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Forty-six Dragons (1)

Mu Wanwan closed the door of the courtyard carrying the spirit stones.

After thinking about it, she didn’t put the spiritual plants back in the courtyard but moved them into the room.

She put away the unexpected monthly stipend, keeping the coins away and placing the spirit stones by Mister Long’s pillow——

He was lying nicely on the bed, and his expression was the same as when she went out.

“Mister Long, did you do that” Mu Wanwan couldn’t resist asking.

Of course, she didn’t get any response.

However, when at the sound of her question, the feather ball that had been covered by a handkerchief let out a clear cry.

“Chirp! Chirp chirp!”

Mu Wanwan hurriedly put down the spirit stones, walked to the feather ball, and lifted the handkerchief.

“Chirp…” The pressure had disappeared, and the air was also back.

Mengmeng was finally not so uncomfortable anymore.

It couldn’t care less about the stinky chicks beside it and lay on the ground in relief, chirping in a human-like manner as if it was sighing.

To Mu Wanwan, it seemed like it had overexerted itself and was exhausted.

Her heart ached at once.

She untied Mengmeng and touched its little head with her fingers.

“Mengmeng, was it you”

Mengmeng didn’t know anything.

The innocent Mengmeng blinked its black bean eyes, then rubbed enthusiastically against Mu Wanwan’s palm.

The way it was behaving was as if it was saying— “Mengmeng did that!”

Mu Wanwan’s expression softened and she said gently, “Mengmeng is the best!”

A certain dragon who was secretly watching everything with his spiritual consciousness, “……”

It’s this chirp again!!!

Mister Long was very aggrieved.

He really wanted to open his eyes and say that he was the one who did that, but he was afraid that his wife would be frightened if he woke up so suddenly.

The most important thing was that his wife hadn’t bathed him yet.

Forget it.

He will endure it!

Mister Long pursed his lips.

Regardless of whether his heart had already turned into a lemon, his body remained still as he listened to her sourly.

Cowardly and helpless, what’s tragic was when his spiritual consciousness saw her say, “Thank you Mengmeng, I’m very happy”, his aggrieved feelings actually gradually dissipated.

He pricked up his ears, listening to her say that she was worried that Fuliu would take revenge.

However, he was not worried.

How would he let a servant get away with treating his wife with contempt with just a few slaps It was even more unlikely that he would let her have the chance to retaliate.

Soon after she returned, she would probably reap the repercussions of her own doings and be thrown out.

Shortly after being thrown out, she might also discover that the spiritual energy in her dantian would be less with every use, and that she would never be able to cultivate again.

Mister Long thought darkly, he was not a merciful dragon.

It was just as well that the feather ball had taken the credit this time.

If his wife knew that he was the one who did that, what would he do if she thought he was a ruthless dragon

At this thought, the last trace of gloominess in his heart was replaced with joy.

Hah, this feather ball, to think it was still so happy.

After a few days, it would be seen as a bad feather ball by his wife.

If Mengmeng knew that it was taking the blame again, it would definitely cry.

This feather ball had already taken on the blame for this bad dragon so many times when it was still ignorant.

It was really too miserable.

After all, it was just a baby chirp of a few months old!

Mu Wanwan was a little worried, but since things were already like this, she could only accept it.

Without delaying any further, she comforted the feather ball and went to the kitchen to fetch the hot water.

She made several trips.

The sound of hot water was lively and bubbly, like the sound of a suona1 during a wedding, lively as can be, containing unbridled joy and expectation.

After making the preparations, Mu Wanwan put a few heating stones in the wooden tub, moved a small stool beside it, then got ready to pick up the comatose dragon and throw him into the tub.

Sensing that she was getting closer and closer, Mister Long’s ears trembled non-stop from nervousness.

Mu Wanwan was also a little embarrassed, but looking at Mister Long’s dirty clothes, her embarrassment turned into a desire to clean.

She reached out and untied the belt that was still stained with some of the chicks’ poop with disdain.

Then, she supported his shoulder with one hand, she took off the inner garments she had put on Mister Long previously and threw them on the ground.

As his skin made contact with the slightly cold air, Mister Long’s eyelashes fluttered incessantly.

Even though he clearly knew that this was a very normal undressing, he felt that his wife was touching him.

“Mister Long, it’s so dirty.” Before Mu Wanwan had the time to admire a certain dragon’s tight abs and veritable V-shaped abdominal lines, she saw that some of the chicks’ poop had actually gotten on his body.


She no longer had any mood to appreciate beauty.

Mu Wanwan frowned slightly and hurriedly picked up the handkerchief she had put aside to wrap her palms, then like a strongman, held Mister Long’s tail in one hand and placed the other under his neck and carried him like a princess with great difficulty.

Mister Long innocently pretended to be sleeping, like a large Barbie doll that was at the mercy of his wife.

“So heavy.” This was Mu Wanwan’s first time carrying the dragon up.

It felt like the dragon in her arms was so heavy that it was about to crush the pressure of life itself.

When Mu Wanwan finally put the dragon into the tub with difficulty, her clothes were half wet.

The well-behaved Mister Long sat blushingly in the wooden tub on top of his coiled tail.

The wooden tub that could completely fit Mu Wanwan could only contain half of him.

Although Mister Long’s tail no longer had its tip, the coiled volume was actually so considerable that half of his chest was exposed.

His long black hair draped down his back into the water.

The steaming mist made the whole dragon pink all over.

Mu Wanwan felt that her waist was about to give out and gasped for breath.

Giving Mister Long a bath was really too much for her waist to bear.

She sighed and rolled up her sleeves, revealing two fair arms.

Her skin was really good =w=


1 Suona: A traditional Chinese music instrument with double-reed horn.


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