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Chapter 14: Do You Deserve It

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Chapter 14 Do You Deserve It

Early the next morning, all the big shots in Jiangcheng were invited to the Yan familys newly purchased manor.

Even the gentry in Chuzhou province came to attend the banquet.

The time of the banquet was set at nine oclock in the morning, but everyone came to the manor early and waited.

At that moment, Yan Ruoxue was driving to the Dragon Paradise neighborhood.

”Qin Yu, hurry up and come down. Ill wait for you at the entrance of the neighborhood.” Yan Ruoxue made a phone call to Qin Yu.

Before Qin Yu had a chance to speak, Yan Ruoxue hung up the phone.

After tidying up in a simple fashion, Qin Yu arrived at the entrance of the neighborhood.

Qin Yu saw Yan Ruoxue wearing a long dress as she stood waiting in front of the car.

Her distinctive elegance dazzled Qin Yu for a moment.

”Have you stared enough” Yan Ruoxue rolled her eyes and said.

Qin Yu then came back to his senses and coughed awkwardly as he said, “Miss Ruoxue, what brings you here”

Yan Ruoxue smiled and said, “Get in the car. Ill take you shopping for clothes.”

”Huh Shopping for clothes” Qin Yu was even more bewildered.

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”The clothes you wear arent appropriate for formal occasions,” Yan Ruoxue replied with a smile.

Qin Yu tried to decline, but Yan Ruoxues bossiness gave Qin Yu no way to refuse.

After getting into the car, the two of them arrived at Jiangcheng Citys shopping mall.

”Hmm... This shirt isnt that bad. Go try it on.” Yan Ruoxue was searching for clothes in the mall very attentively.

”This one seems nice too, so go and try it on.”

”Eh That one seems like it would suit you too.”


Eventually, Qin Yu walked out of the fitting room while wearing a black tuxedo.

As he stood in front of the mirror, Qin Yu couldnt believe the person in front of him was him.

The saying that the clothes make the man was true!

”You look very handsome!” Yan Ruoxue quipped.

Qin Yu scratched his head with a bashful look on his face.

”Wrap all these clothes up.” Yan Ruoxue took out her card and passed it to the sales clerk.

”No, no, I cant wear all of these clothes...” Qin Yu hurriedly shook his head and said.

Yan Ruoxue rolled her eyes and said, “It doesnt cost much, so just wrap them up.”

Qin Yu secretly glanced at the bill and could not help but let out a gasp.

All these clothes actually amounted to almost one million dollars!

”The world of rich people is really incomprehensible,” lamented Qin Yu bitterly.

After putting on the tuxedo, Qin Yu went back to the manor with Yan Ruoxue.

At this time, many guests had already come to the manor.

Most of them were of distinguished status and exceptional prestige.

After she returned to the manor, Yan Ruoxue resumed her usual cold demeanor and her imposing aura, as if she were an entirely different person.

Qin Yu had never attended this kind of party before, so he was anxious.

”Loosen up a bit,” Yan Ruoxue said with a smile, “You have to remember that they are the ones who coming to beg us, so consider yourself the host.”

Qin Yu could not help but flinch.


The implication of this remark by Yan Ruoxue made Qin Yu somewhat giddy.

At this moment, Qin Yu suddenly caught sight of Su Yan and Zhao Gang entering the doorway.

The two were holding hands and they seemed extremely intimate.

At the same time Qin Yu saw them, they also spotted Qin Yu.

Zhao Gang immediately gave Su Yan a kiss on the cheek, and then walked towards Qin Yu in large strides.

Qin Yus fists clenched and his face turned icy cold.

Overwhelming rage made Qin Yu want to kill the degenerate couple.

Qin Yu suddenly felt a hand holding his own.

When he looked down, he saw Yan Ruoxues soft hand gently holding his own.

”Are you still pissed off” Yan Ruoxue winked at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu felt deep gratitude inside him.

”Miss Ruoxue, th... Thank you.” Qin Yu said anxiously.

Very quickly, Zhao Gang and Su Yan had come up to them.

Su Yan took a look at Yan Ruoxue, who was beside him, and jealousy surfaced on her face.

The reason was that this woman was too beautiful. Her ethereal elegance overshadowed her easily.

Zhao Gang was displeased too.

How could such a beautiful woman be with Qin Yu

”Qin Yu, is such an event something you can come to” Su Yan ridiculed.

Qin Yu said with a cold expression on his face, “If someone like you can come, why cant I come”

When Su Yan heard that, she said proudly, “I was invited by Yan family to come here!”

After saying that, she even deliberately glanced at Yan Ruoxue, as if she was showing off.

However, Yan Ruoxues expression was filled with amusement.

”Miss, I didnt expect you to show up as well. From the looks of it, your family has some influence,” said Zhao Gang with faux courtesy as he glanced at Yan Ruoxue.

Yan Ruoxue said indifferently, “Its just average.”

Zhao Gang said with a smile, “Our family also received an invitation from the Yan family, so why dont we become friends Perhaps we can do business together in the future.”

Yan Ruoxue sized up Zhao Gang and said with a sneer, “Be friends Are you fit to be friends with me”

Zhao Gangs expression instantly became a little nasty.

”Miss, youre going a bit too far.” Zhao Gang said with displeasure.

”I pretty much know all the prominent people in Jiangcheng, but Ive never seen you before.”

”The Zhao family is a powerful family in Jiangcheng, so if you befriend me, you wont lose out on anything.”

Yan Ruoxue said with a cold smile, “The Zhao family holds no importance in my mind.”

Zhao Gangs expression turned cold.

Yan Ruoxue ignored Zhao Gang and looked at Qin Yu as she said, “You can wait for a while by yourself. I have something to attend to.”

Qin Yu hurriedly nodded and said, “Okay, you can go ahead with your business.”

After Yan Ruoxue left, Su Yan said, “Whats the point of playing hard to get Shes just a slut!”

Zhao Gang also secretly swore in his mind, “Bitch, just you wait. Ill get you to sleep with me eventually!”

Afterwards, Zhao Gang glanced at Qin Yu and said with a grunt, “Tell that bitch that she should be careful not to fall into my hands! Or else, I wont let her off the hook!”

Qin Yu, however, snickered in response, “Zhao Gang, youd better apologize to her or youll be dead meat.”


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