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“Um! I love it! My favourite cake is the Black Forest cake!”

“Although it is a bit bitter, however, after the bitterness of chocolate, you can taste the sweetness and sourness of cherries. I really like this taste. My mother bought me one when I was a kid, and I have never forgotten it ever since.”

Qiu Wanxi answered Lin Yuans question quickly, fluently and in detail.

“Ah... yes... sorry! I... I got carried away! Yes... sorry...”

Qiu Wanxi panicked and stood up to apologize.

In her opinion, it was already excessive to eat with Lin Yuan paying the money. Yet, she expressed her opinions and got carried away while doing so.

She was panicking so much so that the hand holding the fork was trembling.

“Its okay, you spoke very well. The reason I like the Black Forest cake is also that after the bitterness passes away, the sweetness leaves a rich aftertaste.”

Lin Yuan gently touched Qiu Wanxis head.

Following Lin Yuans action, Qiu Wanxi calmed down.

【Ding! Qiu Wanxi favourability 10! 】

【Ding! Reward 200 counterattack points! 】

The system sent reward prompts to Lin Yuans brain.

Lin Yuan smiled slightly, hearing the prompt, and continued to eat while chatting with Qiu Wanxi.

Lin Yuan had superb conversation skills and understood Qiu Wanxi quite a bit, so Qiu Wanxi felt great chatting with him.

Although there were no further prompts of favourability increasing, Lin Yuan could see that Qiu Wanxi was not guarding against him anymore, and her vigilance had completely dissipated.

Lin Yuan knows it is hard to increase the favourability of someone quickly, so he was not surprised that it had not increased again.

“Lets go since we have finished eating.” Lin Yuan stated with a smile.

“Ok! Great!” Qiu Wanxi quickly got up.

It was not until they had gone out of the shop that Qiu Wanxi discovered it was already evening and the sun had set.

She had unconsciously chatted with a person for so long.

Qiu Wanxi stealthily peeked at Lin Yuan, and her cheeks blushed red.

“I... May I know your name” Qiu Wanxi finally couldnt help but muster up courage and asked Lin Yuan.

Her whole face reddened when she finished asking, and she was so shy that she resembled an ostrich wanting to bury her head in the sand.

“Of course, my name is Lin Yuan. Whats yours” Lin Yuan smiled and gently lifted Qiu Wanxis head with his hands.

“Dont bow your head, you look so adorable when you are courageous.”

Qiu Wanxis pink cheeks turned redder upon hearing Lin Yuans words, but she still raised her head obediently.

“My... My name is Qiu Wanxi[1].” Qiu Wanxi introduced herself shyly and earnestly.

“Qiu Wanxi... it is truly a good name!” Although Lin Yuan had known her name for a long time, he still laughed and complimented.

“Thank you... Thank you!” Qiu Wanxi didnt dare to look squarely at Lin Yuan; her big, beautiful eyes were shifting away from his.

“That...you are so good to me today, is it your influential familys test on you Are you making Tiktok videos Or...”

Qiu Wanxi asked nervously, clutching the corner of her skirt.

This uneasiness was very reasonable, Qiu Wanxi felt that she was the Cinderella in the fairy tale, and Lin Yuan was her dazzling Prince.

Reality is not a fairy tale; she did not know how can she attract Lin Yuan.



[1] The name of the heroine is broken down in the novel. I do not want to confuse readers who do not know but Chinese has four tones, so characters are broken at times when introducing names, so that the other side can pronounce your name correctly.


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