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I am the Entertainment Tycoon Chapter 14 Drawing A Manga

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'Status' he said in his mind


Host: Theodore Gray

Level 4 (600/1000)

Age: 18

Cash: $46500 => $34500

Business Companies Owned:

100% Shares – Blue Cloud Coffee Shop ($70000 => $100000)


Strength: 17.0

Intelligence: 20

Vitality: 13.1

Charm: 16

Free attribute points: 0

Lucky Draws Tickets: 1


1. Business Management - Level 6 (1289/4000): the ability to manage a business to success.

2. Food & Beverages - Level 5 (10/2000): the knowledge to create and make food and drinks to perfection. Host gains knowledge of the secrets behind the Food & Beverage.

3. Grandmaster Fighting Experience of the Myriad of Styles – Level Max: You possess the fighting experience of grandmasters of over a thousand styles of fighting. You have all the knowledge; all you have to do is to practice to be a real grandmaster. (Your training is thousands much faster than a normal person)

4. Arts & Design Knowledge Skill – Level 1 (0/100): the knowledge on how to draw esthetically and on how to design myriads of projects.


Theo analyzed his status in his mind

'First, the value of BlueCoffee took a huge leap, and now it was worth half a million. Second, my current attributes are all beyond average finally. Third, my knowledge levels didn't increase much because this last week I didn't have time to study them, but I liked the description of the Art skill. This skill can help me dive into different types of enterprises. And lastly, I still have a lucky a draw ticket' he thought

'System, draw my lucky ticket' Theo said excitedly

[Opening Lucky Draw Roulette…]

Theo saw again a roulette with thousands of things written on it as it started to spin it.

Around 1 minute later, it stopped spinning.

[Ding! Congratulations! You received the Completed >]

'Oh my god' Theo exclaimed shocked

'I have hit the jackpot!' he shouted in his mind.

Naruto, is one of the most known, if the most, manga in his previous world.

He loved watching the anime with the children at the orphanage.

He remembered those times and signed. He had to move on with his life and accept it.

But Theo still was excited.

Now he could dive into a completely new enterprise and he was excited about it.

​ He always dreamed of entering the entertainment circle and what a better way than publishing the Naruto manga

Ideas started pouring into his mind as he thought about his future plans.

The next morning, he had his last driving class before the exam that would define it would be able to have a driving license. He was excited about it because without these boring lessons he would have more time of the day to work and study.

Arriving in the afternoon at the shop. He started studying and noticed that he only had to read something once to remember it completely.

'I guess I have eidetic memory now' he thought happily

'I can now learn much faster'

As he was thinking he heard a sound in his mind.

[Ding! New Mission! – 'Expanding the company'

Description: Your business is going well. It is time to open a dive in other areas other than food and beverages.

Requirements: Own more than 50% of the shares of a non-Food & Beverages company.


1. 50000 dollars;

2. 400 exp.]

At the end of the day, he called Sam in his office.

"Sam, I want you to search for Editorial and Publishing House. Now that our company is on right track I want to expand into new areas" he said to her.

She was surprised but she trusted him so she accepted the task without hesitation. Tomorrow she would start searching for publishing companies.

For the next few days, the branches shops of the BlueCloud Coffee Shop were a huge hit. Theo saw that he had a profit of 6k in the mall branch shop and a profit of almost 4k in the others.

Daily he received on average 22k. This was an astronomic amount if you think about it because in one month he would receive 600k of profit. And even if he had to pay salaries and other stuff, he would still receive around 520k monthly.

Theo was drowned in ecstasy as he saw the report that Sam gave him.

Today was the last day of the month. And because he opened the branches at the end of the month, he didn't have a profit of 520k but one of 140k.

But that already was more money than Theo ever had. He was a little lost as he looked at his bank account.

In total, he had 200k in his bank account.

Theo thought about buying a house for him and Aurora but he thought it was better to invest this money to make even more money and buy a top house.

In the past days with his increased intelligence, he upgraded his knowledge several times.

His BM and F&B knowledge leveled up to Level 7 and his Art Knowledge leveled up to Level 3.

It was much harder to level up the first two pieces of knowledge than the last one so that's why he leveled up three times his Art & Design Knowledge.

He also passed his driving license exam and he was just waiting for the license to arrive at his apartment.

In the past days, he and Sam also found an editor and publisher company that he could buy. The name of the company was Fuji Jump Co. and it was a small editorial company that published some mangas but it was on the verge of bankruptcy. That was exactly what he was searching for. A big or even medium publish company was too expensive for him to buy. He wanted a publisher house that he could reform anew. And afterward, he would publish the Naruto manga in it.

Theo still had to wait some days before he could have the necessary money to buy the publishing house.


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