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Chapter 14 I am happy to be friends with you!

Without waiting for Qiu Wanxi to finish speaking, Lin Yuan interrupted her, “I am neither shooting a video nor is this the test of my influential family. Why do you think so I didnt expect your small brain to conjure yourself as Mary Sue[1].”

“Then...” Qiu Wanxi became more nervous hearing Lin Yuans words.

“Its very coherent because I think you are adorable and want to be friends with you, thats all. You can treat it as love at first sight, and so, I devised a scheme to meet you.” Lin Yuan gazed straight at Qiu Wanxi with an unabashed smile.

“Ah!” This answer completely astounded Qiu Wanxi.

Qiu Wanxis entire face right up to her earlobes blushed red; her little hands tightened the gripping the corners of her clothes so much so that her hands gradually whitened. At that moment, she was unaware of how adorable she was. When she wore off the costume, she was sweating all over her body. The patchy pants reveal her poverty along with her messy hair and thrifty-simple dress.

However, Qiu Wanxi did not think that Lin Yuan lied, she had unconsciously completely believed everything Lin Yuan said.


Qiu Wanxi put her small hands in her pocket, and they unconsciously clenched tightly.

“Yes, friend. Why Am I not worthy of being your friend” Lin Yuan pretended to be slightly angry.

“Sorry! Sorry! I do not! I just think I am not cute at all!” Qiu Wanxi repeatedly waved her hands and apologized.

“Its okay. However, you dont have any self-knowledge at all.” Lin Yuan smiled and stroked her head.

Under the light of the setting sun in the evening, Qiu Wanxi wiped the corner of her eyes, she looked up and smiled, “I am happy to be your friend!”

The young girls face was rosy under the splendor of setting sun, her big eyes reflected the colorful light beams like black gems, and the smile on the corner of her mouth was brimming with hope and youth.

Lin Yuans heart skipped a beat. He did not even hear the prompt from the system.

【Ding! Qiu Wanxi favorability 20 points]

【Ding! Reward 500 counterattack points】

“Wow! Qiu Wanxi is so cute! The host is so amazing! He can get 500 counterattack points at a time!” Shen Lan exclaimed in Lin Yuans mind.

Fortunately, Shen Lan had a melodious female voice, similar to that of a Lolita, and not of a molester.

Lin Yuan was quite surprised. The higher the favorability value, the harder it is to improve. He didnt expect just a few words from him would increase the favorability by as much as 20 points. He also received 500 counterattack points.


[1] Mary Sue (Mary Sue) is a type of character. It is often an ordinary and low-level character that suddenly becomes omnipotent and over-idealized. A category of female protagonist novels uses this theme as the basis of their plot where the protagonist meets a handsome-rich-powerful guy and stages the comeback of her life.


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