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If Orochimaru were to count all the enemies he has faced up to now, then Fujin would undoubtedly be among the top 3.

The first position is taken by Tendo Pain a.k.a Uzumaki Nagato, while the second position goes to Uchiha Itachi because of how easily he was killed by Itachi, but Orochimaru has to admit that Fujin is also on the same level as Uchiha Itachi.

In Orochimaru’s perspective, Fujin is simply a beast… capable of using 3 Kekkei Genkai! Are you kidding That’s 3 Kekkei Genkai, not 3 Chakra Natures! Orochimaru is quite sure that he has never seen or heard of a single Shinobi capable of using three Kekkei Genkai through normal means, of course, Hiruko of the Five Style is not normal so he can’t be counted.

Here people are having difficulty being able to awaken 1 Kekkei Genkai, and Fujin is using 3 different Kekkei Genkai, what kind of a joke is this

Not to mention the other guy’s Taijutsu and Kenjutsu skills.

Orochimaru is not afraid of physical combat but in the face of those Incredibly tough Bone Blades that are as tough as his Kusanagi Sword and those swift and fierce Taijutsu and Kenjutsu skills of Fujin that don’t give Orochimaru any opportunity to exploit to his advantage, he started to feel a long-lost sense of fear.

Even when facing the Demi-God Hanzo of the Salamander, or the self-proclaimed God Tendo Pain, Orochimaru didn’t feel even a bit of fear, but now he was feeling it because the other party is able to see through him at a glance.

After all, if his body were to be chopped into multiple pieces, then even the ‘Secret Technique of Physical Regeneration’, would be meaningless as he can’t reattach all his body parts.

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding

Metal collision symphony resounded in the field and Orochimaru kept using his Kusanagi Sword to resist or parry the attacks of Bone Blade… even when it was metal vs bones, the sound still felt metallic and sparks flew, which again shows how sharp those Bone Blades are.

‘How could this guy’s physical still be so strong And what’s up with that monstrous strength Even Tsunade didn’t hit so hard, is he a Senju or what’ these doubts were deeply plaguing Orochimaru’s mind as he could see that he was being dominated in the battle.

Orochimaru admits that he is not the best when it comes to Taijutsu and Kenjutsu, but even then his Taijutsu and Kenjutsu skills are not weak.

Orochimaru has faced countless shinobi who specialize in close combat and he is generally not afraid of physical combat against anyone, not even against the likes of Senju Tsunade of the Legendary Sannin.

But when facing Fujin, the situation has gotten so passive that Orochimaru fell into a daze and even remembered his early Jonin days before the Second Great Shinobi War.

Back then he would occasionally practice against the White Fang of the Leaf, Hatake Sakumo who killed all his enemies with his White Light Chakra Sabre.

Yes, the degree of pressure from Fujin made him subconsciously think that he has returned to his early Jonin days; after such a long battle, he has come to realize that he can’t defeat or kill Fujin so he has already started to think of a way to retreat from here.

Fujin looked at Orochimaru who was fleeing in embarrassment, but his expression was still flat and there were no waves on his face.

Years of training have made his close combat skills continue to improve.

And Fujin has practiced all kinds of combat methods such as Gentle Fist Taijutsu of the Hyuga Clan, Konoha’s Strong Fist Taijutsu inspired from the Senju Clan, Uchiha Clan’s Taijutsu that is heavily dependent on the use of Sharingan, Nin-taijutsu with his Suijin Clone that works with the combination of Ice Release.

Additionally, this Wind Nature Clone-A is of extremely high quality… the blood purity of this Clone is very high making it perfect in all aspects, far surpassing his Suijin Clone, Tsuki Clone, and even Hyuga Kuroto main body in terms of physique and strength.

Moreover, the Shikotsumyaku Kekkei Genkai alone makes this Clone suited for combat, and coupled with highly pure Byakugan… that can perfectly keep track of all enemies around, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this Clone is a completely ruthless killing machine that is impeccable in all aspects.

And this encounter with Orochimaru has clearly proven it, otherwise, how could Fujin manage to dominate Orochimaru in their entire battle And still, retain a lot of combat power, after all, Fujin has still not used all his cards, nor has he used all his strength.

Although Fujin knows that Orochimaru has also not used his entire strength yet, Fujin however, has confidence that even if Orochimaru were to use those secret cards like summoning Manda or using ‘Yamata no Jutsu’ it would make no difference and the result would still be the same.

