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I am the Entertainment Tycoon Chapter 26 Restaurant Construction Started

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The next morning, Theo signed the papers of the purchase and paid the combined price and it was official, Theo owned the building of his restaurant.

He called a constructor company and asked about his situation, and they said they would send an engineer to inspect the local.

Theo waited for the engineer in his building. After the engineer arrived, he inspected the local. Theo explained his design and showed him his specifications. Theo looked at the engineer while analyzing the project.

"Boss, we can finish the project by adding the electrical, hydraulic, and thermal networks by tomorrow. Also tomorrow, we can demolish and start the groundwork as it doesn't need the complete project to start. And I presume we can finish all the constructions in 2 weeks if we work day and night. But that will be more costly as we would need to employ a great number of workers." the engineer said.

"Money isn't a problem so you can do that. I will wait 2 weeks then. Send me the budget for the whole building and I will analyze it. If I see that everything is correct I will send the money" Theo said directly.

Theo was happy as he went to the cooking classes. In two weeks, his restaurant would be almost ready to open for business.

Theo arrived early for class and was seated in the waiting room. When Ayia arrived and saw Theo happily looking at his phone she was curious why he was so happy.

"Hey, Theo." She said sweetly.

"Hey, Ayia" he greeted her with a smile.

They talked about miscellaneous things until Ayia couldn't hold her curiosity anymore and asked.

"So, why are you so happy today" she asked while jumping on her chair.

Theo looked at her and laughed. She looked funny as she jumped in the chair. But super cute too as she stared at him with her big golden puppy eyes.

"I will tell you alright so stop jumping" he laughed.

"Okay" she replied as she stopped jumping but still looked at him with puppy eyes.

"Today I finally started the project of opening my own restaurant. In half a month I can open for business" he said with a bright smile.

"Wow, congratulations!!" she said feeling happy for him.

She had money to open her restaurant, but she felt she should study more before opening one.

They heard that it was time for class, so they got up and went to class.

When Ayia arrived at her counter she became serious. Every time she cooked, she became a different person. Serious and focused. Much different from her normal bubbly and easily distracted personality.

Theo was a little surprised at her change but assumed it was her way to be attentive to the food she cooked.

That day they cooked, and chef Pierre corrected their techniques according to what he taught yesterday.

"I just want to say to you all, that what I am teaching is my techniques. Maybe someday you will develop your own techniques and realize my techniques are not suited for you. Basically, after you finish these cooking classes you shouldn't handcuff yourselves to these techniques but try to improve them according to your tastes. Now, class dismissed." Chef Pierre said at the end of class.

After the class ended, Ayia reverted to her usual personality. Theo talked to her as they exited the building. Theo talked with her for 10 minutes more than usual as they stood in the front of the class building.

After another 10 minutes, Theo said goodbye to her and went home.

'I am barging your walls…" Ayia happily thought as she recounted their conversation.

That night, Theo sent Sayuri the complete first volume of Naruto for her to start printing. He said he wanted the most prints they could print. He wanted to start selling the first volume by next Monday.

He also sent some chapters that he drew of > after reviewing to make sense in this society.

He wanted her to review it to see if it was a good manga to the market standards. He knew this was a famous manga in his past life but this was a different society, so he wanted to be sure.

He didn't send the mangas before because he was making the cover of the two of them.

The next morning, he saw the demolition of the old building as the workers started cleaning the place. He received the budget of the construction company, and he was shocked at the price.


That is his profit of a whole month of the BlueCloud Coffee Shop, and he didn't have that much money currently as he had to pay all sorts of stuff during the month. But thankfully, he only needed to pay 200k upfront, and the rest he could pay at the end of the construction.

By the time they finished the construction, Naruto would be launched already, and he would be much richer.

In the afternoon, Theo and Ayia both arrived more early than usual for the classes. It was as if they both wanted more time to talk and hoped that the other arrived early too.

And after the class again they talked for another 30 minutes before Theo bade her goodbye.

That night as usual after a delicious dinner Aurora had self-defense class with her brother. Afterwards, she went to do her homework.

The next day, Theo called Sam into his office. He didn't see her for a while. She was usually busy managing his companies. And he was grateful for her work.

"Hey, Sam, called you to see how things are going or if is there any problem." He smiled.

"Thank god, boss, I thought you would give more work." She felt relieved.

"No" he chuckled.

"Well, Sayuri called me, and I have been helping the Fuji company in their reform and everything is going well. As for the BlueCloud Coffee Shop, we are having some problems. A big drink shop around the city is making pressure on us. We did not observe a decrease in profit, but they did try to poach our employees to steal our recipes." She said directly.

'It was only a matter of time before that happened' Theo said in his mind.

Theo knew fully well that his recipes would bring greedy eyes upon them, but he was prepared for that.

"I want you to rent a kitchen where your most trusted employees will make the most crucial parts of the recipes and the dishes in the shops will only be assembled instead of made in the shop."

"I will also increase the salary for the loyal employees and if you notice someone switching sides, you fire them. I will introduce 2 new dishes too."

"A Milk Coffee and cookies of different flavors." Theo said.

"Yes, boss" she said excitedly because that was exactly the solution to the problems she was having in the management of the company.

Theo passed the new recipes for her and let her continue her job.


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