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Lazarus: A Summoned Myth Chapter 2: The Mythic Hero

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King Alexander couldn keep his composure. And started to worry that this was another failed experiment.

"Where is he? Where is my Lazarus!" shouted King Alexander

All the mages in the room looked at each other puzzled.

One of the mages shouted

"Sir, this was exactly what was said to happen on the blueprint. Except that he was supposed to be summoned on the ritual mark!"

The ritual mark was a circle with a pentagon in the middle and writings inscribed in the middle. It was red and was made out of a special dye using one of the fruits found in the Kingdom. According to the improved blueprint in order to summon a legend, you need a piece of their history. Whether it be weapons, clothing, a body part, etc. Only then would it summon a hero.

"Well, then where the hell is he!" King Alexander was puzzled.

King Alexander started hearing whispers

"This is a mistake." said one of the whispers

"Youve made a horrible decision king!" said another whisper

"Wh- who the hell are you, people!" The king shouted.

"Sir?" one of the mages questioned.

"Was I worth the mess youve created?" said a mysterious voice lurking throughout the rubble.

"Who goes there!" King Alexander exclaimed.

The air felt tense, the mage soldiers surrounded the king and prepared a shield for him. Within seconds the shield popped.

King Alexander started to sweat nervously, he hasn felt this way in many years.

"Can someone explain what is happening to me!" King Alexander shouted again.

King Alexander then felt a tap on the shoulder.

"Youve caused a mess, you geezer." said the mysterious figure.

He turned around, and what King Alexander saw was a tall, masculine human. But this human was pale and his veins were bright green, it almost looked like his veins were glowing. He was wearing a crown that was coated with precious gems.

King Alexander, was finally starting to realize who this person was.

"Are you?..." said King Alexander

"I am Lazarus, the great heroic myth of the Kingdom of Yanni. I use to kill wicked pricks like you all the time" said, Lazarus

Lazarus then took a sword out of its sheath. This sword was something else, it was glowing with green and had precious gems all over the hilt. The green aura stunned King Alexander and the mages. It was a bright green aura that looked like Northern Lights.

King Alexander started backing up and trying to escape through the exit, the mages started to fire their ice spells at Lazarus.

"It seems like my duty hasn been fulfilled yet." said Lazarus

Lazarus held up his sword, and the green aura devoured the ice spells. The mages were puzzled and started to use any spell they can.

"Someone get the king out of here!" one shouted

"Im on it!" another shouted

Lazarus was in pain, he can barely move, let alone swing his sword. He didn feel this way up until now.

"What in the world is going on?" Lazarus said to himself.

The mages were trying their best to fire at him but the green aura on his sword didn let a single spell hit him.

"I think we stunned him!" a mage shouted

Lazarus couldn keep up with his weak stamina and decided to escape through the broken wall in the castle. He limped his way out but the mages didn follow. Their only objective was to keep the king safe.

Lazarus continued to limp his way out into the lands of Yanni. He was already familiar with these lands but his memories were fading in and out.

"Why... why am I forgetting the simplest of things?" said Lazarus

Memories kept fading in and out of his head, there were happy memories, sad memories, and exciting memories his emotions kept changing. He felt like he knew who he was but at the same time felt like an entirely different person.

He kept hearing different voices in his head saying:

"Thank you, Lazarus!"

"I... remember" said Lazarus as a tear dropped down his eye.

"I can believe that I am back where I started." said Lazarus

In the realm he was in, he was a wandering soul at peace. His duty was fulfilled. But now he is back at the place that he once thought was safe. All of the memories of the many children, women, and men that he helped were slowly appearing again.

Lazarus laid down against a giant oak tree, he felt as if he didn need to eat or even sleep for that matter. He wasn understanding what he was. His skin was pale, his veins were glowing bright green, and there was an aura around his sword. He didn feel human anymore.

"What did these pricks do to me?" he sighed.

He closed his eyes and was in thought.

"Is that really you, damn you look different?" a voice said faintly

Lazarus opened his eyes "And who is this now?"

"I don think we ever got to finish what we started." said the voice

Out of the dense forest a tall man, with black hair and blue eyes started to approach Lazarus. He was wearing black steel-plated armor with spikes all over the torso.

Lazarus couldn believe his eyes. It was an old foe of his, named Arjuna a legendary monk who dedicated his life to the art of the spear, and was considered one with nature.

"H-how in the world did you get here Arjuna?" Lazarus exclaimed

"You still don understand you dumbass?" said Arjuna

Lazarus got up slowly and reached for his sword.

"No need to fight right now, sit your ass back down. We were summoned here using some magic ritual, by that priest in the castle," said Arjuna

Lazarus was stunned "You don mean that the priest--"

"Yes that is Alexander, hes the one true king of Yanni now." interrupted Arjuna

By this time King Alexander looked very different than he did 1000 years ago. Yes, he is immortal but he still ages slowly. He is now very pale, with bright white eyes, and wrinkly skin.

"And because of that bastard we are amped with magical powers." said Arjuna

"How do you know that monk?" said Lazarus doubting what Arjuna said.

"I was summoned here before about 200 years ago, they used one of my spearheads to summon me. Unfortunately, I wasn able to kill the bastard. I was tied up and was only able to see for a few hours but I was able to pick up some of what they were saying. I then suddenly vanished back to the soul realm." explained Arjuna

Lazarus punched the ground

"This is madness!" shouted Lazarus.

Lazarus stood up and held his hand against his head

"This is too much to take in at once, my memories keep fading in and out." said Lazarus

"Well don just sit there and ponder for too long, theres work to do. Wanna team up?" said Arjuna with a smirk.

"You don really leave me with a choice, asshole." Lazarus sighed.

"Great! Im glad we can finally be buddies!" Arjuna said sarcastically.

"Let me briefly explain the magic system before we head off. Every heroic myth was summoned with a magic trait that correlates with their myth. For example, my spear allows me to summon beasts of nature at my side" said Arjuna

Arjuna then put his spear into the ground and summoned a shockingly large white wolf. Its coat was thick and its eyes were bright yellow.

"Thats amazing." Lazarus said with awe.

"I guess mine is this green aura, from what I can recall it can block magic spells" said Lazarus

Arjuna sat down and pet the wolf.

"Hahaha, I see, that will come in handy. Im guessing its a protection spell since your whole life you were a lone wolf dog." said Arjuna

"Shut up, Arjuna" said Lazarus

"Anyway, we should get going theres a hideout I have at Grim City, you remember that perfectly right?" said Arjuna

"My hometown..." said Lazarus

"Yup, and theres someone there I think youd wanna meet. Lets get going." said Arjuna

Arjuna then stuck his spear into the ground and summoned a great black stallion, one that was so majestic it seemed to glimmer in the moonlight.

"Don worry about your legs, hop on! We have to hurry, we can have her waiting!" said Arjuna.

"I can believe my eyes, this magic thing is still something I need to get used to." said Lazarus

They continued into the night riding to Lazarus hometown Grim City. It was just outside the giant wall that guarded the Great Castle of Yanni. It was called Grim City for a reason, it was an unpleasant town where only the poorest peasants reside at. There were all types of dark activities that took place here. There is gambling, prostitution, drug dealing, robbing, etc. And people lived in small huts tucked away in alleyways.

They finally arrived at the Great Castles gate after some time.

"Seems like the guards aren at their post." said Arjuna

"I guess not." shrugged Lazarus

As they were heading out of the gate Lazarus spotted a little old woman with a walking stick and a lantern standing right outside of the gate.

"I have been waiting for your arrival, hero. Theres a lot to explain." said the old woman.

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