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Chapter 41: Evil Plan

“Eric, I brought the one you wanted.”

At this moment, a female voice sounded.

Several people turned their heads and saw a woman with blue skin, standing proudly at the door.

Mystique Raven!

A woman who didn’t have much presence in the old X-Men.

But it is the main character in the new version of X-Men.

But in both versions, her final result was not good.

The old version was abandoned by Magneto.

The new version was directly killed by Black Phoenix.

Qin Xiao frowned slightly looking at the blue-skinned woman.

“Ding, a devil fruit match is detected.”

“Matchable fruits: Clone fruit…”

The fruit that the witch can match is indeed an Clone fruit.

This did not exceed Qin Xiao’s expectation at all.

However, Qin Xiao felt inferior to the transformation of Mystique girl for Clone fruit.

Mystique has changed from the cellular level.

Even the pupil prints and fingerprints can be exactly the same!

Moreover, Qin Xiao fell in love with the other party.

Her abnormal cells!

In other words, her life span is at least twice that of the average person.

Come to think of it, she is contemporaries with Magneto Wang and Professor X.

But when the two were already obviously old.

She is still an agile blue monster.

If you can get feedback on her ability, it will be another good thing.

A good thing to continue to extend your current life.

But Mystique is not as good as Sabertooth.

And now, Mystique is very important to Magneto.

It is not so easy for her to eat the devil fruit.


If she loses the ability as a mutant, then it would be a good opportunity.

Qin Xiao has his plan.

“You’re back, and Senator Kelly was brought in”

Magneto saw the devil’s return and spoke actively.

He threw out the terrifying idea of ​​Qin Xiao, the demon messenger of the East, out of his mind.

This time just now really scared him.

If Qin Xiao didn’t make him younger.

Instead, he turned him directly into a dying old man.

Then any of his ambitions will be lost.

For the time being, the demon messenger must not offend.

This is his only thought now.

Now, if the other party is not making trouble, then you should make good use of this time to prepare.

Mystique walked towards the crowd with enchanting steps.

“Here, I didn’t expect it to be so lively, these people were subdued during this time

You are Frank, Tony’s bodyguard, the murderer who killed Obadiah, the murderer who brought disaster to the mutants.”

She saw Frank at a glance.

After all, with her ability, it was too easy to sneak into any place.

She can see a lot of information that no one else can see.

And Frank, as the main object of the conflict between mutants and humans this time.

She knew it at a glance.

“You and I are all aware of the conspiracy behind this matter.

You don’t need to remind me.

Besides, I am a fruitful person.”

Frank replied indifferently.

“So, who are these two”

Mystique looked around Qin Xiao and Wolverine for a while.

Looking at the two with curiosity.

Magneto looked a little nervous at this time, but don’t provoke this demon messenger.

“Raven, don’t talk nonsense, this one is the demon messenger of the East that has been rumored for the past few months.

The fruit-powered person is from his hand.

Now, we have an alliance with him.”

Magneto quickly explained.


Raven smelled a different smell.

Magneto can not be an alliance with anyone.

Seeing this demon messenger is indeed different.

“Just in time, Senator Kelly was brought in, and our first experiment can begin.”

Magneto set his sights on Senator Kelly in a blink of an eye.

At this time, Congressman Kelly was in a coma.

Magneto waved his hand, and a metal chair came directly in front of him.

Sabertooth placed Senator Kelly on the metal chair.

Magneto then manipulated the metal to directly fix Senator Kelly.

“Next, it’s time to witness the miracle.”

Magneto spoke a little excitedly.

“This place has been exposed, don’t you worry that Charles will find it soon

They have their own airplane, and it’s easy to get here.”

Qin Xiao suddenly put forward another opinion at this time.

Magneto looked at Qin Xiao.

“You are right, it seems we are going to move.”

After he finished speaking, he glanced at Mystique.

Move Place!

Magneto’s move is just moving the equipment to the Statue of Liberty!

“Okay, if you move slowly, we won’t accompany you.

Moreover, as outsiders, if we know too much, we might ruin your major events.

Frank, Logan, let’s go.”

Qin Xiao directly greeted the two of them to leave.

“But, what about Anna”

Logan finally thought of Anna at this time.

“Don’t worry about Anna, they are all mutant brothers, and they will naturally take care of them.”

Qin Xiao scorned casually.

Will Anna be fine


As long as Magneto really messes up, Anna is the first to die.

But Qin Xiao had his own plan.

Let others handle the matter here.

Now that Charles has discovered this, he will naturally arrange for someone to deal with it.

Of course, their manpower is definitely not the opponent of Magneto.

Sabertooth alone is enough for them to drink a pot.

But because of Frank’s intervention, Tony, who should have said the classic words, lost the opportunity to say that sentence.

So now, a very suitable opportunity is directly in front of us.

High summit!

A conference that might legislate against mutants.

This is a big scene.

And Tony is a big-scene player!

When Logan heard Qin Xiao’s words, he was a little skeptical.

But even in doubt, he has no evidence.

As a last resort, he had to leave with Qin Xiao with Frank.

Leaving this isolated island, Qin Xiao glanced at Frank.

“Frank, call Tony and ask him to meet him somewhere.”

Frank took the phone out of his body and dialed Tony’s number.


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