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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 21: First Purchase

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Chapter 21: First Purchase

Chapter 21: First Purchase

Sometime later, Miss Camille approached Leos unconscious body on the floor and picked him up, carrying him like a princess.

“I-I will carry him for you.” Khrome quickly said.

“Its fine, Ill do it.” Miss Camille turned around and started walking towards the door.

Khrome narrowed his eyes at them and suddenly asked, “Hey, Saintess, if you dont mind me asking, whats your relationship with this fellow He looks a little too young to be your boyfriend, unless you prefer them like that…”

“Do you want to die” She turned to glare at him with killing intent.

“I-Im only joking with you.”

Miss Camille coldly snorted, “Hes just a lost child that I happened to come across and somehow ended up taking care of. There is nothing more than that between us.”

“I see… Sorry for sticking my nose into your business.” Khrome bowed to her and remained bowed until she disappeared from the place.

After leaving the Adventurers Guild with Leo still unconscious, Miss Camille carried him back to her car before driving back to the academy.

Right before they returned to the academy, Miss Camille made sure to remove the necklace she gave Leo.

“W-What happened to him” The person at the gate asked about Leo when they arrived at the gate.

“His injuries acted up, causing him to lose consciousness.” Miss Camille casually explained.

“Does he need medical attention We should probably— Oh… Never mind…” The guard suddenly recalled Miss Camilles background and stopped his sentence midway.

“Can you help him check in Ill bring him back to his room.” Miss Camille said.

“I will.”

Miss Camille proceeded to carry Leo back to his room within the academy.

Once inside his room, she brought him to the bedroom and placed him on the bed.

However, since Leo had been unconscious since his training, his body reeked of sweat.

Miss Camille rubbed her eyes and sighed before stripping him down to his underwear and wiping his body with cleaning wipes.

Meanwhile, Lilith watched the whole thing from beginning to end with a wide grin on her face.

Once everything was done, Miss Camille left Leo alone to rest.

The following morning, Leo woke up with intense pain all over his body, feeling as though hed been hit by a truck.

“Damn it… What is this pain”

“Good morning, Leo.” Lilith greeted him with a smile.

“Huh Lilith” Leo was surprised to see her.

He started looking at his surroundings the next moment, “This is… I am back inside my room How”

“The pretty nurse brought you back since you were unconscious.”

“Miss Camille Wait… That means…”

“Yup! She carried you like a princess! I almost couldnt believe my eyes when I saw it!” Lilith laughed out loud.

Leos face flushed with redness after realizing that Miss Camille had carried him back to the academy from the Adventurers Guild.

“Oh Are you blushing Dont be! Because thats not even the best part!” Lilith suddenly said.

“W-What do you mean” Leo had a bad feeling about this, but he still asked regardless.

“After she carried you back to your room, she even wiped your body clean with cleaning wipes!”

“What!” Leo cried out loud, his face turning as red as a tomato.

However, before Leo could settle down, Lilith said, “By the way, its almost time for class. You should still take a shower before you leave, though.”

Leo sighed and went to take a quick shower before going to his class.

“I bet a lot of students saw Miss Camille carrying me… Theyre definitely going to bully me with that…”

“Actually, youre quite lucky. Only the person at the gate and a couple of students in your dorm saw it.”

“Even if one person saw it, thats still one too many.” Leo sighed.

“By the way, what happened while youre outside How come you came back unconscious” Lilith asked.

“Long story short, Miss Camille took me to the Adventurers Guild, where I trained with some crazy bastard until I dropped dead.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“Fun! Youre out of your mind if you think that kind of training is fun! It was basically torture! However, if I have to be honest, I think I benefited greatly from it, so I wont complain too much.”

Sometime later, Leo arrived at his classroom and proceeded to spend half of the day listening to lectures.

After all of the classes ended, Leo made his way to the Training Center even though Miss Camille didnt tell him to do so.

Sure enough, Miss Camille was waiting for him outside the building.

“How do you feel” She asked him.

“I have never felt worse. My whole body screams with pain every time I move my body. I might even have a few broken bones,” he sighed.

“Your bones are fine. I checked.”

“Anyways, I have something to tell you. Khrome would like to continue training you for another two weeks. Ill let you decide whether you want to keep training with him or not.”

Leos jaw dropped after hearing this news.

“Two weeks! Ill definitely die if I have to train like that for two more weeks!”

“Then Ill tell him that youd refused.”

“W-Wait! Who said anything about refusing” Leo suddenly said.

“Oh” Miss Camille was a little surprised.

“While its true that his training method is very painful, I have to admit that its very efficient and promising. In just two days, I have learned how to use the sword properly. If I fought with my classmates in my current state, I should have a decent chance of defeating them. If I continue to train with Khrome, I will definitely be able to defeat Kayn!”

“So youre going to continue training with him” Miss Camille asked for confirmation.

“Yes.” He nodded.

“I understand. Then I will let Khrome know of your decision.”

“Oh wait… But this means that I will have to leave the academy everyday to go to the Adventurers Guild. I would walk there if I could, but that would waste a lot of time.”

Miss Camille couldnt help but smile inwardly seeing how Leo was being so considerate of her.

“I dont mind driving you there,” she said a moment later.

“Are you sure”

“I am still going to be with you even if you train here. It wont make that much of a difference.”

“All right. Then Ill bother you a little more and ask you to drive me to the Adventurers Guild.”

“Go get some more rest today, and go buy some more clothes. Well start going to the Adventurers Guild tomorrow.”


Leo left to buy more clothes while Miss Camille contacted Khrome about Leos decision.

“I see. It appears that I am still underestimating that pipsqueak. I didnt think he would actually agree to it. Ill reward him for exceeding my expectations by increasing his training! Hahaha!” Khrome laughed out loud.

The following day, Miss Camille drove Leo to the Adventurers Guild for another day of training.

A few more days later, Leo finally managed to increase his magic spell Dark Barrier to Mastery RankD by training his magic before going to train with Khrome, completing his quest.

[ 1,000 Magic Experience, 5 Magic Points]

[Quest: Learn a new Magic Spell]

[Description: Learn a Tier 2 or above Magic Spell]

[Time Limit: 30 days]

[Reward: 1,600 Magic Experience, 8 Magic Points]

[Quest: Kill Monsters]

[Description: Kill 3 monsters using magic]

[Time Limit: 30 days]

[Reward: 2,000 Magic Experience, 10 Magic Points]

I have to kill monsters for this new quest! Leo cried inwardly after seeing the new quest.

He then asked Lilith, “Hey, do you have any Tier 2 Magic Spells that you can teach me”

“I do, but why are you being so hasty You just started using magic.”

“I guess I am just curious.” He made an excuse.

“Sorry, but Im not going to teach you any Tier 2 Magic Spells for now. Its for your own good.”

“Then when can you teach me”

“When I think youre capable enough to handle them.”

Leo decided to not pursue his quests for now since he has 30 days to complete them.

Now that I think about it, what will happen if I fail a quest He wondered inwardly.

Sometime later, once he was inside the bathroom to take a shower, Leo brought up the Magic Shop.

Now that I have enough Magic Points, lets awaken a new magic affinity!

After taking a deep breath, Leo used 10 Magic Points out of his total 11 to purchase [Awaken Random Affinity] from the Magic Shop.




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