‘Not let’s take this up a notch.’ Thought Fujin and looked at Orochimaru’s back with a smirk, then…

Whoosh… Slash…

With the sound of breaking wind, Fujin enhanced his speed with the help of strong winds to flash near Orochimaru, and before Orochimaru could react to the sudden increase in Fujin’s speed, Fujin instantly cut Orochimaru’s body into two pieces from the waist.

“Ahhhhh……!!!!” shouted Orochimaru in pain as his body was divided into the upper and lower half.

Blood splattered all over the place, and dead white snakes that were cut from the middle started to wriggle and struggle out to reconnect with the lower half but to no avail.

Orochimaru, who was only half now groaned while trying hard to climb on the ground, struggling to move, but in vain.

At this moment, Fujin stepped out of the Bone Spear and indifferently glanced at the struggling Orochimaru.

From the observation with his Byakugan, Fujin can confirm that Orochimaru in front of him is indeed the actual body, not any type of Clone.

After confirming this, Fujin walked step-by-step toward Orochimaru.

Orochimaru rolled over with some difficulty and looked at Fujin coming towards him step-by-step, and as he noted Fujin’s appearance, he was completely taken aback… “Your Eyes! They are…!”

Even if Fujin’s mask was destroyed by Tobirama using the ‘Water Severing Wave’, Orochimaru was unable to see Fujin’s true appearance in the middle of the battle because most of the time, Fujin’s face was covered by his white hair…

But now that Fujin appeared in front of him, and since there was no obstruction of hair, so Orochimaru finally looked at Fujin’s face, and more specifically at those pure white eyes in the eye sockets of Fujin, he instantly recognized them.

How could he not That’s Byakugan! One of the three Great Dojutsu that’s exclusive to the Hyuga Clan!

After discovering that Fujin also has Byakugan, Orochimaru was more than convinced that Fujin must have used Chimera Jutsu to absorb several Kekkei Genkai.

Otherwise, it is really hard for him to imagine that a Shinobi could use any other means to possess not one… not two but four, and possibly more Kekkei Genkai, it is simply impossible!

Byakugan, Shikotsumyaku, Magnet Release, Typhoon Release, and perhaps other Kekkei Genkai too… So obviously, Fujin had to have used Chimera Jutsu just like Hiruko did.

This was Orochimaru’s conclusion.

Of course, noting Fujin’s appearance Orochimaru for a moment even speculated that Fujin in front of him is his own disciple Hyuga Kuroto because there’s an uncanny resemblance between the two, but Orochimaru soon denied this possibility because of various reasons.

Although there is a clear shadow of Hyuga Kuroto in Fujin, there are also various differences, such as the pair of horns on Fujin’s forehead.

Those read markings above the eyebrows and red under-eye shadows that are unique to the Kaguya Clan.

The difference in hair color, Hyuga Kuroto’s hair is brown while Fujin’s hair is pale white with a greyish texture, along with the zig-zag division in the middle.

There are also obvious height, age, temperamental, and maturity differences; Hyuga Kuroto is already an adult and has the temperament of an adult, but Fujin looks more like a sixteen-seventeen years old teenager.

And finally, the most important detail, there is no sign of the Caged Bird Curse Mark on Fujin’s forehead, but Hyuga Kuroto has it on his forehead, Orochimaru personally saw it only a few days ago, this detail alone implies that the boy in front of him is not Hyuga Kuroto but someone else.

‘Although I do wonder if he has some connection to Kuroto-kun’ thought Orochimaru and decided that he would investigate this matter, after all, Yuhi Kurenai is part of Hyuga Kuroto’s Anbu Team, and now there is a teenager with quite a resemblance to Kuroto appearing here in order to rescue her

Orochimaru would be an idiot if he didn’t notice that something’s strange here.

Under the rumbling sounds of Wood and Bones fighting each other not too far away, Fujin looked at Orochimaru without any hint of pride in his eyes for having defeated his Sensei, because Fujin knows very well that Orochimaru was far from being defeated… even that struggle is more of him is just an act to lure him closer.

Stopping in front of Orochimaru, Fujin decided to play along with Orochimaru and said in a cold tone, “You are not dead yet, the vitality is indeed amazing…”

Although Orochimaru’s spirit seems a bit languid at this moment, he still grinned and said, “As to be expected from the members of Amatsukami… none of them can be underestimated.”

Fujin stared at Orochimaru and questioned, “Are these your last words”

Orochimaru smiled slyly upon listening to Fujin’s question; then he suddenly opened his mouth and spit out Green Smoke, ‘Venomous Fog Jutsu!’

