelor like Xia Fei to stay in a hotel. At least someone would provide him with hot meals and he wouldnt need to bother about cleaning up and washing clothes. Household chores were always the biggest headache for Xia Fei.

The hotel room had a beautiful red sandalwood table that was placed with two things. One of them was the Heart of Spirit, while the other was the spatial ring.

“Phantom, how do I use these things” Xia Fei asked.

Phantom glanced and said, “The Heart of Spirit is a crystal that contains the primitive energy from the universe. In some of the higher civilizations, it is also used as currency. It can also provide power for a spaceship. A small piece of rock like this is enough for a corvette class battleship to travel in space for one year.”

“There are also some major factions that use this kind of energy crystal to increase a warriors cultivation rank. As for how those people do it, it is a secret technique and I dont know about it either.”

Xia Fei picked up the emerald-green crystal and looked at it carefully. “This small rock can actually allow a spaceship to operate for one whole year. Its incredible. It must contain a lot of energy in it.”

“Of course. This is the universes primitive energy crystal. It was produced when the universe was formed. The universe has a limited amount of these crystals. Every usage would be one less crystal. This crystal isnt considered big and is probably around 200 to 300 million star coins.” Phantom said indifferently.

“200 to 300 million! This small rock is actually worth 200 to 300 million star coins! It is actually worth more money than that spatial ring!”

“It turns out that the greatest reward for this trip was actually this crystal.” Xia Fei muttered to himself.

“This spatial ring is very convenient to use. Wear it on your hand, you can just use your mind to open it.” Phantom stated.

Xia Fei wore the ring and tested it a few times. As expected, it wasnt difficult to use the spatial ring as Xia Fei quickly got used to the method of using it with his mind.

“How big is the spatial zone within the ring” Phantom asked.

Xia Fei replied after a while. “About four cubic meters.”

Phantom nodded. “Oh, if it is four cubic meters, it will be roughly 1.6 billion star coins. Not bad.”

“What!” Xia Fei was so excited that he nearly fell off his chair. This unassuming ring was actually worth 1.6 billion star coins. Isnt it enough to purchase the entire Beijing City!”

“What are you so excited about” Phantom didnt really care and said, “The spatial ring can only be produced by legendary experts who possess the spatial ability. Ability Users who possess the spatial ability are very rare as such legendary experts who possess the spatial ability are even rarer.”

“Most of the dimensional spatial zones are very unstable and might collapse at any time. It is extremely hard to find a dimensional spatial zone that is stable. It is why the prices of spatial rings are high. 1.6 billion is just a conventional calculation method. If you put it on the market, it would be impossible to purchase a four cubic meter spatial ring without 2.5 billion star coins.” Phantom stated.

Xia Fei picked up a cotton cloth piece to carefully wipe the ring before wearing it back on his middle finger.

“2.5 billion! It turns out that the greatest reward of this trip is you.” Xia Fei looked at this spatial ring and said with delight.

Phantom sighed and said, “You really lack experience. Your greatest reward for this trip isnt this spatial ring; it is Beast Spirit Codex.”

“Could this Beast Spirit Codex be worth more than 2.5 billion star coins!” Xia Fei was ecstatic.

He had only obtained three things during this trip to Atlantis, he didnt expect each item to be much more valuable than the previous one. If the Beast Spirit Codex were worth 2.5 billion, then Xia Feis personal wealth would reach over 5 billion star coins!

This was such an astronomical number that regular people would never dare to imagine!

“I reckon that the Beast Spirit Codex should be a star-tier manual. The spatial ring is nowhere near enough to compare with it.” Phantom said.

The universes secret manuals and codices were separated into six tiers — the ascending order: Man-tier, earth-tier, heaven-tier, star-tier, universe-tier, and eon-tier.

The first three tiers could be bought with money, but from the star-tier onwards, it wasnt a money problem. Without enough strength and connections, it would be hard to purchase a star-tier secret manual regardless of wealth.

After all, secret manuals were the core power for all major factions as they were all tightly safeguarded. Only the factions core disciples or members could cultivate it in normal situations since it must not be imparted to outsiders.

“How much is this Beast Spirit Codex actually worth” Xia Fei asked.


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