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Lazarus: A Summoned Myth Chapter 9: The Next Step

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The two of them were staring at the castle from a distance. Outside the castle was an army of what looked like demons. They were all cheering as King Alexander was giving a speech from the balcony on the third floor.

"Are all of those demon myths?" gasped Lazarus.

"I suppose so." said Leon.

"What do you want to do? I don even see Pluto here." said Lazarus.

"I came here with a goal in mind, we will infiltrate the castle." said Leon.

Lazarus grinned and nodded. They continued to make their way toward the castle. They were running through the dense forest and stopping each minute to make sure that nobody was patrolling the area. They hid behind trees and ducked behind big boulders. They also made sure to whisper.


e here its just up this gravel path." said Lazarus.

"Yea, lets get to the back of the castle and attempt to sneak in." said Leon.

"No. I remember when I was summoned here, it created a huge hole in the ritual room. It was on the first floor. I can still see the wall crumbled, lets go through there." said Lazarus.

"Got it." said Leon.

The gravel path split into three more paths. One led directly to the castles entrance, where the demon myths were, one led to the right side entrance of the castle, and the last led to the left side entrance of the castle. The giant hole in the wall was on the left side so they decided to continue sneaking up towards the left side in an attempt to get into the ritual room. They didn follow the path directly but rather they followed the path just outside of it in the forest.

"Look! They didn repair it." Lazarus said as he pointed at the hole.

"Great. I see two mages in there though, we need to take care of that." said Leon.

"You take the one on the left reading that book, and Ill take the one on the right." said Lazarus.

They stayed low but sprinted towards the hole in the wall, where they were, part of the castle was blocking them, so none of the demon myths were able to see them. They reached the wall and put their backs to the outside of it while looking into the ritual room.

"Ready?" said Leon.

Lazarus nodded and they quickly sprinted in. Leon slit the throat of the mage who was reading, and Lazarus stabbed the other mage in the chest. The mages did let out squeals but Leon and Lazarus were covering their mouths.

They took a look around the ritual room but there wasn anything useful to collect, just a couple of tools.

"Ok, I have an idea. Theres no way we can fight all those demon myths. But how about we get to that balcony and kill Alexander?" said Leon.

"And then what?" said Lazarus.

Leon chuckled.

"Simple. We run." said Leon.

"Well, I guess if we kill Alexander it might do more good than bad. Its worth the risk, lets go." Lazarus said.

They continued up a spiral staircase that led to the first floor. The door was already opened, and they peeked their head in to make sure nobody was there. All the mages seemed to be outside, they snuck into the first floor which was the lobby.

"Keep going up." whispered Leon.

There was a staircase on each side of the room leading up to the second floor. They continued up on the left side. When they reached the second-floor entrance they again peeked their heads to make sure it was clear. Leon gave a hand symbol to keep going after spotting nobody.

On the second floor were the mages quarters, there were many bedrooms on each side of the room with another staircase to the third floor. Leon spotted some mages fast asleep. They continued to tip-toe their way to the next staircase. From this staircase, they can hear King Alexander screaming to the demon myths.

"Lets wait for him to finish his speech, then we strike when he comes back inside." said Leon.

"Sounds like a plan." said Lazarus.

Leon spotted an empty room just by the staircase and symboled Lazarus to follow. The room was a simple living space with couches, bookcases, and desks. They hid behind a long couch that was against the wall. While they were hiding they can also hear King Alexanders speech and listened in.

"Do you want a world where you can be free?" said King Alexander.

The demon myth mob screamed "Yeah!"

"Do you want a world where you can claim your vengeance?" said King Alexander.

The demon myth mob screamed "Yeah!"

"Do you desire to end the useless humanity?" said King Alexander.

The demon myth mob screamed "Yeah!"

"So then what I ask of you is to follow my orders, I only have two orders for you. I know Im being generous." said King Alexander.

King Alexander faced his back against them.

"My two orders for you are, to respect me as king! And to go create factions all about in Yanni, go cause mass chaos! The world is yours!" said King Alexander.

The demon myth mob screamed "Yeah!" and all of them dispersed running in different directions to create different factions in Yanni. As they were all dispersing King Alexander started uncontrollably laughing and walked back into his quarters.

"This isn good at all." said Lazarus.

"Focus! Hes done, lets get to his room." said Leon.

They got up from behind the couch and silently but swiftly walked down the hallway to the room King Alexander was in. They can hear his footsteps creaking throughout the wooden floors in his room. The door was closed and the two of them put their backs against the wall ready to rush in.

Leon started to count to three with his fingers,

"One, Two, Three." said Leon.

And on three Leon swiftly opened the door, King Alexander was drinking tea in the middle of the room. Leon tackled him to the ground and covered his mouth while Lazarus kicked his head. Leon took out his katana but didn recite this time. He simply put his katana high above his head, King Alexander started struggling and whining. Leon didn give him a glimpse and slashed his stomach open. Blood splattered all throughout the room, and on the two of them.

"Great **ing job." said Lazarus.

"Good work. I didn even grant him the privilege to the soul realm. He doesn deserve it." said Leon

"Good call." said Lazarus.

"Lets get the hell out of here, we sorta made a ruckus." Leon chuckled.

The two of them decide to exit from the balcony. Though it seemed risky, it was the only safe way as the mages started to pour into the lobby. They both jumped off the balcony and rolled into the patch of grass. It hurt but it was better than battling a whole army of mages.

"Keep going ahead!" said Leon.

Leon and Lazarus sprinted towards the dense forest. They were dodging and weaving through the trees and brush.

"Ah, I think we

e in the clear. Those mages are intelligent but stupid at the same time." said Lazarus.

"Yea, just hide behind this rock, we can rest for a moment." said Leon.

"So now what? We

e gonna have to deal with demon myth factions ruling over Yanni?" said Lazarus.

"I suppose. This is truly bad news. None of those towns, cities, or villages will survive once they come ravaging in." said Leon.

"So whats our next step?" said Lazarus.

"Our next step is to attempt to defeat any demon myth we come across." said Leon.

"What about recruiting more hero myths?" said Lazarus.

"They will come to us, we don have time to search. Lets gather our stamina and head to the city opposite of Grim City. Its name is Corbus." said Leon.

"What about Zoe, Arjuna, and Nike? I worry for them." said Lazarus.

"In no time we will meet again. Im sure they are alright. We didn spot a single dead body back in Lambros. No worries." said Leon.

They rested for a bit then started their journey to the city of Corbus. Corbus was a city, full of tall buildings, and narrow streets. It was beautiful and was the exact opposite of Grim City. Many upper-class people lived and worked here. And they kept their city very safe. The city of Corbus was in a tundra biome, so as they were going about their journey it started to snow. They were used to this as they just came from Mount Zeus, though it started to hinder their walkability.

"I can believe things have changed this much." said Lazarus.

"Yea. Its crazy how times have changed." said Leon.

"I haven really gotten the chance to take all the physical changes around me yet." said Lazarus.

They continued up the snowy path and finally were able to see the tall skyscrapers that towered over them.

"Ha...ha...hahahahaha!" a voice started laughing behind them. They both turned but didn see anything. Then, they heard a chainsaw starting up. It sounded like it was right behind them, but every time they looked. It was gone.

"Look.. behind you!" said the voice.

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