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Lazarus: A Summoned Myth Chapter 8: Rebirth

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"If what you say is true about your green aura devouring people. I truly believe you have the same capabilities as me Lazarus." said Leon.

"What do you mean?" replied Lazarus.

"What I mean is that I believe you are sending peoples souls to rest in the soul realm." said Leon.

Lazarus was in shock.

"Yeah but... the people I devoured weren demon myths so how is that possible?." said Lazarus.

"They don have to be a demon myth per se. You could kill a regular human and have them sent to the soul realm, it doesn matter who is dead. The soul realm is opened to everyone as long as they are granted the privilege to go there." said Leon.

"So you mean to tell me that I can send the dead to the soul realm?" said Lazarus.

Leon nodded his head.

"I remember clearly, a teammate in my team had that exact aura, except in red. I truly believe this is what is happening. I am very happy that the gods blessed you with this power Lazarus. You will have a huge influence in the upcoming war." said Leon.

"I am grateful, but I hold a lot of power now, that I don even know how to use clearly." said Lazarus.

Leon laughed.

"Hahahaha, its simple, kill the bad guys." said Leon.

"Thanks for nothing." said Lazarus.

"Well of course its simple, you just need to get stronger. You

e obviously not used to this magic stuff." said Leon.

"Teach me, please." said Lazarus.

"Of course, I will, but it won just take one night. For now, close your eyes and embrace what is around you." said Leon.

Lazarus closed his eyes and took in his surroundings. He was on top of Mount Zeus, it was a huge accomplishment. He can hear the wind blowing, and the various birds chirping, but besides that there was silence. There were no distractions, he can finally hone in himself.

"Now, imagine yourself using that power of yours, and think of yourself as a fierce warrior." said Leon.

Lazarus started to picture himself taking down the underworld God Pluto. He saw himself using the green aura to help poor souls reach the soul realm. He saw himself saving his companions and evolving his System even further. He didn see any setbacks, there was only forward progression. It then clicked in him that everything he needs to be a warrior is right there inside of him. There was no need to worry, the only thing he saw himself doing was thinking forward. He realized that all his worries will bring him down further.

He opened his eyes and the sun was hitting his face, his hair was blowing in the wind and a tear dropped down his face as he smiled. As he opened his eyes he felt like a new person, he felt as if after he leaves Mount Zeus, he is leaving the old Lazarus behind, and beginning a new version of himself. He felt so stupid that the answers to his problems were right within himself this whole time. After some time Leon decided to check in on Lazarus.

"How was it? Anything interesting?" Leon said.

"So is this what a rebirth is?" Lazarus said while smiling.

"A rebirth is up to the individual, youll know what a rebirth feels like." said Leon.

Lazarus within himself knew that what he just experienced, had to be a rebirth. It was almost like he shed his skin, he felt so new that he wanted to jump right into the action.

"I believe it happened." said Lazarus.

"Good, good!" Leon chuckled.

"I say we get back to Lambros now. Im worried about the rest of them." said Lazarus.

Leon got up from sitting on the ground "Yeah, yeah. Lets head out now." said Leon.

They began their journey back down Mount Zeus. This time though Lazarus wasn feeling sluggish anymore. He felt as if his questions were answered. Nothing could stop him now. They continued down, it was a tiring journey but they did it again, like it was nothing.

As they reached the bottom of Mount Zeus, Lazarus couldn even remember his old self. It felt like he was thinking progressively for his whole life. As they were on the path back to Lambros Lazarus noticed something.

"Leon, do you smell burning?" said Lazarus.

Leon sniffed around.

"Yeah... I do." said Leon.

Lazarus then looked up and noticed smoke coming from Lambros, he pointed at it and exclaimed

"Leon, look! Smoke is coming from Lambros it has to be!" said Lazarus.

"Okay, okay. Remain calm, but lets hurry up." said Leon.

They started to sprint towards Lambros, from where they were they can see the entrance. They hurried up to the entrance and to their surprise, Lambros was absolutely demolished. It seemed as if a meteor hit Lambros. The whole town was up in flames, buildings were demolished, no signs of anybody alive. Leon was emotionless, and Lazarus was angry.

"Wheres Arjuna? Wheres Nike and Zoe?" said Lazarus.

Leon and Lazarus started walking through the demolished town, but there wasn any sign of the three. No person was left, and there were no dead bodies. Just an abandoned town engulfed in flames.

"Do you think everybody got out successfully?" said Lazarus.

"I have faith in Arjuna and Nike, and to see no dead body means they had to be successful." said Leon.

Lazarus took a huge sigh of relief, there were no dead bodies throughout the whole village.

"Do you think Pluto did this?" said Lazarus.

"He had to." said Leon.

"I am sick and tired of running. Tomorrow we head straight at him. I don care anymore." said Lazarus.

Leon nodded his head.

"Im with you. I am confident that we are able to defeat him. Remember this when you

e up against him. Remember why exactly you want to destroy him. Never lose this motivation." said Leon.

Lazarus looked into the flames and kept that image in his head. A town full of friendly people, farmers, and merchants burnt to flame. Lazarus was thinking about how they couldn even defend themselves without help, it wasn fair. There was no fight, it was a one-sided war without hero myths. This moment opened him up to the reality of the situation. There was no time to slack off anymore, he needed to believe in himself so that these people who have nothing to do with it can live a normal life.

"I absolutely won lose this feeling. Right now I feel like I can take on two Plutos." said Lazarus.

"Hahaha, despite seeing my village engulfed in flames, I haven wanted to kick someones ass like this in a while!" said Leon.

They began to walk back to Grim City, they wanted to travel to the Great Castle of Yanni, where King Alexander resides. This is where they both thought Pluto would be. Lazarus remembered Petros saying that the demon myths will report to King Alexander. Lazarus didn care that he was heading head first into the enemys base, he felt as if he was invincible. He kept having these images of the flames, of Pluto terrorizing them, and of the innocent people that had to go through this war for no reason.

"This motivation feels good doesn it?" said Leon.

"It feels great, its like I believe I can do anything." said Lazarus.

"Sometimes all it takes is for the reality of the situation. People are relying on us, Lazarus. When we raid this Castle, have no regrets." said Leon.

"Trust me, this time around I won . I finally see why I want to do this now." said Lazarus.

They finally reached Grim City, the city was full of ashes. They couldn even recognize Grim City anymore. That only fueled the fire in Lazarus heart.

"I can believe this." said Lazarus.

"How do you think I feel? We have to keep moving forward, theres no other way." said Leon.

They were stepping over the remnants of Grim City, dead bodies, rubble, and trash. It smelled terrible, and they tried to hurry to reach the exit of Grim City while holding their noses.

When they got to the entrance gate of the Great Castle of Yanni it was shut close, and the only other way they were able to get in was to climb over. Since it was gated they were able to easily climb the gate and move over to the land just before the castle.

"Keep your head down and stay quiet." said Leon.

"I know, I know." said Lazarus.

They were crouching and looking for cover behind trees and rocks as they were traversing through the land just before the Great Castle of Yanni. From where they were they can faintly see the castle in the distance. It looked as if an entire army was just outside of the castle.

"Leon! do you see that?" Lazarus whispered.

"What in the world? It looks like an assembly of demons!" Leon said.

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