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Chapter 22.3


After gobbling up her meal, Lia laid down on the soft sofa to rest.

The house that looked too big when it was empty, looked like the perfect size to live in now, with all the furniture in its place, and the two servants that Pepe brought with her were smart enough and stayed out of the way.

“You’re going to the academy now”


I need to do an exam to decide my grade and class.”

“I will make the preparations.”

Pepe went to the second-floor dressing room as she wiped her hands on her apron.

The room was filled with clothes that could last her a lifetime.

They were mostly uniforms, but there were also feminine blouses with inflated sleeves that caught her eye.

After finishing her glass of fresh juice, Lia threw on the uniform Pepe picked for her and put on her shoes.

Her underwear was getting more and more uncomfortable, but she eventually became used to the discomfort.

When she stepped outside, a coach was already waiting for her, and the coachman pleasantly greeted her.

When Lia departed, it was already noon.

The road of Ataer, which she hadn’t had a chance to explore during the last three days because she was busy unpacking, rapidly passed her by.

The coachman cut across Iona Park and stopped in front of the academy.

He spoke politely, “I will be waiting here.”

Lia gave him a nod and jumped off of the coach.

In front of the huge metal gates of the academy, where she had come previously with the Marquis, a caretaker took notice of her uniform and asked for her name.

“Canillian Vale.

I come from Cosoar.” The caretaker jumped in shock at the name and opened the door.

The distance from the gate of the academy to the building was far, but riding a horse or carriage without permission was strictly prohibited.

It was a rule made to prevent collisions as they had been a frequent occurrence in the past.

All eyes were on her as she walked confidently.

People sitting on the grass and walking towards her could not hide their surprised expressions when they saw her.

Some even tripped on their own feet as they turned their heads when she walked past.

But Lia continued to walk forward and didn’t glance at them.

The hot weather was dampening her shirt with sweat.

Her clothes felt icky and they stuck to her skin by the time she arrived in front of the main building.

As if contacted prior, the principal was already waiting for her, and greeted her, “Mr.

Vale, we meet again.”

Lia smiled politely and greeted him.

Two deans appeared behind the principal, holding papers.

She recognized one of them, he had said something strange to her last time she was here.

Eddie, was it He curved his long eyes into a smile.

Like last time, Lia felt goosebumps all over her body.

“Well then, we shouldn’t wait around any longer, let us make our way to the examination room.


Theodore has told us so much about you.

Everyone is so curious to know how your exams go.” The principal sounded excited himself.

“You flatter me too much.

I am just average,” Lia replied shyly.

“No, no.

I believe you are the perfect person to fill Lord Kieran’s shoes.”

Lia’s shoulder became heavy with burden.

These people had such high expectations of someone who was to use an illness as an excuse to vanish.

And this meant she had to deceive them.

Lia had to endure the stares once again, as she walked to the examination room with the principal.

It was not an exaggeration to say that the whole school came out to get a glimpse of her.

Some students quietly whispered amongst themselves, but some even followed her to observe her longer.

Just as she began to feel exhausted from all the harsh stares, the atmosphere suddenly went quiet.

In the corner that led to the exam room, someone was standing there, wearing striking clothes and exuding an aura of a different quality.

Canillia’s eyes met his.

It was Claude, taking off a leather glove with a whip between his teeth.

When the students saw him, one by one, they backed away in fear.

He removed the other glove with his gaze fixed on Canillia.

He was wearing a worsted plaid shirt with a vest on top, jodhpurs, and a bead of sweat was on his forehead.

With a small smile, Lia gave a bow.

Seeing this, Claude just stood straight, staring at her, with his sleeves rolled up.

His eyes looked different than normal.

It was like an angry look that someone gave you, but you didn’t know what they were angry about…


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