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I am the Entertainment Tycoon Chapter 30 First Manga Released

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Monday morning.

The skies were clear, and the sun was out.

The streets of Elffire City were full as most of the 5 million citizens of the city went to do their job.

Early in the morning, it was possible to observe a young man walking fast on a street. His name was Yo**o, and he was 16yo and in his first year of high school.

He wasn't in a hurry because he was late for class.

No, he was in a hurry because he wanted to go to the bookstore to buy his favorite manga, which was releasing a new volume today before classes started.

When he arrived at the bookstore, he was greeted by an employee. He asked about the manga he was looking for. The employee pointed at the recommendation section of the store where a few mangas were on display.

He hurriedly went there and as he got what he was looking for, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Then he realized that he still had some time before going to class. So, he started looking at other mangas in the recommendation section.

He didn't find any that made him interested until he saw a manga with a yellow-haired kid using orange clothes.

'Naruto' He looked at the name of the manga. He was intrigued and decided to buy this manga too.

On another bookstore of Elffire City, Theo was strolling between the shelves and observing the mangas and light novels on display.

He arrived at the recommendation section and saw the Naruto Manga. He felt a mixture of feelings when he saw it.

Theo felt like he was in his past life all again. When he got some money from a job and went to the bookstore to buy some books to read for the children.

It was then that he saw the Naruto Manga for the first time. The manga was super popular, and he got intrigued and bought it.

That night he would tell the children the story of an orphan boy hated by the villagers and even with all bad things happening he would never turn evil.

It was one of Theo's favorite memories.

Theo dived into his memories for a while more until he woke up and bought the manga.

He wanted a copy for himself.

And Yo**o, the high school boy, would only read Naruto 5 days later. But it was then that he had a new favorite manga. He loved the artwork and story. He felt grateful for his past self for buying this manga that day. Because when his friends went to buy it on the next day. They didn't find copies in any of the bookstores they went to.

The Naruto manga was slowly becoming a fever in manga readers around Elffire City and some other cities around Sakura Abode Country that had a certain chain bookstore.

While all this was happening, Theo had an uneventful week. He would go spar early in the morning, get back home to cook breakfast and lunch for Aurora, go to his office during the day and study his pieces of knowledge and search and experiment dishes for the menu of his restaurant, and at night he would have dinner with Aurora and teach her self-defense.

But also, during the week, Theo and Ayia exchanged uncountable text messages. Most of them about the plans for the restaurant.

They became closer while exchanging messages and Ayia was always smiling as she talked with him over the phone.

On Saturday, 5 of September, Theo invited Ayia to have dinner with him and Aurora.

Ayia accepted immediately as she wanted to see him again.

Theo opened the door when he listened to a knock on it.

Then he saw what seemed like a supermodel of his past life. If someone told him she was a supermodel, he would believe it without hesitation.

She was tall and lean. Her body had perfect proportions. She had purple hair that was tied with a pretty knot. She used the perfect amount of makeup. She was wearing skinny pants with drawings all over them, and he assumed she did it. And a light purple sweater that made her look even more beautiful.

His breath was taken away for a moment as he looked at her, especially when he looked at her smile.

But he quickly came back to normal and said:

"Welcome to my humble abode, my lady" he smiled while joking to disperse his embarrassment.

Ayia noticed that he was flustered when he saw her for the first time. She was excited that she could make him flustered.

'Yay I think he starting to see me more than a friend and more like someone of opposite sex' she thought victoriously.

"Thank you, kind sir. It is my pleasure to visit such cozy abode" she laughed a reply.

Theo closed the door when Ayia entered. It was then that Ayia saw Aurora sitting on the couch.

Then without any hesitation, she ran towards Aurora and hugged her.

"Hey, little sis!!!" Ayia shouted.

"Hey, big sister Ayia" Aurora sweetly said.

Theo was surprised at their interaction.

What he didn't know was that the girls talked every day through text message. They talked about their day, common interests, and other girl stuff.

They both felt like they were real sisters.

That day Theo made some homemade pizza for them to eat.

Theo and Ayia started discussing ideas about the restaurant while Aurora observed them talk.

"I think we have to contract at least 4 more cooks to help us service and meet the demand of clients. And one manager, waiters, greeters, and cleaners."

"But I am having difficulties searching for professional cooks with good experience. I don't know where to look. The only cooks I found didn't seem good for our kitchen" Theo complained.

"If you want, I know some friends who would be thrilled to work in a professional kitchen. They don't have much experience, but they are talented cooks" she said.

Ayia knew she could contact the best cooks of the country and world through her family connections, but she didn't want Theo and Aurora to know that she was that rich.

Ayia was aware they knew she was a somewhat rich girl. But they didn't know she was from one of the most powerful families in the country.

She thought if they knew that, their relationship would change. And she didn't want what she had with Aurora and Theo to change.

And even though the people she recommended weren't renowned cooks. They indeed were excellent cooks, they only needed experience.

They were from normal families that weren't much rich. But they shared a passion for cooking. She met them in a cooking summer camp when she was younger.

She almost didn't go to that summer camp as her father thought it was inappropriate for someone from their family to frequent such normal places. But she pleaded for her grandfather, and she was allowed to go. But only if she went with her maid/bodyguard.

Thinking about her maid, Ayia thought she should introduce her to Theo and Aurora. She gave some excuses to her these last weeks when got home late or went out to meet Theo.

She knew her maid was suspecting something and that she would discover she have been meeting a boy late at night.

'It is better to tell her before that happens' Ayia said in her mind.


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