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Lazarus: A Summoned Myth Chapter 6: Enlightenment

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Lazarus never spoke about his feelings to someone, he never had a mentor or someone to look up to. But he was in a desperate situation, and when the opportunity was in front of him, he decided it might be better to talk to someone rather than act irrationally.

"Ive never spoken to anyone about my thoughts." said Lazarus.

Leon smiled, closed his eyes, and put his hands together.

"I understand, its easy, just let go." said Leon.

"But I-"

"How about this... Nike and Arjuna, do you mind stepping out of the room for a sec?" Leon interrupted.

Nike and Arjuna both were visibly annoyed but decided it was in their best interest that Lazarus was in top condition, mentally and physically. So they got up, left the beautiful meditation room, and went to check up on Zoe.

"Now Lazarus, why is your mind in turmoil?" said Leon.

"How can you tell, Leon?" Lazarus questioned.

"Lazarus, when youve reached enlightenment, you can tell a story just from looking at someones face." said Leon.

Lazarus let out a huge sigh.

"The problem is my past." said Lazarus.

He gazed off at the koi fish coming up at the surface of the water.

"Ive been running from my past for so long, I can keep up." said Lazarus.

Leon smiled and opened his eyes.

"Ah, simple." Leon said.

"Well its not so simple for me." said Lazarus.

"I want you to come and train with me, I promise you by the end of it, you will be rebirthed." said Leon.

"But how? Look at the world right now, look at whats happening! Pretty soon the creatures will-"

"What does that have to do with you? We can start with that." Leon interrupted.

Lazarus stared at him, confused.

"We were summoned here as heroic myths, we are supposed to be defending these people that have nothing to do with this madness." said Lazarus.

Leon closed his eyes once again and let out a huge sigh, then smiled.

"What do you suppose we do? Save everyone? How are you thinking about that, when you haven even saved yourself yet?" said Leon.

"What do you mean by saving yourself?" questioned Lazarus.

"What I mean is, in this world, there are many temptations, you might feel weak, powerless, and hopeless. Thats where the temptations get you, the easy way out, they seem like great shortcuts. But in reality, there are no shortcuts, and the temptations are short-lived realities that make you end up at the same point you were at." said Leon.

Lazarus remembered how hopeless he felt at the battle with Pluto, and even felt the temptations of the goddess Europa.

"Then how am I able to not feel hopeless, when I can even fight the first enemy I encountered? How am I not able to be tempted when all my life I was alone?" said Lazarus.

"Lazarus, your thoughts are bouncing all around. Before you were summoned, for twenty-nine years you have been alone, and running from your past. I bet even your time in the soul realm wasn peaceful. If you want to get stronger if you want to feel empowered. You need to become one with yourself." said Leon.

"Thats all true, even in the soul realm I didn exactly feel fulfilled. How can I become one with myself Leon, tell me." said Lazarus.

"Hahahaha, thats not something I can just tell you. Its something you have to experience." said Leon.

Leon stroked his long beard.

"If you

e interested, I would love to do the honors, and train you Lazarus." said Leon.

Lazarus eyes lit up, but remember what was happening around him. Pluto was currently devouring Grim City, and many other demon myths will show up in no time.

"But what about the demon myths, and what about all the madness going on? Whos going to take care of all of this?" said Lazarus.

"You know, we aren the only heroic myths out there right?" said Leon.

"I understand that, but what about this town? And what about Nike, Arjuna, and Zoe? What will happen when we are away?" said Lazarus.

"Trust me, this town will be fine. No need to go into detail about it. And as for the rest of them, they are strong people theyll take care of things while you

e gone. Im sure theyd want to see their leader stronger." said Leon.

Leon got up and stretched.

"Lets start your training now, theres no time to wait around and ponder about the future. We are going to be training on top of Mount Zeus. It happens to be the tallest mountain in all of Yanni." said Leon.

Leon reached his hand out to Lazarus and helped him up. Lazarus smiled and was genuinely excited about this new adventure. Lazarus has never met anyone so carefree as Leon, it seemed like Leon wasn even thinking, only acting in the present moment.

Lazarus and Leon headed out of the towns building. And saw Arjuna and Nike conversing, Zoe was still sleeping.

"I will be back soon." said Lazarus.

"Where are you going now, asshole? We got a lot of work to do." said Nike.

Leon was already pushing Lazarus towards the path to Mount Zeus.

"Well be right back, don worry!" Leon laughed.

Arjuna and Nike both looked at each other and let out a huge sigh.

Leon and Lazarus walked the path exiting the town of Lambros and were on their way to Mount Zeus. The mountain wasn too far from Lambros, and as they were walking they spoke.

"Lazarus, to experience a rebirth you need to put your all into this training, or else this will be a waste of both of our time." said Leon.

"I promise, Im willing to put my all into it." said Lazarus.

"For just a second, I want you to practice something." said Leon.

Leon pointed at a ridge on the hill they were walking up.

"Lazarus, I want you to sit on the edge of the ridge." said Leon.

"A-alright." Lazarus said.

Lazarus went and sat in a criss-cross position on the ridge just like Leon told him to, and afterward, Leon stood behind him.

"Now, take a big deep breathe in and let it all out." Leon said.

"Now, close your eyes, and imagine yourself as the person you want to be." said Leon.

Lazarus closed his eyes and started to imagine himself being the person he truly wanted to be. In his mind, he saw himself being surrounded by a bunch of friends laughing, and sharing drinks. He saw himself defeating the strongest of enemies hes seen, Pluto. He saw himself prospering mentally and getting over his fear of the past.

"Doesn it feel nice? It seems so close but so far at the same time." said Leon.

"Yea.." Lazarus sighed.

"Well, Ill tell you a secret! Its closer than you think. We will start slow please keep that dream in mind itll be important later on. Now, let us continue walking." said Leon.

They continued walking up slowly towards Mount Zeus. They were traversing through hilly terrain and slowly climbing up towards the mountain. Eventually, after a few hours of talking and walking, they managed to get to the bottom of Mount Zeus.

Lazarus looked up at what was in front of him, Lazarus has always seen it as a kid but had never attempted to climb it. Mount Zeus towered over the two of them, it was a large mountain with snow covering the top and there was a pathway that spiraled straight to the top. Many people have died climbing this, but for monks, it was the usual. This is where they honed their skills and became one with nature.

"I can believe I have to climb this." said Lazarus.

"Do you want to achieve that dream? Remember what I said about temptations, its easy to give up." said Leon.

Lazarus remembered what Leon said, and was quiet.

"Well, lets start shall we?" said Leon.

Here is where the two started their journey. But its more like Lazarus journey. Mount Zeus is the last place that monks go to fulfill their journey. Its rumored that when you go to the top, you experience a rebirth. The becoming of another person was an interesting rumor that many haven had the chance to see for themselves.

At this point the moon rose, it was shining just above them. Lazarus and Leon were bantering and chatting while walking up the gigantic mountain. Just as they were talking they saw a white orb flying just above them.

"Not this ** again," said Lazarus.

"You understand the meaning of this?" said Leon.

Eventually, it landed right in front of them and started to spin and shine so bright that they both had to cover their eyes. The light simmered down and out came a woman.

"Lazarus, its me Europa. Come with me, abandoned this man, I am the one who truly made for you!" said Europa.

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