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“Mom!” Yan Ruyue shouted with displeasure.

“Thank you, auntie, thats very kind of you. Actually, if you and Ruyue stand together, everyone will think of you as sisters.” Lin Yuan smilingly said.

He is not fawning on her as Song Xuan, whose age is forty, looks more like she is twenty-seven years old.

She cannot be an ugly woman, as she gave birth to a beautiful woman such as Yan Ruyue. She is a natural beauty; her maintenance is good as well. Thus, when she stands together with Yan Ruyue, everyone will genuinely feel that Song Xuan is the elder sister. Song Xuan had worn a suit giving off the impression of a more mature and intellectual woman than Yan Ruyue.

“Auntie, if its okay, then I will take my leave,” Lin Yuan looked at his wristwatch after chatting for a while and stated.

“Okay, you can go; I wont delay you anymore. I will always remember your life-saving grace. If you have any difficulties, you must tell me. I will never decline to help you.” Song Xuan said earnestly.

“Okay,” Lin Yuan nodded.

He knew that Song Xuan was speaking earnestly, and she would remember his kindness. Lin Yuan would possibly be able to use the entire strength of the Yan family conglomerate to help himself in exchange for the favor of today.

“Yueer, Xiao Yuan is about to leave, go see him off,” Song Xuan shouted to Yan Ruyue, who was sitting beside her.

“Okay!” Yan Ruyue mumbled to herself and got up depressively.

Lin Yuan was unconcerned; he said goodbye, got up, and left directly.

Yan Ruyue quickly followed him.

Yan Ruyue looked at Lin Yuans back and discovered that she was unable to understand this man.

Lin Yuan was very passionate about her before; his passion was to the level of licking dog, which made her nauseous. However, he is indifferent to her now. As he visited her home today, she had dressed up to feel whether she was emotionally affected, but Lin Yuan did not glance at her. He spoke a lot to Song Xuan. He did not even mention her in those conversations apart from when discussing the marriage contract. Furthermore, he possesses such a shocking medical skill. When did he learn it Yan Ruyue felt that Lin Yuan was shrouded in mystery: he was a riddle. She felt a tickle in her heart.

Lin Yuan got in the Lamborghini, which was opened by the security guard respectfully.

As Lin Yuan was about to start the car, Yan Ruyue said, “Today ... Thank you for treating my mother...”

“Its ok,” Lin Yuan said only two words before stepping on the accelerator and driving away.

There was only exhaust remaining behind.

The iceberg beauty Yan Ruyue could not help but nibble her lips, seeing the decisive departure of Lin Yuan.

She had taken the initiative to thank Lin Yuan with great difficulty.

This man had departed right after saying two words!

Yan Ruyue felt doubts about her charm for the first time in more than a decade.

“But ... I cant seem to loathe it ...” Yan Ruyue thought silently in her heart.


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