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Fang Yusheng naturally liked the food cooked by his family.

Outside, only half an acre of flower fields matched his picky taste buds.

However, Boss Lus dishes were all top-notch.

Fang Yushengs stomach was not good, so he could not eat raw and cold, hard to digest, or overly spicy food.

However, Boss Lus dishes were really delicious, so Fang Yusheng could not help but secretly eat a few pieces of spicy chicken.

Fang Zikai directly ate the chicken wings with his hands.

After eating the chicken wings, he gave Boss Lu a thumbs up and praised him with all his might.

“Uncle Lu, youre amazing! Its super delicious.

Its even better than my grandmothers cooking!”

When Boss Lu heard Fang Zikais praise, he felt a little smug.

“Then come often in the future!”

“Okay!” Fang Zikai really planned to come to his house often in the future.

When Fang Zicheng ate with Fang Zikai, his behavior was completely different.

Fang Zikai ate like his grandfather.

He was very easygoing and did not have the demeanor of a noble young master at all.

Fang Zicheng ate like his father and grandmother.

He was very elegant and slow.

Even when he was peeling prawns, he looked like he was painting and was especially good-looking.

Watching Fang Zicheng eat, Boss Lu finally understood what it meant to be a young master.

Fang Zicheng swallowed the prawn and confirmed that there was no leftover food in his mouth.

Then, he looked up at Boss Lu and praised him, “Its very delicious.

Uncle Lu, youve worked hard.”

Boss Lu chuckled.

After eating his fill at Boss Lus house, Fang Zikai kept rubbing his stomach after dinner.

He groaned.

Fang Yusheng thought that his stomach hurt and asked him if it hurt badly.

Fang Zikai rubbed his stomach and said tearfully, “I ate too much.

My stomach is so bloated.”

Fang Yusheng was speechless.

Feeling embarrassed, Fang Yusheng did not stay at Boss Lus house for long.

He said goodbye to Boss Lu and the family quickly left.

When he took the elevator downstairs, Fang Zikai was still rubbing his stomach and groaning.

Fang Yusheng was quite jealous.

In the past few years, he had occasionally cooked on a whim.

However, every time he cooked, the children would at most eat half a bowl.

When they ate, their expressions were especially distorted, as if they were swallowing a live fly.

But tonight, his two children actually ate too much at Boss Lus house.

This severely hurt Fang Yushengs pride.

After returning home, the two of them played with their youngest daughter for a while.

When Fang Taoran fell asleep, Fang Yusheng and Qiao Jiusheng went to take a shower together.

When they were showering, Qiao Jiusheng suddenly said, “Have you seen Bingbing acting as Imperial Concubine Yang”

Fang Yusheng shook his head.

“Ive never seen it, but I know about it.”

Qiao Jiusheng knew that Fang Yusheng had not seen it before.

She said, “I have.” The two of them were soaking in the bathtub.

Now that the weather was hot, the bath was actually quite warm.

However, they were still willing to be intimate.

Qiao Jiusheng told Fang Yusheng about the show, and Fang Yusheng was uninterested.

When she finished, he asked her, “So, whats the point of this What are you trying to say”

What was she trying to say

Qiao Jiusheng blinked at Fang Yusheng mischievously and seductively, like a demon.

She said, “My main point is that we also have a horse…”

Fang Yushengs gaze became strange.

So that was the point of all her bull**.

Experienced flirts know how to play.

Fang Yusheng said solemnly, “Im afraid that wont do.

Its difficult and dangerous.”

Qiao Jiusheng laughed out loud at Fang Yushengs serious expression.

“Silly, I was teasing you!”

Pretending to be angry, Fang Yusheng squeezed Qiao Jiushengs wrist tightly and said, “Please start your performance, Master Qiao.”

Qiao Jiusheng pulled a belt off the shelf and tied Fang Yushengs wrist.

Fang Yusheng showed some interest.

“Whats this for” He showed an extremely fake and panicked expression.

He was possessed by a drama queen and said miserably, “Help, Im a child of a proper family.

I dont play that kind of game.”

Qiao Jiusheng raised her hand above his head and said fiercely, “If you dare to move, Ill make you cry!”

Fang Yusheng begged for mercy and cooperated with Qiao Jiushengs act.

His eyes were filled with smiles.

After fooling around for a while, Qiao Jiusheng fell asleep on the bed.

Fang Yusheng saw her phone flashing.

He picked it up and saw that there was a message on WeChat.

Fang Yusheng opened WeChat and saw that it was from Wei Xin.

Fang Yusheng opened the message box and saw Wei Xin say: [Which one do you like]

Fang Yusheng scrolled up and saw Wei Xin sending seven or eight photos over in one go.

He stared at the things in the photos with a strange expression.

In the photos, they were all sexy animal cosplay like fox tails, cat ears and rabbit girl costumes…

Fang Yusheng was curious about what Wei Xin and Qiao Jiusheng usually talked about.

While Qiao Jiusheng was asleep, he sat by the bed and opened the message like a thief.

He saw a lot that made him want to poke himself in the eye—

A week ago—

Qiao Jiusheng: [What kind of women do men like Do they like dirty or pure women]

Wei Xin: [Are you crazy Are you crazy again]

Qiao Jiusheng: [Im asking you the truth.

I met Fang Yushengs former blind date some time ago and was unhappy.

She was thinner than me and even mocked me for being fat.

That woman looks quite pure.

Im not the pure type, so Im especially curious if men like dirty or pure women.]

Wei Xin: [Do you want the truth]

Qiao Jiusheng: [Of course.]

Wei Xin: [I dont know what men are like, but as far as Im concerned, I like the Virgin Mary during the day and Maria Ozawa at night.]

Qiao Jiusheng: [6666, then which type is your Suzanne]

Wei Xin: [Why should I tell you]

Qiao Jiusheng: [Weve flown the plane together for several years.

Youre my master, youre the captain, and Im the co-pilot.]

Wei Xin: [Heh, didnt it crash a long time ago]

Qiao Jiusheng: [Youre ruthless.]

The day before—

Wei Xin: [Its raining in Paris.

Why would your mood become bad on a rainy day]

Qiao Jiusheng: [Im missing something exciting.]

Wei Xin: [Scared Face.jpg.]

Wei Xin: [Youre so dirty.

Arent you afraid that your Fang Yusheng will beat you up]

Qiao Jiusheng: [Hehe, he hit me with a whip the first time we met.

Im not afraid anymore.]

What kind of conversation topic was this Fang Yusheng rubbed his eyes, afraid that he would get a sty.


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