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“Wait, Li Wei couldnt have passed the physical examination and obtained the dangerous goods transportation license.”

Meng Chao discovered something suspicious.

If one wanted to become a member of the Dangerous Goods Transportation Association, one did not have to be a healthy person with intact limbs.

After all, nowadays, artificial limbs were highly developed.

Even if ones limbs were replaced with runic mechanical products, one could accurately control the steering wheel, brake, and accelerator.

However, Li Weis entire spine was embedded with suspicious implants.

The implants even extended all the way to his brain, allowing him to be stimulated by signals that were reminiscent of brain waves at a moments notice.

He could be turned into a mindless flesh puppet.

If such a person could drive a truck full of raw crystals or compressed spirit energy and go on a rampage in the main city, would he not be exploited and turned into a human bomb at any time

Meng Chao had just scanned Li Weis surgical scars.

Judging from the signs of growth in his flesh and blood, his wounds had taken at least a year to heal.

As for the Dragon City Dangerous Goods Transportation Association, it needed its drivers to undergo a comprehensive physical examination every six months, including a thorough scan of the bones and internal organs with various X-ray equipment.

It was impossible for Li Wei to pass the physical examination with such a weird implant.

“This is the key issue.”

Shen Yuanbao said, “The medical institution that issued the health report to Li Wei did not find any problem with him at all.

The medical imaging data that they provided to the Dragon City Dangerous Goods Transportation Association did not show that there was any implant in Li Weis body aside from artificial joints and alloy bones either.”

“How is that possible”

Meng Chao scoffed.

In fact, there was no need for any medical experience at all.

Provided that one was not blind, one could not possibly draw the conclusion that Li Wei was “healthy and completely normal” once he or she removed Li Weis clothes and saw the shocking scars on his back.

“Theres something wrong with Li Weis health report.”

Meng Chao muttered, “Where did he get his physical examination”

“New Life Hospital.”

Shen Yuanbao threw out a name that Meng Chao had never heard before.

Meng Chao was slightly startled.

He was very familiar with the public hospitals that ranked in the top few spots in Dragon City, as well as the list of high-end private hospitals that had experts and cutting-edge equipment.

He was sure that New Life Hospital was not among them.

“Does the Dragon City Dangerous Goods Transportation Association recognize this hospitals medical report” Meng Chao asked suspiciously.

The Dragon City Dangerous Goods Transportation Association did not have its own medical institution, but it would not casually recognize the medical examination reports of some underground illegal clinic.

They had a list of designated hospitals, which basically included the professional medical institutions in Dragon City ranked in the top twenty.

The Dangerous Goods Transportation Association could only recognize the medical examination reports that those institutions issued.

If any member of the association had a traffic accident or wanted to upgrade themselves, they could only go to the listed hospitals for treatment.

They could not go to those shady underground clinics that were filled with all kinds of people and accepted illegal modifications that were indecent or even insane.

“They admitted it themselves.”

Shen Yuanbao had also just received the information about New Life Hospital, hence he transmitted a copy to Meng Chao.

“New Life Hospital was originally an orthopedic clinic that specialized in serving the Thunderbolt Suicide Squad.

In recent years, it received investments, increased its scale, increased its departments, and expanded its business scope.

The year before last, it passed the certification of the Dragon City Dangerous Goods Transportation Association and became qualified to conduct medical examinations for Special Class A drivers and issue health reports.

“As for Li Wei, it was at that time he obtained the relevant license and became a member of the Dangerous Goods Transportation Association.

Moreover, he had been undergoing a medical examination at New Life Hospital.

“Oh, right.

According to the information here, Li Wei also underwent three surgeries at New Life Hospital.

They were knee replacement surgery, spine strengthening surgery, and a modification surgery to upgrade his artificial limb.

It seems that he trusts this hospital very much.”

“Of course.

This is the only hospital he can trust.”

Meng Chao pondered deeply.

“Based on Li Weis injuries and the strange implants from his spine to his brain, if he were to be transferred to any large public hospital, he would definitely not be able to engage in any high-risk occupations once hes discovered and recorded.”

“Theres another very interesting piece of information here.”

Shen Yuanbao said, “The original director of New Life Hospital is also a veteran orthopedic specialist in the industry.

Two years ago, he was poached by Thundercloud Technology with a high salary, and he joined an affiliated company of theirs.

He even owns a lot of shares in the affiliated company.

“Now, the person in charge of New Life Hospital is the old directors younger brother.”

There was a bright glint in Meng Chaos eyes.

Li Wei, New Life Hospital, Thundercloud Technology, and Yun Feidian were all connected together.

“Senior Shen, you mean Yun Feidian has controlled New Life Hospital for a long time, and its making flesh puppets for him” Meng Chao thought deeply.

“Its very possible from the looks of it.

If I were the leader of the Blood Alliance, it would be necessary for me to control such a hospital.”

Shen Yuanbao said, “Whatever the new Blood Alliance is going to do, it will not be without the support of cultivation resources.

Whether its bribing the key players in important posts within the nine mega corporations or carrying out a few earth-shaking operations in the downtown area of Dragon City, it will consume an astronomical amount of crystals and compressed spirit energy, just like The Bright Lights explosion.

“Of course, the Blood Alliance will not be able to use the ready-made spirit energy pipeline.

Otherwise, if the gas consumption is too high, the adjudicator court and the Research Department will notice it.

“They can only use the dangerous goods vehicles to add fuel to the vehicles for their scheme.

The method is flexible and secretive enough.

“If thats the case, it will be even more important to have a batch of dangerous goods carriers who are under their control and loyal to them.

They will never betray them.

Even if they do, they will be punished immediately.

At a critical moment, it will be even more vital for them to become human bombs.

“The most efficient way to achieve his goal is to control a hospital, perform special implantation, as well as modification operations, and promote the hospital to the certification list of the Dangerous Goods Transportation Association.”


With Thundercloud Technologys capability, there are many ways to make the Dangerous Goods Transportation Association recognize New Life Hospital!”

Meng Chaos eyes lit up.

“In other words, the people who have undergone multiple physical examinations and treatments at New Life Hospital in the past two years are all likely to be Yun Feidians puppets and members of the Blood Alliance!”

New Life Hospital had just been upgraded from a specialized hospital for bone injuries to a general hospital not long ago.

Regardless of fame or strength, it could not compare to the top ten public hospitals in Dragon City.

The number of patients who had undergone multiple physical examinations and treatments at New Life Hospital would not be too small, but it would not be too large either.

Ignoring the ordinary people for the time being, the number would be even smaller if only the superhumans were investigated.

It was completely within Meng Chao and Shen Yuanbaos range!


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