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Chapter 52: Staring

Qin Xiao introduced one by one the fruits that Nick Fury could match.

It also highlights the capabilities of each fruit.

The abilities of these fruits, listening to Nick Fury and Tony’s ears are almost like listening to the heavenly book.

Barrier fruit

How is the barrier formed

Why can it withstand the attack

Diamond fruit

Wouldn’t it be crispy

This thing is easy to attract the attention of some special people, right

Moreover, this thing, is it first-class to pick up girls

The ability of Split and Peas fruits has exceeded the limit of their understanding!

The body can still play like that


Is this fake

Glare fruit that can see through people’s hearts is a bit more normal, at least, there are such people among mutants.

Scarecrow fruit, isn’t this the doll in the legend of the Eastern world

Are you bullying us and don’t know your situation in the East

Then Wash fruit to wash away the sin

If the person of S.H.I.E.L.D.

didn’t have any crimes on them, they might be a successful agent.

Encouraging fruit

We are not a large-scale combat team.

What do we do to boost morale

All the agents are full of energy and spirits

Finished, right

Nick Fury kept complaining.

But Tony was messy in the wind.

“Why does he match so many fruits, but I only have one”

As a genius, he felt that he was underestimated.

Why does this guy have eight to choose from

And he only has one

Just because he is dying

“You only have one You ate the Devil Fruit But why didn’t you show any special power in our surveillance!”

Nick Fury instantly heard Tony’s meaning.

His expression changed again and again.

Tony was captured!

This is not good news.

“Yes, Tony has eaten a devil fruit.

The name of the fruit is Revive fruit, which enables him to refuse the call of hell after death, return his soul to the body, and live again.”

Qin Xiao introduced the fruit’s ability to Nick Fury in detail.

He was deliberately attacking Nick Fury.

Look, if you don’t eat it, others will eat it too.

“What on earth do you want to do”

Nick Fury was completely angry this time.

Under his sign, the agents who moved to Tony’s villa directly drew their guns and surrounded Qin Xiao in the middle.

There was a big disagreement that meant to kill Qin Xiao directly.

“What am I doing

I just saved Tony’s life!

Anyway, Tony’s father is also the pioneer of your SHIELD.

But Tony suffered such a serious injury, you actually don’t want to save him, but instead want to form an alliance of Avengers.

Nick Fury, is a person’s life just a tool in your hands

Since you only use other people as tools, why bother if I give Tony some fruit

Anyway, I can bring Tony back to life again.

With you in your hands, Tony will only die in pain.

What, do you think Tony’s alive influences your plan”

Qin Xiao’s mouth is very poisonous.

What Nick Fury said is worthless.

This is the advantage brought by poor information.

Tony said “I am Iron Man” is too short.

Nick Fury came to see Tony himself last night.

So he really doesn’t know Tony’s condition yet.

If it is another period of time and Black Widow stays with Tony for a few days, any color of Tony’s underwear can be picked out.

Not to mention the palladium poisoning in her eyes.

At that time, Nick Fury was able to use S.H.I.E.L.D.

to find a way to delay Tony’s injury.

At least we can do our best!

However, the time point at this time is very embarrassing.

At a time of stagnation, Nick Fury’s information is still very limited.

Hearing that Tony was seriously injured at this time, Nick Fury suddenly looked at Tony.

“Tony, what’s the matter”

“Don’t ask Tony, he just wants to solve the problem by himself, otherwise he won’t let you bring his father’s things.

But I can tell you that Tony got such a big hole in his chest.

Countless metals are constantly wandering in his body.

Do you think it can really be solved with an Ark reactor like a magnet

A reactor is mounted on the chest, and its energy is palladium!

Long-term operation directly caused him to be poisoned by palladium.

Without using the reactor, he would die.

Using the reactor, he will slowly die.

This is the status quo of Tony.

Are you still looking for him to become an Avenger

Do you think he died too slowly”

Qin Xiao once again played the characteristics of his mouth.

Just put Nick Fury speechless.

The agent next to him looked at Tony in astonishment.

This asshole is actually poisoned

And listening to the meaning of this Demon, Tony is likely to die at any time!

“Your devil fruit can really make Tony live again”

Nick Fury, who was dumbfounded by Qin Xiao, looked at each other with a serious face.

Tony can’t have an accident.

Regardless of the technological reforms that Tony’s genius has brought to SHIELD invisibly.

Or Tony himself is the son of Howard Stark.

So Nick Fury must protect Tony.

What’s more, there is a nostalgic old man, Peggy, who takes care of the deceased’s son.

If Tony died when she got better, it would definitely arouse her dissatisfaction.

If this Demon messenger could really keep Tony alive.

He seems to have nothing to say.

“Hehe, this thing is naturally true.

Taking the soul from the Western demons is our favorite thing to do.”

Qin Xiao once again confirmed the identity of the Demon messenger.

Believe it or not, I want to say that anyway.

“In that case, I will believe what you are saying for the time being.”

Nick Fury finished speaking and made a gesture.

The agents who surrounded Qin Xiao dispersed one after another.

Then, his gaze turned to Tony.

“Tony, since there is something wrong with your body, what I said last night is temporarily invalidated.

What you need to do is to solve your physical problems.

I will arrange someone to contact you.

If we need cooperation from S.H.I.E.L.D., you can tell him directly.”

Nick Fury had a plan in his mind.

Originally wanted to let Natasha come in hiding her identity.

It seems unnecessary now.

Moreover, Natasha’s spying on intelligence is the most powerful.

With her action, she might be able to get some unexpected news from Qin Xiao.

“I know, I still want to control my life in my own hands.”

Tony is naturally impossible to give up.

Nick Fury looked at the agent who had placed the items, and he made a gesture.

The others left after receiving orders.

He himself took another look at Qin Xiao one last time.

“I will keep staring at you.”

He pointed his finger to his eyes.


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