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I am the Entertainment Tycoon Chapter 21 The Chef Of The Gods

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Theo was stunned as he felt his knowledge in cooking took a great leap. Knowledge in how to make food to please poured inside his mind.

'A dish for the gods' was the only thought he had as he looked at this knowledge.

He clicked in the details of the skill.

[The Chef of the Gods Skill – Level 1 (0/5000): you have the ability to transform simple food into a dish revered by the gods.]

'The description looks exaggerated. But after going through the knowledge I received, I can totally do that. But first I would have to upgrade the skill. Now I have the skill of a One-star Michelin chef of my past life. I am almost a 2-star Michelin according to my predictions.' Theo said in his mind.

He also noticed that it was much harder to upgrade this skill compared with others.

But he knew why. It was after all an overpowered skill. He had to work and study hard to advance but he was looking forward to it.

'And I will receive the decorations of my restaurant!' Theo exclaimed happily.

The decorations of the restaurant were the things that would take the most time for him. As he had to order personalized settings according to his design, which took time for the decoration companies to deliver.

Now that he would receive it from the system without any time delay, he could design even better decorations. He thought.

Theo cooked a special dinner for Aurora that day.

A lasagna, the ultimate Italian dish of his past life.

There was a country similar to Italy here on this planet.

It was called Givenchy Country. They had pizza but they didn't invent lasagna. Which was a pity.

'because lasagna was one best dish ever invented' Theo said in his mind.

As he served a traditional Italian lasagna for Aurora. He observed her reactions. In this dish, he used all of his skills to make. He wanted for her to be the first to taste lasagna in this world and he wanted to be perfect.

Aurora tasted the new dish her brother prepared for her expectantly.

Her pretty little purple eyes became wide as she tasted.

'How can be so delicious…' she thought as she continued eating eagerly.

"Brother, what's this It is so delicious! I think I have a new favorite dish!" she sweetly said to her brother.

"Its name is Lasagna. It is a new dish I invented." Theo said proudly as he heard his sister compliment.

"I can make it again anytime you want, cupcake." he said with love.

And it was that way the first lasagna was made on this planet. The first of countless lasagnas.

Tomorrow was Saturday and Aurora didn't have classes. So, they watched movies until late.

Aurora slept in his arms as they cuddled on the couch.

Theo tucked Aurora onto her bed and kissed her goodnight and went inside his room.

He had some problems about the restaurant that couldn't be resolved with just him alone.

For a restaurant to be fully operational, it has to have a supplier of fresh food. And a high-end restaurant, one that Theo was planning of opening, needed high-quality ingredients delivered every day to meet its demands.

But Theo didn't know anyone that could help him. Even Sam didn't know. As she didn't work in this area before. But she suggested him to go to the Center Market of Elffire city as they an enormous range of selling ingredients. There has a Fish Market, a Vegetable Market, an All Kinds of Meat Market, and many more.

Theo decided to go there tomorrow morning to search for a supplier for his restaurant.

Next day.

Theo arrived at the front of an imposing building that looked more like a mall than a food market. The building had several sections, for different purposes.

Theo started searching for suppliers and he indeed found them.

But problems appeared nonetheless.

He would either find suppliers that didn't meet his standards or when he met a supplier with high-quality food. They couldn't supply his restaurant as they had to supply to other establishments around the city.

Theo was almost giving up and started thinking it was better to contract a supplier he has seen before which didn't have high-quality but it did have a medium-quality.

Theo was walking slowly in the Fish Section of the market when he saw something unbelievable happening.

An old man was walking, observing the fishes, close to the unloading section of the market. When he slipped on the wet floor, his body was thrown forwards and he fell in the middle of the road for unloading trucks. Unluckily, at that moment, a truck was backing up on road. The driver couldn't see the old man and the old man couldn't get up as his legs didn't respond.

The old man closed his eyes as he saw the wheel close up to him. He truly felt it was the end.

'I wish I could see my cute granddaughter again' he said in his mind as he prepared for the worse.

Then suddenly he felt his body being lifted abruptly and wind across his face as he felt being carried with extreme speed.

When the old man opened his eyes, he saw a handsome young man putting him on the ground and behind the young man a truck was backing up.

"Are you okay, old man" the young man asked.

"Yeah yeah. I am" the old man said still stunned but he quickly recovered and understood what happened.

This handsome young man saved his life.

"Thank you so much, son! You saved my life!!" the old man exclaimed full of gratitude.

"You are welcome. I just had the power to help and did it. I am happy that you are okay, old man" Theo said with a smile.

"Look at my manners. I didn't even introduce myself. My name is Yamada Takeo. Thank you again for saving my life" the old man said while bowing his head.

Theo quickly stopped him from giving a full bow.

"That's nothing, Yamada-san. I did what it was in power. My name is Theodore Gray. You can call me Theo." He said while relieved he stopped the old man bowing to him.

"You can call me grandpa Takeo, Theo." The old man said with a smile.

"Sure, grandpa Takeo" Theo said with a smile.

What Theo didn't know yet was that in the whole world it was very rare for someone to call this old man by his first name. Much less adding a grandpa in the front. Other than Theo, only his adorable granddaughters called him that.

The reason for all of that was not because this old man was lonely and didn't have friends or family. But because no one dared call him without respect.

'This young handsome boy is promising' Yamada Takeo thought.


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