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Lazarus: A Summoned Myth Chapter 1: Legendary Kingdom Yanni

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It was the usual night in the Kingdom of Yanni. The grass was bright green, with dense forests surrounding the entire kingdom. It was always windy, and you can hear the trees rustle, and at times even hear creatures who roamed the kingdom murmur in the distance.

A 1000 years ago before the current king, King Alexander the Immortal cheated his way to the throne, it was a kingdom of deep history and culture. There were many different factions that held territories throughout the kingdom. These factions would often go to war with each other for many different reasons. And throughout all of the wars were many war heroes, who many believe were myths. But each faction had many that they looked up to.

Of all the war heroes, there was the one who was praised by all factions. His name was Lazarus, and he was a lonesome soldier who wandered throughout the kingdom helping poor peasants of all factions regain what they had lost during the war.

All the factions throughout the kingdom heard of this man, but nobody has ever caught a glimpse of him. He would apparently assassinate soldiers before they would even be able to call him out. Some described him as a tall and masculine person who wielded a dagger. Others described him as a cloaked slender person who wielded a crossbow. Some people present-day think he was a myth, others praise his heroic actions.

Everything changed when King Alexander the Immortal who was a former "Priest" at the Church of Yanni, revealed his true identity as a wicked mage, who was researching and studying a way of immortality and summoning these mythic heroes through the church. He was able to get his own army and fund his research through the donations he would receive at the church. When he finally revealed his true identity it was already too late. Throughout all those years as a pseudo priest, he was developing mage technology that no person has ever seen.

With his wicked mage organization, he was able to ravage through the Great Castle of Yanni, where the one true former king, King Adrianos resided. He cut the head of all who resided in the castle and throned himself as king. Many of the factions tried to revolt against him, but with his new mage technology and his successful immortality, the attempts were meager. And King Alexander the Immortal was officially able to take the heads off each and every faction that resided in the Kingdom of Yanni.

Present-day, King Alexender the Immortal rules over the Kindom of Yanni and is a brutal tyrant, who cuts the head of any who dare to disrespect him. He resides at the Great Castle of Yanni with his mage organization who grew in numbers. They have been working on a way to summon the myths of the past. It has failed for a millennium, but the organization is eager, that this attempt will be the one to work.

Today was the day that the organization would test the summoning ritual, everyone in the castle was excited except one person.

"Why don you believe in your fathers organization Prince Philip?" said Princess Lia

"Why would I believe in something that wasn successful for a millennium?" he said looking up at the bright moon.

Princess Lia sighed and sat down next to him.

"Lia, my father isn someone who is the most trustworthy person."

Prince Philip stood up and leaned against the balcony.

"Im here to help you, Philip, I don want to see you exiled from the kingdom," said Princess Lia with tears in her eyes.

Prince Philip shook his head in disgust. "Tonight, Im leaving Lia, I need to get away from here."

Before Princess Lia can respond beams of light started to scatter outside, smoke started to pour through the bottom of the castle and there were explosions throughout the castle.

Princess Lia and Prince Philip both dashed for cover in the nearby closet.

Princess Lia shrieked "What in the world was that?"

"It came from the experiment room!" Prince Philip exclaimed

In the corner of his eye, Prince Philip saw many colorful orbs scatter throughout the night sky. It was so bright that it lit up the entire forest.

He peaked his head out of the walk-in closet to see what those colors were.

"What is that? Its lighting up the entire forest!" he said.

There were hundreds of these orbs, they were many different colors, red, green, blue, purple, and black. They all began to scatter throughout the entire kingdom. As they landed, you can faintly hear explosions.

"What is this madness?" cried King Alexander the Immortal

"Sir, it seems that the ritual was complete!" a soldier said eagerly.

King Alexender looked around through the rubbish and the thick smoke. But couldn see what he was desiring to summon for all these years. The heroic myth Lazarus.

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