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Meng Chao, who was hiding in a secret corner and using his enhanced vision and military binoculars to spy on Lu Siya and the ordinary citizens from afar, had a very strange feeling in his heart more than once.

Monsters were the enemies of mankind.

Superhumans were the guardians of mankind.

That should have been an unquestionable principle.

Now, however, as a monster remnant, a wild banshee, and even the tenth Supernatural Entity, Lu Siya had become one with the ordinary citizens.

In the citizens hearts, she had become the only existence who could uphold justice for them.

Meanwhile, the masters of the nine mega corporations and the superhumans from the noble families were scheming as well as fighting for their own interests.

Among them, there was also the Blood Alliance, which was a crazy and extreme organization.

They did not care about the ordinary citizens immediate interests and Dragon Citys long-term interests.

If he took a step back and looked at it again, who was the monster Who was the superhuman

Meng Chao felt that he could no longer tell.

Take the case before him for example.

The case of The Bright Lights explosion was complicated.

Obviously, it could not be solved overnight.

Lu Siya was like a lighthouse that shone brightly in the dark night.

She attracted hundreds of superhumans and ordinary citizens to gather around her day and night.

It was impossible for everyones attention to be focused on the complicated case all the time.

However, under Lu Siyas guidance, it expanded from The Bright Lights explosion to the superhumans existence and their influence on human civilization, and how to defend the interests of ordinary people without extraordinary powers in this day and age, where extraordinary powers are becoming increasingly powerful, and how to better popularize extraordinary powers.

They could not let extraordinary powers only be in the hands of a few people.

Meng Chao could tell that there were many of Lu Siyas supporters in the crowd.

Due to their influence, as well as the fact that some of the superhumans from wealthy families were not up to par, more and more ordinary citizens gradually became wary of the superhumans from wealthy families, as though they were monsters.

Even if more ordinary citizens were not wary of the superhumans, at the very least, they no longer believed that the superhumans must and will protect the ordinary people unconditionally, without any reason.

Anything else on the contrary was a myth or foolish words.

“There has never been a savior.

Having a father or mother is better than having a savior.

Furthermore, superhumans are not the parents of ordinary people.

How can they protect ordinary people unconditionally”

“People can only rely on themselves!”

“‘The blood of the strong must flow for the weak, and superhumans are the human civilizations war blades. These words are so mushy that they are hypocritical.

The person who often quotes this must be a liar with ulterior motives!”

“Thats right.

We ordinary people should not wait for the superhumans to build and protect everything.

Instead, we should take active actions and strive for the resources that belong to us in the first place.

We should make ourselves stronger and use our hands to build and protect everything!”

With Lu Siya as the center, such ripples gradually spread among the crowd.

They seemed to be getting more and more intense.

In the end, they turned into deafening waves.

In just a few days, the wave had escalated to the extent that many ordinary citizens believed that the Survival Committee should allocate seats according to the ratio of superhumans to ordinary people.

That was naturally impossible.

According to the latest statistics, the ratio of superhumans to ordinary people in Dragon City was about 6.5% to 93.5%.

If they actually distributed the seats in the Survival Committee according to such a ratio, less than one-tenth of the seats would be allocated to superhumans, and they would be completely reduced to a minority.

Even the most radical ordinary people should not have the luxury of hoping that such a seat distribution plan could become a reality.

Even if their dreams came true—if they could distribute the seats in the Survival Committee according to this ratio—that did not mean the power of the ordinary peoples voices could increase tenfold in an instant.

It only meant that the vast majority of superhumans would withdraw from the Survival Committee, the highest authority that had controlled Dragon City for decades.

The Survival Committee would lose all its power and authority, becoming a place for ordinary people to play house.

Speaking of which, Meng Chao knew that with Lu Siyas shrewdness, it was impossible for her to throw out such a ridiculous proposal without any reason.

The proposal of “allocating seats according to the proportion of the population” was thrown out and spread through the Azure Alliances media because it had originally been sent up to be vetoed.

The best way to open a window in a room was to announce publicly that one wanted to tear down a wall.

When the idea of “tearing down a wall” was rejected, “opening a window” became the next best thing.

“Allocating seats according to the proportion of the population” was equivalent to “tearing down a wall.”

The Azure Alliance had been planning for a long time, and the compulsory training law for school-aged children, which would be voted on at the end of this month, was “opening a window.”

The main content of the proposal was that all school-aged children over three and under the age of eighteen who were eligible for compulsory education in Dragon City should be provided with sufficient training resources free of charge.

It included, but was not limited to, genetic potions, medical pods, training pods, and the guidance of gold-medal master teachers.

In an ideal situation, even if it was an ordinary primary school located in a shanty town that mainly served the children of factories and mines, it should also be equipped with high-end training pods and medical pods similar to private primary schools.

Plus, the same dosage of genetic potions should be distributed every day and every semester.

A Deity Realm expert could be invited to hold the same lectures.

Only by doing so could the fairness of education be ensured to the greatest extent, and the descendants of ordinary people could awaken their extraordinary powers.

There was a possibility of achieving a leap in social class.

After the Azure Alliances publicity, the contents of this proposal became deeply rooted in the hearts of the people for a long time.

Needless to say, the vast majority of ordinary citizens raised their hands to welcome the passing of this proposal and the promotion of the official bill and even the “Jackie Chan” law.

In particular, the recent series of events made ordinary citizens aware of the hidden danger of the nine mega corporations being overinflated and the powerhouses of wealthy families being too powerful.

They realized that the superhumans did not necessarily have to protect ordinary people.

Once the superhumans decided not to protect the ordinary people anymore, the ordinary people would not have too many means to defend their own interests.

With that understanding, the ordinary citizens urgently hoped that the Mandatory Training Act for School-aged Children could be passed so that their descendants could control their own destinies.

At the very least, they would have the possibility to do that.

This was what the people wanted and the general trend.

It was difficult for the members of the nine mega corporations to block the passage of this proposal.

Originally, their only way was to temporarily shelve the proposal and “plan for the long term” under the excuse that Dragon City did not have enough resources and was temporarily not equipped with the conditions to allow children of the right age to enjoy the highest standard of training treatment.

However, the scandals in the underground black market continued to ferment, and many of the wealthy families children were involved in the vortex of “expensive gene drugs.” Even after their daily extravagances were all exposed, this excuse became riddled with loopholes.

Why The cultivation resources for the sons of wealthy families to indulge in debauchery were so abundant that they could even be sliced into pieces and eaten by a Tyrant Mammoth.

Yet, when ordinary citizens wanted their descendants to enjoy equal rights in cultivation, they were already “lacking in resources”

What the f*ck was this logic


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