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Chapter 1283: Fatal Call

After a while, Zu An said, “Unknown Regions are extremely important to me.

I have my own reasons for going there, so even if its dangerous, I have to make this trip to the Fiend King Court.” He looked at Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue, then continued, “The two of you are injured, so you shouldnt take the risk with me.”

Yun Jianyue directly refused, saying, “You arent even scared of the Fiend Emperors revenge Im the respected Devil Sect Master.

Dont tell me Im worse than you Besides, Unknown Regions are incredibly appealing to any cultivator.

If I dont get to see it for myself, I might regret it for the rest of my life.”

Yan Xuehen said approvingly, “Indeed.

The path of cultivation is to advance courageously; how can we be scared at every turn and remain overcautious That witch and I have already been stuck at our current cultivation ranks for a long time, and we have never seen any sign of a breakthrough.

Who knows, there might be some room for growth in the Unknown Region.”

Zu An got a headache when he heard the firmness in Yan Xuehens voice.

He replied, “Big Sis Yun is one thing, but your injuries are so serious.

Isnt it too dangerous for you to blindly enter an Unknown Region”

Yan Xuehen said with a serious expression, “If my dao leads me to death, then so be it!”

When he saw how resolute Yan Xuehens expression was, and how there was practically a pure and holy glow emanating from her face, Zu An became momentarily stunned.

No wonder these two were able to rise up above their peers and become grandmasters.

Such persistence was definitely not something most people could display.

Yu Yanluos expression became strange.

Before, they kept saying that they were going to accompany me to the Fiend King Court, but then later, after considering how they couldnt win against the Fiend Emperor, they decided to leave halfway.

But now that theyve heard Ah Zu is going into an Unknown Region, which is clearly even more dangerous, theyre going to go with him instead Are they really going because of the Unknown Region, or are they going for Ah Zu

Both Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen were extremely excited because they were going to an Unknown Region.

They didnt want to waste a single second and went back to their rooms to treat their injuries.

The more they could recover, the better.

At first, they had felt a bit of contempt for the deity-grade ki stone fragments because they were around another womans body, but that wasnt the case at all anymore.

They absorbed the ki inside to help with their injuries.

Yan Xuehen even considered asking Zu An to help her with her injuries.

However, when she recalled the embarrassment she had experienced, she was still too embarrassed to ask in the end.

Yu Yanluo was quite happy, however.

She and Zu An finally had some time to themselves.

With the other two women present all the time, even though they did get along well, she couldn\'t really be intimate with Zu An at all.

“We can finally get some rest,” Yu Yanluo said as she stretched her body out lazily, her wonderful figure in full view.

Then, she leaned into Zu Ans embrace.

Zu An had already been pent up from the previous battles.

With such a soft and gentle beauty whom countless men yearned for day and night in his arms, and now that she was even teasing him, he quickly got worked up, lowering his head to kiss her.

Yu Yanluo groaned.

“Mmm, so annoying… I just wanted to talk to you…” Despite what she said, she received him warmly.

Her body seemed to have completely melted.

Since Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue had always been around them, and before that they had been in Bluefield Country, it had been rare for them to have the chance to be intimate with each other.

Furthermore, after witnessing Lord Sui and Madam Yus love for each other, Yu Yanluo only wanted to cherish what she had right now.

Her passion was quickly ignited to the limit.

However, when Zu An carried her over to the bed, she still became a bit shy.

She said, “Its still daytime…”

“For something like this, does it matter whether its day or night” Zu An replied with a chuckle.

Even as he finished speaking, he had already undone her waistband.

Yu Yanluos face was completely red.

Her eyes were watery as she said, “But Big Sister Yan and Big Sister Yun are next door.

Theyll hear us.”

“Its fine.

Theyre injured, and theyre currently focused on their treatment, so they wont hear us,” Zu An said reassuringly.

Yu Yanluo was about to say something else when her entire body trembled.

She almost cried out in alarm and hit him resentfully.

This guy really didnt know how to be gentle at all…

She bit her lip.

In the end, however, she was still worried.

With a wave of her hand, a painting scroll surrounded them.

If the two grandmasters had been at their peak, it would have been completely useless, but with their condition, it was probably fine.

When he saw several lifelike maids depicted on the scroll, Zu An was stunned.

He asked, “Do you like being seen by others like this”

“I just picked a random scroll! Isnt it your fault for being in too much of a hurry” Yu Yanluo protested, feeling so wronged that she was about to cry.

