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I am the Entertainment Tycoon Chapter 9 Drawing A Proficiency

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For the next two days, Sam contracted the new employees and advertised the new recipes of the shop to the regular customers.

Karen was a 16yo girl working a part-time summer job in a grocery shop. Every day, she woke up early to go to work. And lately, on the way to the grocery shop, she stopped in a coffee shop that was beautifully decorated and had some decent drinks.

As she entered the coffee shop today, she was greeted as usual by the pretty decorations and the low sound of background music.

She went to line up at the counter that had a couple of people before her.

When it was her time, she was greeted by the barista as usual.

"Good morning, how can I help" the barista said with a smile

"I want one expresso and cookie, please" Karen said

"It will be ready in a minute. Today we are introducing 2 new recipes and buying anything in the shop grants you a free order of any of the new recipes. But it only works the first time. You can choose which one looking at the menu" the barista said enthusiastically

Karen was somewhat surprised but complied because it was free and free stuff is great. She looked at the menu, thought for a while, and chose a hot milk tea.

After getting her order, Karen left the shop while drinking her expresso and eating her cookie.

After finishing it she looked at the hot milk tea and took a mouthful and she immediately froze as she felt what it was one best drinks of her life.

She drank the milk tea rapidly and when it was over, she looked bewildered and all she could think over her shift in the grocery shop was coming to the coffee shop to get another milk tea.

Scenes like these kept happening with the customers of the shop and on the first day of release of the new recipes the BlueCloud Coffee Shop had a profit of 700 dollars even with all the free stuff that they gave.

Theo knew that tomorrow onwards would be a new chapter for his new shop.

As Theo looked at the profit of the day. He also saw the accounting of the profit of the month, cause it was already a month that the shop opened and according to Sam, they profited more than 10k even with salaries and bills to pay. It was amazing.

Compared to what the shop was one month ago, they had a huge makeover.

'I bet the previous owner is having some anger problem knowing about our success' Theo laughed inwardly

Theo had more than enough money to open a new branch but he wanted to make the shop more famous before opening a branch.

But he already asked Sam to start searching for places to open the branch and study the surroundings.

'System, status' Theo said in his mind


Host: Theodore Gray

Level 3 (0/600)

Age: 18

Cash: $29500 => $26500

Business Companies Owned:

100% Shares – Blue Cloud Coffee Shop ($11000 => $14000)


Strength: 10.3

Intelligence: 14

Vitality: 8.5

Charm: 14

Free attribute points: 0


1. Business Management - Level 5 (950/2000): the ability to manage a business to success.

2. Food & Beverages - Level 3 (450/600): the knowledge to create and make food and drinks to perfection. Host gains knowledge of the secrets behind the Food & Beverage.

(Passive Effect: 2% increase in customers in F&B business)


'My vitality increased with all the exercises and food I take every day. My charm also increased, I think eating healthier and exercising contributed to that. And in a few more days I can level up my F&B skill before completing the mission' Theo thought

For the next few days, the BlueCloud Coffee Shop became somewhat famous around the city. Every time you looked inside the shop, it had lines of people enjoying and waiting for their drinks or food.

And after only 3 days of releasing the new recipes, Theo already completed his first mission of tripling his profit.

[Ding! Congratulations for the host completing the mission 'I want more profit!!']

[issuing rewards…]

[Ding! Congratulations! You received 20000 dollars in your bank account]

[Ding! Congratulations! You received the necessary exp and you leveled up to Level 2]

[Ding! Congratulations! Your F&B knowledge skill leveled up to level 5]

[Ding! Congratulations! You leveled up to Level 2 and unlocked 1(one) Lucky Draw and received 4 Attributes Points]

Theo was excited as he was in his bedroom lying down while receiving the influx of information that came with the skill level up.

He didn't even react anymore to the money he received from the system, only focusing on the other traits. Especially the lucky draw. If it was what he was thinking it would be awesome.

'System, what´s this Lucky Draw' he said in his mind

[The Lucky Draw is a system tool that the host through luck can gain skills, knowledge, or items]

'Oh my god! That's so incredible' he exclaimed

'System, I wish to use my Lucky Draw opportunity' Theo said in his mind avidly

[Opening Lucky Draw Roulette…]

Theo saw a roulette with thousands of things written on it as it started to spin it.

Around 1 minute later, it stopped spinning.

[Ding! Congratulations! You received Grandmaster Fighting Experience of the Myriad of Styles]


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