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When Bryton heard the challenging tone in Claude’s voice, he wanted to give more excuses, but they were interrupted.

A servant of the mansion approached Bryton and said, “A guest is here, master.”

No matter who the guest was, it would be inappropriate to allow them in at this stage.

Unless, of course, it was a member of the royal family.

No one came before the Duke without prior arrangements.

“Tell the guest to wait a while.

I’m still speaking with the Duke.”

“Um, he says it’s urgent.

It’s the person you mentioned moments ago.”

“What” Bryton excused himself from Claude and then followed the servant.

At the end of the hallway was Canillian, observing the painting on the wall.

“Sir Canillian!” Bryton called to her, sounding joyful, and Lia greeted him with a warm smile.

Then the general opened his arms and put his hands on her shoulders.

“I was waiting for you.”

“I came to accept.”

“Oh, I knew it.

Thank you.

Thank you!”

“So, when do we…” As Lia tried to discuss the logistics, she sensed a familiar movement behind her and turned her head.

Underneath the arch connected to the drawing-room stood Claude with his hands in his pocket.

He had a nasty, angry expression on his handsome face.

“What Duke Claude” Lia was surprised and delighted to see him, but the feeling was not mutual by the looks of things.

Claude walked straight past her, barely saying goodbye to Bryton.

Looking highly irritated, he snatched the jacket from the servant and put it on.

“I will hear the details later.”

“Duke” The general looked dumbfounded.

“I’ll be off as we are finished here for now.” Claude glanced at Lia for a split second and then stormed out of the mansion.

Lia was confused as to why Claude completely ignored her.

Usually, he would yell angrily or scorn her while taking Bryton’s hands off of her.

But today, Claude acted as if she wasn’t there.

After Claude had left, Bryton had a worried look on his face.

“I don’t know what is going on, but it seems that the Duke is disliking the idea of you dressing up as a girl.”

“The Duke knows About the tactic”

“Of course.

The Duke’s family is supporting us with their private soldiers.

So I have to share all the tactics with him.

Are the two of you not on good terms”

“He is a friend of my brothers.”

“And you”

“Well,” Lia couldn’t immediately answer.

She thought they were somewhat close.

But after today, she realized she was mistaken for thinking that.

The word “mistake” bounced around in her mind.

Lia awkwardly smiled and shook her head, “I’m getting help from him from time to time.”

“I see.”

Bryton kept thanking her for accepting the job.

He gave a long speech as to why the criminal needed to be apprehended soon.

And he also told of his worry as a father to a daughter himself.

But Lia’s mind was consumed by thoughts of her mother and Claude, so she wasn’t paying attention to what Bryton was saying.

She was trying to figure out if Claude’s behavior had been unintentional or if he’d gone mad.

“I’m going to give you an address.

Do you maybe know the youngster, Marilyn Selby”

“Yes, I do.” Lia nodded while still deep in thought.

Eventually, Bryton became relaxed as he caressed his bearded chin and continued, “Then I will send them a message.

After four days, go to the Marquis Selby’s mansion.

There will be someone that will help you dress up like a woman.”


Claude went straight to the Academy, where he immediately changed his clothes after stepping into the dorm and then headed straight to the west-end stable on the Academy grounds.

The horse was eating hay but got agitated as it saw him take out a whip from his back pocket.

“Whoa whoa, wait, boy,” Claude gently calmed the horse down.

Because he was unhappy with the whole situation with Canillian, Claude purposely chose to avoid Canillian.

He didn’t like the confusion and disgusting emotions that Canillian stirred in him.

And when he heard that Lian was helping Bryton, his blood pressure had skyrocketed.

“Let’s go.” After saddling the stallion, Claude took the leather reins and directed the horse out of the stable.

The field shone gold in the sunset, but he couldn’t appreciate the beauty as his mind felt cluttered with worrisome thoughts. Canillian is going to dress up like a woman and walk around wearing women’s clothing And he’s supposed to catch the criminal like that

Claude dismounted his stallion and sat in the golden field, still fuming.

After some time, he was able to calm his mind and get back on the horse.

And in the distance, he then noticed the white horse approaching.

“Oi, Claude.” It was Prince Wade, who was staying in the castle after returning from Cosoar.

They were both wearing the same horse riding uniform.

The only difference was the family symbol in the middle of the hat.

“It’s been a while, Your Highness.” Wade opened his eyes slowly at Claude’s twisted remark and circled him.

“Yes, it’s been a while, even though you know very well that I was locked in the castle.

Couldn’t show your face once”

“I was busy.”

“Yeah, right.

What, you think my ears are just ornaments What is going on There seems to be a lot of fun things happening in the Academy while I’ve been away.”

“I don’t know so much about that.

There doesn’t seem to be any joy.” Claude straightened up as he pulled the rein with one hand.

His body was in complete control as he calmed the horse that wanted to bolt.

“I hear that Canillian Vale got perfect results on the entrance test That he submitted the document to be in the ninth year.

Also, that Count Tholin was made out to be an absolute fool.

The students that were sick of him are on Canillian’s side.”

Ninth year Claude held the reins tightly, hoping to keep his composure, “The Count got what he deserved for ignoring the warning.

Even though he is a second born, he shouldn’t be challenging the Marquis Vale family.”


Is that it”

“What do you mean”

Wade laughed at his dry response and shrugged.

“I was hoping that your taste changed to the same as mine.

Well, if not, should we ride”

Claude’s face turned white, and he immediately waved the black whip as anger flooded back into him.

The stallion that had been pawing the ground started running as if it was waiting.

As it lowered its head and raised its bottom, the speed of its stride started to increase.

The two horses galloped neck to neck.

Even though their personalities were opposites, their horsemanship was the best in the empire.

After passing the stable, the two men arrived at the dense forest, and Claude took out the colt from the strap around his waist.

It had a dark blue barrel and intricate gold detailing.

The colt had been issued to him by the navy, and it was a small hunting gun Duke Ihar used.

Wade whistled when he saw the craftsmanship for the first time in a while.

Claude didn’t slow down and pulled the trigger, aiming at a tree.

Claude Del Ihar.

Expressionless, chilling, and colder somehow because he was beautiful.

Wade smiled satisfyingly at Duke Ihar’s best production.

“Looks like we’re eating pheasant for dinner tonight.”


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