She immediately looked for another scroll.

Zu An stopped her, saying, “No, this is fine too.

You should draw some other interesting things in the future, such as large mirrors or something.”

Yu Yanluo was confused at first, but then she gradually realized what was going on.

She bit down lightly on Zu Ans shoulder out of embarrassment.

Where did this guy even learn all of this stuff

Theres no way it was Chu First Miss.

You can tell just from her master that theres no way she would do such things.

Dont tell me Sect Master Yuns disciple taught him Shes always bragging about her disciples fully developed charm technique…

She continued to think to herself like that, becoming more and more puzzled.

However, as the two embraced each other, they suddenly felt a vibration.

Yu Yanluos entire body stiffened.

Zu An whispered in her ear, “What is it”

“Someone is contacting me with a recording mirror,” Yu Yanluo said, taking out a recording mirror from her clothes.

A trace of redness appeared on her face, perhaps from shyness or excitement; it made her look even more captivating than usual.

“Just ignore it,” Zu An replied roughly.

Who in the world is calling at a time like this Do you have no tact at all

“Okay…” Yu Yanluo didnt want to be disturbed at present either.

She turned off the recording mirror.

However, the vibration began again, as if it wouldnt stop until she picked it up.

Zu An wanted to just throw the recording mirror out, but Yu Yanluo suddenly thought of something.

She said to herself, “Someone who knows my recording mirrors runes, and would contact me at this sort of time… Dont tell me…”

Zu An realized something and took the mirror from her.

Sure enough, it was Sang Hongs symbol.

He immediately began to sweat buckets.

The recording mirror consumed a tremendous amount of ki stones, and Sang Hong didnt have a huge clan behind him.

He was normally extremely reluctant to use them, let alone to call continuously like this, so it was definitely a dire matter.

As such, he quickly accepted the call.

Yu Yanluo almost screamed out loud.

She quickly pulled up the covers to hide herself.

However, Zu An gestured for her to relax, as no one else would be able to see her from such an angle.

Still, even though Yu Yanluo knew that, it was still hard for her to hide her embarrassment.

Thus, Zu An appeased the beauty with one hand while holding the mirror with the other.

He looked at the familiar face in the mirror and asked, “Respected uncle, what is the matter”

“Why did you hang up on my call just now” Sang Hong asked, looking somewhat unhappy.

He had had to use up a lot of ki stones to call several times.

“There was something important, so it was inconvenient for me to pick it up,” Zu An said with an embarrassed chuckle.

He did his best to look normal.

Yu Yanluo quickly covered her own mouth, while giving him a pinch.

This guy was just way too daring!

“What are you doing Why are you covered in sweat” Sang Hong asked curiously.

“I was exercising.

Ive reached a critical juncture in my training,” Zu An explained with an embarrassed smile.

“Right now, everything else is secondary.

The most important thing is whats happening on my side,” Sang Hong said.

He released a long sigh, looking extremely anxious.

“What is it” Zu An asked, jumping in fright.

After all, Sang Hong was usually a shrewd and deep thinker.

He was someone who wouldnt be fazed even if Mount Tai collapsed before him.

Judging from how alarmed he was, something major had definitely happened.

Sang Hong replied, “I dont know how that guy Xu Yu managed to do it, but he announced everything that happened in the capital to the higher authorities.

Right now, there are rumors everywhere in the capital, saying that you secretly rescued Yu Yanluo, and thats why youve been missing this entire time.

They say you betrayed the human race and fled to the fiend race territory.”

Zu An and Yu Yanluos expressions grew a bit strange, because that wasnt a rumor.

They really were together in the fiend race territory.

Sang Hong continued, “His Majesty couldn\'t stand the courts commotion, so he declared that in order to prove your innocence, the Court Administrator would call Cloudcenter through a recording mirror to confirm whether youve already betrayed us.” He was so nervous that he talked in circles for a while.

Eventually, he said, “I cant use the Embroidered Envoys secret mission to muddle my way through anymore.

Tomorrow, things might… They might just…

“It would be great if you could appear tomorrow and get rid of all of the rumors…” he began.

However, his expression filled with disappointment before he even finished his sentence.

“Forget it.

Youre all the way over in the fiend race territory right now.

How could you possibly rush back in a single day I should think about how to take care of those back home once youre deemed a traitor.”

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