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I am a Gao Fushuai Villain Chapter 15.1 Whats your dream? Part 1

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Chapter 15 Whats your dream

At that time, Qiu Wanxi did not have the slightest resistance to Lin Yuans actions.

Her face had an expression of enjoyment.

She had a very favorable impression of Lin Yuan and had great trust in him. Not only was Lin Yuan wealthy and treated her to delicious food, but she found that Lin Yuan shared many of the same interests and likes as her.

He was someone who could chat for a long time. She liked Lin Yuan as a friend. However, Lin Yuan was very dazzling. She felt ashamed of her inferiority when compared to his perfection. She did not dare feel the inexplicable throbbing in her heart and resolutely suppressed those emotions down.

“I can meet Master Lin; even if its only for half a day, I feel that my life is worth it.” Qiu Wanxi couldnt help thinking as she looked at Lin Yuans handsome and dashing face from the side.

【Ding! Counterattack points plus 100! 】

Lin Yuan looked at the enjoying expression on her face and took advantage of the situation to ask, “Do you have work at multiple places”

“En,” Qiu Wanxi replied.

“Then arent you supposed to save a lot of money Why do you wear such pants” Lin Yuan asked suddenly.

“Ah!” The enjoying expression on her face turned lifeless upon hearing Lin Yuans words.

“Sorry! Sorry! I only have fifty yuan, and it is not that I dont want to treat you to better food. Sorry!”

Qiu Wanxi had low self-esteem. She feels lowly like a speck of dust when compared to Lin Yuan, who is dazzling like the sun. However, Lin Yuans warmth gave her a little courage.

When Lin Yuan asked her why she did not have enough money to change her trousers, she immediately thought that Lin Yuan believed that she was not willing to spend money to treat him to delicious food, rather than think of other problems.

“No, I believe you only have fifty yuan. The noodles were also delicious, but why didnt you save money” Lin Yuan asked.

As LIn Yuan spoke the words from his mouth, Qiu Wanxis eyes were full of tangle and panic at the same time. However, Lin Yuan believed that it would be better for Qiu Wanxi to speak up to increase his favorability instead of exposing it himself.

Qiu Wanxi did not know that Lin Yuan knew her inside out. She didnt intend to talk to Lin Yuan about her liver disease, but she was more afraid that Lin Yuan thought she was a very stingy person.

So Qiu Wanxi gritted her teeth and talked all about her life experience again. This was the first time she had told others her story.

“When I was six years old...”

Although he already knew about it earlier, Lin Yuan still looked at Qiu Wanxi and listened quietly and earnestly.

“The doctor said that I would have to undergo a major operation to cure my illness, costing at least one million. Every month, I had to get put on an IV, and all the money I worked is to pay for the IV...”

Qiu Wanxi said while crying.

In fact, over the years, she had already accepted her fate of suffering. However, no one would listen to her attentively as she said everything on her mind. This made her so inferiority-complex and autism even worse. She burst into tears as she spoke of her life experience.


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