The well-prepared Fujin immediately retreated backward, and immediately after weaving hand signs, he shouted, ‘Typhoon Release: Great Balloon!’

Under Fujin’s Control, an enormous amount of wind was gathered and after taking the form of a tornado it rushed towards the Cloud of green poison mist.

The poisonous green mist was immediately engulfed by the tornado and became a part of it, Fujin then directed this venomous Tornado towards Orochimaru running in the distance.

Obviously, using the cover of Venomous Green Mist, Orochimaru used his unique substitution Jutsu, to escape towards the two Edo Hokage in the distance so the body that was laying on the ground was just the outer skin Orochimaru shed, while his actual body was already moving in the direction of Hashirama and Tobirama.

Fujin obviously recognized this ‘Orochimaru Style: Substitution Jutsu!’ which is quite different from general Substitution Jutsu.

In fact, it isn’t actually a Substitution Jutsu, rather it’s Snake Skin Shed, therefore he wasn’t much surprised and had already directed the Venomous Tornado towards Orochimaru.

With this unique type of Substitution Jutsu, Uchiha Sasuke managed to escape being burned to ashes by Itachi’s Amaterasu.

It must not be forgotten that even Yagura with Sanbi’s Version 2 Cloak wrapped around his body couldn’t escape being burned by Amaterasu and in the blink of an eye lost his consciousness, yet Sasuke, with Orochimaru’s unique Substitution Jutsu, managed to escape, this feat alone implies the effectiveness of this Jutsu.

Of course, this Substitution Jutsu is not without its drawbacks, for one thing, it is highly taxing on Chakra reserves, and for the other thing, using it to confuse Fujin is simply meaningless because of Fujin’s Byakugan.

As the venomous Tornado approached closer and closer to Orochimaru running in the direction of Hashirama and Tobirama, suddenly a giant white snake appeared out of the ground beneath Fujin’s feet and rushed towards Fujin’s neck, while shouting, “Your body… is now mine!”

Fujin sighed, he didn’t even bother to reply and directly used the Jutsu, ‘Needle Jizo!’

Under Fujin’s control, his hair elongated and hardened then formed a protective barrier around him to make sure that this Snake gets discouraged to implant the Cursed Seal on him unless it wants to die.

And of course, the white snake was a bit discouraged, because approaching closer would mean being impaled by hardened hair.

Fujin did not stop there and immediately used ‘Art of the Raging Lion’s Mane!’ to completely bind the White Snake, and then killed him by cutting him with hair blades.

Immediately after killing this snake, Fujin flashed and rushed towards the real Orochimaru, earlier he wasn’t sure whether this one was the actual body or the one rushing towards Hashirama and Tobirama is the actual body.

But now that he has killed this white Snake, and the fact that the other one did not die because of the venomous tornado implies that the other one is the actual body.

The reason for being so sure is also because there is no other Orochimaru that Fujin sees in his Byakugan Vision.

With that understood, Fujin chased after Orochimaru.

Even if Fujin didn’t shuttle through the Bone Spears, and did not use Iron Sand to fly, the speed with just Chakra Enhancement was also extremely fast, better than his main body in the base state, and perhaps even faster than Shisui’s Body Flicker.

Therefore, even if he started late, in just a few short breaths, Fujin narrowed the distance between him and Orochimaru.

Orochimaru looked at Fujin who was approaching closer and closer, and his face turned gloomy.

He thought that even if he couldn’t fool the other guy because of the Byakugan, the White Snake Clone he left behind should have been enough to buy him some time.

Orochimaru didn’t expect that Fujin would first use a Jutsu on him, then deal with the Snake Clone in seconds, and then even manage to catch up to him.

Everything he is doing is being read by the other party like an open book, ‘Curse his Byakugan!’

Obviously, Orochimaru analyzed that it’s because of Byakugan that Fujin could keep track of all his movements and actions, so there is an obvious annoyance, at the same time, he is becoming more and more afraid of Fujin.

Because everyone in the Shinobi World knows that Hiruko used Chimera Jutsu to steal five Kekkei Genkai, so Orochimaru obviously suspects that in addition to Byakugan, Shikotsumyaku, Magnet Release, Typhoon Release, Fujin also holds other Kekkei Genkai.

Moreover, there is no precedent that only Five Kekkei Genkai can be stolen by the use of Chimera Jutsu, so it’s possible that Fujin has more than 5 Kekkei Genkai, and Orochimaru is no longer interested in finding out what those other Kekkei Genkai are.


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